Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Gallbladder...

I think I told you when they did my cat scan they said my gallbladder is full of stones. The doctor said it might not ever be a problem but if it becomes a problem it will mean another surgery. I am not down with that. So, I remembered reading on-line there is a "natural" way you can flush out your gallbladder. Last night I did a little research and man there is some seriously gross stuff on the internet. I did find a gallbladder/liver cleanse that I think I am going to do. I will have to do a juice fast for two days prior to the "flush". I don't know how I will handle that. I will probably pass out from lack of sugar & fat and caffeine! I'll have to plan the actual cleanse for a weekend because I think it involves a lot of "evacuation". LOL. I crack myself up.

I've decided that in the future I will try to cure things a more natural way. I am looking for an acne cure if anyone has a natural one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Few Days...

Where do I even begin? The last two days have been....a mixed bag of emotions. Yesterday was Mandy's calling hours and memorial service. Today was the burial. Although Mandy did not make the arrangements herself I think her funeral was exactly how she would have wanted it. Ken (our Pastor) had a great message about Mandy's faith and her strength. She had shared with him she was not afraid to die but she was worried about the anguish her loved ones would feel when she was gone. That is so Mandy. He shared that Mandy's greatest wish was for everyone she knew to accept Christ. You know, sometimes you go to funerals and you hear stuff like that and you think...wait a minute - I don't remember that person even having faith or talking about God. When they said these things about Mandy they were telling the truth. That is so cool. At the funeral they played really uplifting and comforting music....although it all made me cry my eyes out. They picked "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me. The chorus goes like this..." Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel, Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still , Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall , Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all , I can only imagine." I feel so sad because I will miss Mandy but at peace knowing she is in a better place and rid of her cancer. In my mind I can see her so beautiful and restored, dancing in heaven. So, that was last night. Today was the burial. There were a lot of people there (oh, I didn't mention but there where hundreds of people at her funeral last night.). It was a bright and beautiful day. After the prayer, Mandy's nutritionalist sang one of my all time favorite songs "Praise You In This Storm". I've mentioned it here on my blog before. It is a tough one to listen to when you are going through the storm. I just stood there thinking of the times I sat and watched Mandy during the worship portion of church and how sometimes she would quietly cry but always praised through her storm. At the end of the graveside service there was a moment of silence and then someone started to clap and said "Well done Mandy", then everyone joined it by clapping. What a bitter sweet moment. Then everyone placed flowers on her casket and then there was a lot of hugging. As you all know...I am very uncomfortable with hugging but honestly I didn't even mind. Sometimes we all have to do things we don't really like. I've accepted that. After the service Mandy's friends and family went to a park and had lunch. It was fun. Is that appropriate to say? I got to meet several people I had only heard Mandy talk about before. We shared stories and ate. Mandy would have had a good time.

Please remember to keep Jon (Mandy's husband) and Sherry (her sister) and the rest of the family in your prayers.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Some of you may have already heard but a sweet friend of mine, Mandy, passed away on Friday morning. Over the last few years I have asked many of you to pray for her battle with cancer. Now I am going to ask you for pray for her husband, Jon and her sister, Sherry and the rest of her family. She was only 28 and such a sweet, sweet girl. Below is a photo taken of Mandy almost one year ago to the day. She is holding Avery.
Her funeral is tomorrow and the burial on Tuesday. It is going to be difficult. I don't even know what else to say about it.

I don't really have much more to say. I have some other pictures for you. Three are of Avery in honor of her birthday and the others are from our flower beds. They need a lot of work but they have HUGE potential.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday....You've got to be kidding me!

Where did the time go?

