Friday, November 20, 2009

Well that was an experience....

So, I just got home from the midnight showing of New Moon.  It was CRAZY.  Let me tell you.  I took a teen girl from church (Jessica) with me.  She ordered the tickets on line a few weeks ago - good thing, since all the theaters in our area were sold out by this morning.  The particular theater we went to was in a close by "rich" town.  The movie was showing in 6 of their theaters!  They were all full of, you guessed it, mostly teen girls.  At midnight.  On a school night.  Did I say crazy?  We got there around 10:30ish and there was a huge line already.  I had expected that.  I did see a couple of mom type persons there but only a few.  They started letting people in the theater around 11:15 P.M.  We got in, found seats, went to the bathroom (we didn't want to miss any of the movie once it started): then the movie started.  Yahoo.  Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of the first Twilight movie.  It is my opinion that books are always better than the movie but that movie was just horrible due to a combination of over dramatic acting and horrible makeup.  They took gorgeous people and made them weird.  (Just my opinion).  If I hadn't watched this movie with a crowd of teen girls I probably would have been bored to tears or just annoyed. was great.  If you remember when I was all gaga over the books - Edward is the vampire.  I loved him.  I am so over it.  He annoys me.  He made me fickle with all his melodrama.  He apparently did not have that effect on the teens.  Hahahaha.  When he was first on the screen I heard drool hit the floor.  And the first time Jacob took off his shirt - there were gasps.  I may have been one of them.  Gross since he is a 17 year old.  Seriously.  Then there was the gigglies.  The girls were laughing at everything.  Edward kissed Bellla - giggle, giggle.  Edward and Bella running through the forest - giggle giggle.  Bella's dad says something corny - giggle, giggle.  I laughed a lot.  It was a good time. 

So, here is my official review....It has been a while since I read the book so I don't really remember how it all went down but I am so sure the movie skipped most of the good stuff.  If you watched the movie and read the books please tell me how New Moon left the Victoria story line in the book.  They just dropped it in the movie.  If you are not a big Twilight series fan I am pretty sure you will hate this movie because it is pretty bad.  The actors are not good.  The makeup is just freakish.  There isn't really any development of the story.  And the ending....It ended so abruptly.  Again, there were gasps and shrieks of horror by the crowd.  How could they????  Now we have to wait until June 30 to see what happens....  I'll be there.  I wonder if you can order tickets already?

This is the line to get in.  It is from my phone so it isn't that great - plus it was raining and dark.

This is the parking lot at 2:30 A.M., when we were leaving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wish I had the time....

Oh life is full of stuff right now.  Some day I will update you on many how our van broke down, how Jake got a job, how the kids have a babysitter, about all of our crazy craziness.  But right now I am too busy.  In the mean time, check out the picture of Avery with her friend Angus!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What if....

...this is the way it is supposed to be.

I started my day today down at the AMHA building.  That stands for Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority.  They are the people who own the project based homes and give out the section 8 vouchers.  It is a crazy process to get into that housing.  You have to go down at the crack of dawn and get in line.  I took one of the women I work with and we got in line at 7:30 A.M.  We waited until 8.  That is when AMHA opens their doors.  As they let the people in they everyone a ticket that has a number on it.  My girl was #29.  They only give out 30 tickets per day.  That is just the beginning of the process.  I won't bore you with the rest of the details.  What I do want to tell you about is the people waiting in line.  They were from all walks of life.  I saw a college student reading a text book.  I saw a family with three beautiful little girls.  I saw all races and all ages.  I have mixed feelings about all of it.  While I was in line with the girl, another one of my girls called me.  I told her where I was and she thought I was trying to get housing for myself.  She laughed when I told her I was trying to move in next to her so I can borrow sugar and milk from her everyday (she always complains about her neighbors borrowing stuff from her lol).  It was a silly misunderstanding and I did explain to her that I was with a client.  BUT the entire time I was there I kept saying to myself....that could be my family. 

