Friday, October 13, 2006

What I SHOULD be doing...

I am procrastinating. Here is a list of the things I need to do before 6 A.M. tomorrow...
  • finish the laundry (Tuesday laundry day went out the door because I worked on Tuesday this week).
  • call Alicia & talk to her about my work schedule & remind her to come over and get our key so she can come over and check on the cat while we are gone.
  • Pack my clothes....check the weather for the outer banks first.
  • Pack the kids clothes.
  • Pack linens (sheets & towels)...they are not provided by the house.
  • Locate & pack Jude's beach toys (I explained it is going to be too cold to swim but he still wants to build a sand castle.
  • Find my shell collecting bag (i.e. net bag).
  • Recharge camera & portable DVD player (a gift from my parents we haven't used yet!)
  • Check batteries in the leap pad & pack extras.
  • Clean the house. I want to come home to a neat & tidy house.
  • Get any food ready. Oh and the snacks for the car. I may even pack a lunch for in the car tomorrow (PB&J???)
Actually now that I've written it all out it doesn't seem that bad. That is if I stay off the computer and just get it done! Have a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Today is Grandpa Wright's birthday, he was born 10-13-1890...
Here's hoping you have a wonderful vacation!!
Aunt D.