Last night I was feeling something....I don't know if it was sadness or sorrow...are they different? But when I feel like that I usually do an activity that is tedious - time to think, I guess. So, I decided to tackle my kitchen floor. It was nasty. I started by taking a butter knife and scraping all the edges by the trim. You know where you mop and everything gets pushed into the corners? The previous owner liked to use that acrylic floor stuff but apparently she didn't strip it every 6-8 times like the bottle advises. After the corner scraping I decided to head over to Walmart for some cleaning supplies. I needed a new mop and I wanted to get the exact stuff the bottle said to use to strip that stuff. After I got home I mopped and scrubbed and scraped (with a paint scraper) and the floor looks horrible. I thought the floor was a brown/tan color but come to find out it is really a cream color and only part of the floor is down to the original color so you can really see the dirt part. I seriously worked on the floor for hours. I still need to do more.

Yesterday I did work for a couple hours and I do have an appointment today. I did go to the doctor yesterday and he said I can do whatever and he also told me I can stop taking that nasty antibiotic. Yippy. I was so happy. Doctors never tell you that you can stop taking your medicine!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Day Of The Week Is It?

I've lost track of days. Well, as I mentioned before I switched meds and the problems I was having with it have pretty much gone away. I am however, experiencing killer heartburn....WHY? Food still does not taste right but I think I am hungry. I was planning to go back to work tomorrow. Now I am thinking I may just work a half day. I don't think I am ready for a full day. But, I have been getting a lot of phone calls. You can't imagine the stuff that can happen in a week with the families I work with.

Last night Jake and I watched "Freedom Writers". I LOVED it. I can't even tell you how much I loved it. I cried. Of course, I have been exceptionally emotional these days. I think it was that crazy antibiotic. I was supposed to go to Women of Faith this past weekend but for obvious reasons I missed it. The ladies I was going to be going with bought me a book by Patsy Clairmont called "I Second That Emotion...Untangling Our Zany Feelings". Guess what!? When I opened it I cried. I guess I really needed it. LOL. Anyhoo...back to the movie. I feel very inspired by the movie. I've seen other movies like that where a teacher/coach take an impossible class/team and somehow empower/discipline them enough to succeed. I love that kind of stuff.

Okay, now I want to tell you a funny story my Mom told me that happened this week....

My Mom & Dad had some visitors at their house that wanted to see the garden. So, my Mom, Jude, Elise and the guests go out to the garden. When they get out there they see two deer. Well, Jude and Elise were all excited. Jude said, "I am going to go tell Poppy". So, he goes inside to get my Dad to see the deer. My Dad comes out and Elise says, "Poppy, look there are two deer out here." My Dad says, "I see them." Elise says, "Get your gun and shoot them." My Dad said, "No, we aren't going to shoot them." Elise insisted, "Yes, Poppy shoot them so we can eat them for dinner!" I am pretty sure that is not what everyone was expecting from our "city" kids. BTW...Jude added his advice to Poppy - he said, "Poppy there is two of them so I am sure you can hit at least one of them!" That just cracks me up. Oh, the cute little things that kids say!

The Pink House... currently for rent. That is all I am going to say about that.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Still at home....

I didn't go back to work today. I told them last week the surgeon said it would be a week or two before I can go back but I guess he doesn't know about my super healing powers (LOL). I am getting a little stir crazy but I am tired. I am having some reaction to the antibiotic (Avelox), I think they are going to call in something else. I sure hope so. First I called my family doctor (Dr. Russ) but he isn't going to be in the office for 6 weeks because his 6 month old son was killed in a car accident. I can't even imagine. It just happened last week (the same day he prescribed the meds for my barfing). The lady at his office said others would be covering his shift but not until I called the surgeon and his office is supposed to get back to me. I am an hour past due to take the stuff but if they are going to put me on something else I'd rather not take today's dose. It really is nasty stuff.

Oh, and FYI, I have now lost 10 lbs. Still 7 up but I am sure that should be dropping off soon. You'd think I should have lost 17 lbs through all this. I still really can't eat much of anything. Watermelon - that is about it. I did eat cereal this morning and it tasted really funny.

Some people from our church are bringing us meals over. Isn't that nice. I told them it really isn't necessary - I feel silly accepting a meal for just the three of us and really I feel fine. So, I told the lady organizing it not to bother but she acted like she didn't hear me. LOL....she is very sweet.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Other stuff I didn't tell you....

That other post was getting so long I think I let out some other stuff. First of all - will someone please remind me the next time I am on morphine not to make phone calls. YIKES. I did this once before after I had a c-section. I thought I was fine and started calling people. You know it is bad when someone says, "you sound really out of it". The funny thing is...I thought I was fine. The same thing happened this time. How embarrassing. Lets see - I called my boss - I don't even remember what we talked about. I talked to my friend, Danielle, who later was laughing about the stuff I was saying. Nice. Who knows who else I spoke to. Isn't that awful? I remember saying funny stuff to the Doctors too. I kept getting a headache so I asked the one doctor if the infection had spread to my brain. I was serious. She laughed and said, "I hope not or you are in trouble."

BTW...when they did the cat scan they also told my my gall bladder is full of stones. Great.

That tube I told you about - it was so gross. I actually have a hole in my abdomen where it was. It was there to drain any fluid or puss that was still inside me. When it would fill up the nurse would come and empty it. (GAG) They took it out right before I left. Apparently, I had started healing (I've always been a super fast healer) so when the doc pulled it out I felt all of my insides tugging. It hurt so bad. I yelled. There was like a foot of tube inside me. So SO gross. And it hurt.

Okay, the thing I don't really want to talk about but it is just that SHOCKING - my weight. Let me recap my eating for the last week. Monday I ate semi normal but threw up dinner and anything that was in my body. Tuesday I ate a couple of Popsicles and a small piece of cheese pizza. Wednesday I took two bites of a peanut butter sandwich and ate a couple popsicles. Thursday clear liquids only. Friday full liquids until lunch...I ate a couple of bites of a sweet potato, a peachy lean muffin and I think that is it. So, I got home and weighed myself. Please someone explain to me how I GAINED 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) pounds. I am telling you - I can dream about food and gain weight. Today, I can't go to church because I don't have pants I can button. Isn't that embarrassing? Well, I have lost 9 lbs since I got home Friday evening. I know it is from being on an IV for 2+ days. Now I will have to sweat/pee all that fluid out. I woke up last night drenched in sweat. I have to say, I was looking forward to at least loosing a little weight with this ordeal - not GAIN. I seriously could cry.

Yesterday I still had a fever and I didn't feel like doing anything. At this point I don't know how I feel. Mostly depressed. I hate sitting still. Jude and Elise went to my Parents house so I can get my rest. They were so excited....a little too excited I might add - they asked if they could stay there forever. I guess they don't like living with Mommy & Daddy. So, I keep wanting to get up and do stuff but then I tire out before long. Yesterday I did start to organize a trip to CVS but then I couldn't go. Bummer I missed out on getting my other photo books.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well, I survived.....

As most of you know, I did not have the flu last week. I guess I don't have to worry about Jake and the kids getting it. LOL. I read Jake's posts. It was nice of him to keep everyone informed but seriously the man has never heard of the word drama has he? He really missed an opportunity for making a very dramatic story AND since he did I will step in and give everyone all the gory (and dramatic) details.

First I will post a little *disclaimer* - if you don't want to hear about my gross body functions, girly monthly stuff or rotten things inside my body you should stop reading right here. Seriously. The story I told you last year about my incision opening up after my c-section is mild compared to this.
So, last Monday I got home from work and went straight to the bathroom. It was one of those you have to run to make it...guess that is why they call it "the runs". I was starting to think there was something wrong with the food I ate earlier at Burger King (a garden burger & diet coke). I cooked dinner and then the babysitter came over for an hour or so because Jake and I both had a ton of stuff to get done in different directions. I wanted to get my Mom's birthday gift done so it would not be late (I am notorious for that) and Jake went to work on our other house. So, I went to CVS (of course) and made this little photo book. While I was there my stomach started hurting. At that point I realized I was starting my period (sorry, all of this is relevant). I get home, confirm I was correct and then I feel a little queasy. This isn't right. I started throwing up. After I did that I said, oh I feel better and I ate some tortilla chips. It wasn't long before I started throwing up again. I thought oh crap. I must have that flu that Jen F. had this past week-end. She threw up for a day or so then her hubby did the say. Bill and Sherry had done the same thing the week before. So, all night long I am barfing and barfing. Everything I put in my mouth - mostly just water at this point comes right back up. And my stomach hurt so bad. At one point I told Jake I thought I should go to the ER because I thought I might have food poisoning. I tried to take medication but it would not stay down. Incidentally, my cramps from my period were out of control. I was in serious pain. Basically I didn't sleep more than 20 minutes the entire night. So, I called off work on Tuesday and canceled my appointments. I was still throwing up so I had Jake call the doctor and ask for something to make me stop barfing. He prescribed an oral medication. I love when doctors listen to you. I told them I CAN'T KEEP ANYTHING DOWN AND I AM HAVING MY PERIOD AND I AM HAVING SEVERE CRAMPS. PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO MAKE IT STOP - EVEN IF IT IS A SUPPOSITORY. Now know it has to be bad when a person asks for an anal medication. But I really wanted to stop tossing cookies. Regardless, Jake went to pick it up and it was a pill. I didn't even take one. But I did stop throwing up. Yippy. I took some much needed pain meds (left overs from my c-section that I never took) and I slept. I work up still feeling pain but I felt better. I even took a walk over to the old house to see what Jake and the kids were doing. That night I slept but I still had a bad pain in my side. At this point I decided I must have some sort of ovarian cyst or something because it hurt and the pain meds weren't really working. I did get up and do a few things, including, called a few clients and explained I would be in the next day. Then I called my Mom. I told her about my ovarian cyst and she said "what side is it on?" I immediately said, it isn't my appendix...Jake would have told me if it was on the appendix side! She informed me you appendix is on my right side, just as Jake walked in. He agreed. I asked him, "why didn't you tell me?" He said, well when I had appendicitis I was doubled over in pain. WHAT? I am in serious pain. And I really REALLY have a high tolerance for pain. So, I hang up with my Mom and immediately go to the computer and look on WebMD. I read the symptoms. I said, "uh, I think I need to go to the ER." In the back of my mind I really still expected them to find I have an ovarian cyst. So, I get my hat, get my book and DRIVE MYSELF to the ER. I decided to go to the local hospital in town, rather than the big ones in Akron. I get there, sign in, watch a man detoxing freak out, chat with some other people waiting. Then they get me in. The triage nurse was taking my case lightly. He wasn't interesting in my throwing up (that was two days ago) or the pain in my stomach (also two days ago) only why I am here now. Whatever. I told him I have a pain in my side. They take me to a room where I see a doctor, then another doctor. Then they tell me I have to take a pregnancy test. What? I am having my period and I have my tubes tied. Oh well, So I have to take an IV for an hour and a half to be able to even go pee (I was dehydrated). The realized I wasn't pregnant so I had to drink some stuff. Then Jake got there. When he realized we were going to be there for at least three more hours he left to go tell the babysitter it was going to be an all nighter. He came back...I had to drink some more stuff. I am reading my book. Getting up going to the bathroom. No big deal. I rated my pain as a 7 out of 10. I get the cat scan and I they wouldn't tell me what they saw but I heard the lady on the phone saying "this woman has already been hear for 3 and a half hours....". Hmmmm. What does that mean? So, I go back to my room and the doc comes in to say....My appendix has ruptured and I am full of infection. They said they would have to open my up (big incision) because of all of it. Great. Then he said, "I can't believe it myself. You are just sitting there reading your book." He said most people in my condition are dripping sweat, doubled over in pain, crying.... LOL. I am tough. So, before you know it I am going to surgery. They did not have to open me up. I have three small incisions. Dang it they have ruined my bikini wearing future. My appendix had not burst but was rotting inside me. Yes, it had gangrene! Isn't that just disgusting. I guess I had a lot of swelling elsewhere and puss. Ewwww..... So, they put in a drain tube. Oh man it was foul. The originally thought I would be staying much longer but once I gave up the pain meds they let me go. I still have some pain but nothing like what I had on Tuesday or Wednesday. Apparently they took pictures of my gangrene appendix. JenF was there when they told me, she about jumped out of her seat asking to see them. LOL. Then the doc couldn't find them. I have to go back in a week. I'll ask and see if they have a copy I can have to post here. Ewwwwww......that is just gross isn't it.

I think I will have to be off work for a little while yet. I will see how I feel. I am thinking Wednesday. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sick Day

Today I am very sick. I did not go to work because I did not go to sleep last night because I was up barfing all night long. I feel a little better but not really that great yet. Bummer. Jake took the kids over to the other house to clean the fridge. I was planning to do it today but....well, that didn't work out. We have one last load of stuff. Whew. I am glad. We still have a ton of stuff to sort through and get rid of. I really can't wait to go through the toys and organize them. The kids have a huge play room but it is a disaster area. It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. I really want it to stay in order. The kids usually like to play more when all the pieces parts are together.

Well, I have to go lay down. I hurt. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Jake and the kids don't get this. Especially Jake - then I will have to miss more work. I don't want to do that.

My Big Doodle....Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

What was under those beans???

Everyone wants to know. The picture I posted wasn't very good. I didn't post the others because I didn't want you to know that I was a big ogre and moved the bunnies out of my garden. But I did. I put them at the edge of the woods and they were gone the next day. I guess some snake or owl had a good dinner. Here are the other pics.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's Goin' On...

This move may be the last of me. It is a stupid move. Not the move itself just the manner in which the move has been performed. If we were going to move a little at a time it would have been better to move and put away then move some more and put that stuff away. But that isn't how it has all worked out. I feel like it has consumed our lives for the last three weeks and it is going to eat up most of this week. Air O Swiss humidifiers

Yesterday we went to Heather's house for Reichen's third birthday party. It was nice but a short trip. We were only there for a few hours, which is a short time when you drive an hour to get somewhere. Indy came home with us to stay the night because she and Jude have been driving everyone crazy asking to have a sleepover. It wasn't bad at all. The kids had a lot of fun.

Today Sherry & I did the "Breakfast/Coffee Stand" thingy at church. I am not sure it has an officially name. I do know when we do it we always go all out. Sherry bakes and I do other stuff. Today I made iced coffee and that was hit. Sherry baked a ton of stuff and made a fruit dip. I also made zucchini muffins. They went okay. One guy asked me what the green stuff was inside. I don't know but I thought it was pretty obvious. He thought it might have been broccoli. What? Silly man. Anyhoo....the whole point of all of this is to say Jake and I were up Saturday night until midnight getting ready for Sunday morning. Then we got up early and went to church. Afterwards, we ate lunch and then started working on the house. We only have coats at the old place and our laundry line. I think that is it. Oh, and some desks we don't want anymore. The kids were getting antsy so I took them to the wadding pool. It was fun. Jake spent the better part of the day working on changing out our kitchen faucets. Right now the hot water isn't even working. I'll let him tell you about that. LOL. We snacked for dinner and then I took Indy and Jude over to the garden to pick some stuff. As soon as we got back Heather and Ivan wanted to leave with Indy so that was a rush. Then we finally got our kids to bed. I still have to wash the produce and put it away. Life is just crazy. Way to busy. I want to be able to spend more quality time with the kids rather than working my butt off all day long - everyday.

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.

I thought this one was funny.

Avery eating an ice cream sandwich. I know...everyone is shocked.

Isn't this so cute?

This was in my garden. Under my green beans to be exact.

Another cute Jude.

Elise being silly.

I wanted to take a cute picture of Elise in her 4th of July dress but NOOOOOO. She wouldn't give me a smile.

Avery did but you really can't see her dress.

There is her smile - just if she didn't have that dumb Sherry Bevan Walsh sticker on!

Avery getting a free ride on Daddy.

This is what our garden looks like now.
Jude went to Safety Town. This is his "graduation" picture.

Avery girl swimming.

My messy eater.

Jude swimming.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Bloggers...

....and still no posts. What are we going to do? Hopefully I will be completely unpacked and will get to post some pics soon.

See ya!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Finally--a guest appearance!! I got the third invitation from Delilah to be a guest blogger; I guess this means that I should get on the ball. (See, I can take a hint!) I have lots of great excuses about why I haven't blogged yet, but honestly I've been stressing out about what to write about...OH the pressure!

Anyway, I finally decided that i want to write about death. More specifically funerals. (Aren't you glad you were so persistent now Di!)

In the last seven months Ivan and I have had seven close family or friends pass on. We were only able to attend five of the funerals...but that was plenty. I guess I should start by telling you that I have very strong Faith. I believe that there is something so much better waiting for us when we die, if we only accept the gift that is so freely and lovingly offered to us. I know that in almost all of the seven deaths that they are way better off not suffering here on this earth; I am not sad for them, but for myself and their friends and family because we are the ones left behind to miss them.
My point is all of this is the occasion of the funeral. I have seen everything from the traditional Catholic funerals to a wake only, for Ivan's aunt (per her request). When Ivan's mom passed away this fall we truly had a celebration of her life. There were hundreds of beautiful flowers and we did have her body displayed (that sounds so weird), but there was a digital photo frame in the corner with over 200 photos of Patty's life. Not just formal pictures, but the fun ones too. Halloween, parties, her at 25 in her bikini--she loved that picture! There were people crowded around that small corner for hours. They were crying and hugging. They were laughing and telling stories. It was so beautiful.

Anyway, the point is what I want. Yes, this is about ME!! (isn't everything...just kidding!!)
Seriously though, someday when it is my time to go (hopefully not too soon) I don't want some awful sad funeral. I don't want slow sad music playing in the back ground; I don't want some somber eulogy read or a hell fire and brimstone sermon from the pastor. I do think that funerals are an appropriate time to talk about the gift God offers us of a beautiful life for eternity, but there is definitely a way to do, or not do it. At my Aunt Sheila's funeral the pastor gave a beautiful sermon..hopefully it touched some hearts. But I digress...about me :) ...i want fun music, fun happy healthy pictures of me, maybe even do the YMCA--why not...I would love that.

I do secretly hope that at least one or two people will miss me, and i know that a loss is still a loss no matter how you look at it. I just hope that when i go that whomever is planning my final party will really do it up--the kind of party a true hostess would have loved!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wow, it has been a while....

It has been quite some time since I've done any pandering on my blog. I decided I would try to catch up on my assignments this evening. I am actively avoiding my real work (i.e. unpacking/organizing junk). It is funny that they have consistently given me assignments that have to do with insurance - life insurance quotes, car insurance, etc.... I just do not miss the insurance business. And honestly, it didn't pay any more than what I make now. I thought it would. Then again I only did if for a short period of time and I didn't sell life insurance. Well, that is my post about life insurance. Wasn't it great?

Movin', Movin', Movin'....

This is our third move since I started this blog. Isn't that just crazy? Well, we had planned to do a nice slow move and unpack as we go but (like always) once we started, we accelerated into crazy moving. I can't stand crazy moving. But....gotta deal with it! We have been staying at the new house since Friday. I LOVE it. I can't wait to post some before and after pics. It has been a long time since I lived somewhere I was able to "make my own". I love our kitchen. Seriously. Well, and our bedroom - and living room. I just love the house. It has so much more space. We needed that. We have a lot of work ahead but that is okay.

On another note....Elise was sick with strep throat. Now Avery is sick. It makes me sad to leave my sick babies at home while I am at work.

I sold a bunch of used cloth diapers and made apx. $250! Yeah. That is more than 50% of what I paid for all of them. Great. We also sold some stuff from the house...table & chairs, hutch & futon. We almost paid for the new table we bought. I had listed our couch & love seat for sale but there were no takers. So, we kept it. I am looking into making a slip cover. Now if I could only find the time.....

I don't know what is up with our guest blogger. I guess we will just wait.
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