I hate to keep feeling sorry for myself.  I hate the emotional roller coaster.  I hate getting my hopes up and then being let down.  I just hate it.

I am reading this book about how to be happy.  I didn't pick it out myself.  It was sent to me by the author (well by her people) and they would like me to review it.  I am in the middle of another Bible study but I decided I would read a chapter of the new book to get a feel for it.  Well, so far what I have got out of it is we get sad when our reality doesn't meet our expectations.  Ha.  Many of our expectations come from what we feel we deserve.  Like I have said many times....we are good people, we are nice, generous, friendly, helpful, loyal, fill in the blank...  We go to church, pray, work with the youth, tythe.....  Why can't we get what we want (currently that is a job for my hubby).  I want him to get a job so we can maintain our lifestyle and possibly buy new stuff.  LOL.  It sounds ridiculous to even write that.  Don't we deserve certain things?  I am having a terrible time accepting we don't deserve anything and we are not owed anything.  So far, that book has not helped in the happiness department.  I guess I need to keep reading. 

It did stir up some emotion for me (more like sorrow).  I keep thinking God is going to bless us with a job for Jake.  I just know in my heart he is going to get a job any day now.  Even though he hasn't even had an interview for over a month.  The truth of it is....maybe this is God's plan.  Maybe this is how it is supposed to be. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire....

Yesterday while I was working I got a call from a friend.  I was with a client so I couldn't take it.  She left a message.  I rarely listen to messages until they are a week old.  I don't know why....bad habit, I guess.  So, while I am driving to my next destination I call her back.

Here is how the conversation went:
Me:  Hi!
Her:  Thank God you called.  I told a lie and it is eating me alive.
Me: Oookaaay. (wondering what could she have lied about, did she lie to her husband? Her Mom?)
Her:  I lied to my boss.  He called me about a big meeting today and I told him I couldn't be there because my Grandma died!
Me:  Outburst of Laughter...You what!? Why would you do that?
Her: I don't know.  I think something is wrong with me.
Me:  Laughter again....Well....
Her:  Seriously, I lied to my boss.  It just slipped off my tongue and I just know I am going to get caught.  I think I should call him and tell him I lied.
Me:  You can't tell him you lied about that.  If you must tell him the truth is you had severe digestive problems and were too embarrassed to tell him and the grandma thing just slipped out. (thinking....that still sounds bad.)
Her:  Laughter.  That would be more lying.
Me: Oh yeah.
Her:  This is eating me alive.  I already called and scheduled to feed the homeless for an entire day because I feel so bad about this.
Me: Laughter.  That should be good for you. (thinking of the scene from Desperate Housewives when Gabby goes to the homeless shelter to see an old friend).
She:  I told my husband and he thinks I am crazy.  He yelled at me.
Me:  So, why did you need the day off.
Her:  I need a day to get organized and get control of my life.
Me:  Don't you get personal days.
Her: Yes.
Me:  What are you going to do if you Grandma dies next week?
Her:  I don't know.  Do I need to see a Therapist?
Me:  Well, I think everyone lies sometimes.  The difference is you feel guilty about it an many people don't.  Some people even begin to believe their lies. (....if she starts shopping for black dresses tell her to seek help).
Her:  What would you do if you lied to your boss.
Me:  I don't know.  I've never lied to my boss.
Her:  Thanks.  That just cut like a knife.  I really am a bad person.
Me:  No, I just have a VERY extremely flexible job and I don't have to lie when I need a day off...even if it was to stay and home and watch TV.
Her:  Have you ever lied?
Me:  Of course....then I had to think of a time I lied and confess it to her to help make her feel better.
Her:  You should blog about this.  Find out if other people lie and what they lie about.

So, what do you think?  She is not a bad person. That is why I laughed when she told me.  It was a bit surprising.  And she is under a lot of stress.  She needs to learn to say no.  I've had to figure out what is important and learn to say No.  I can't do everything.  I turns me into something ugly.

Leave me a comment and tell me about the worst lie you ever told.  Or a lie you told your boss.  You can leave it as an anonymous comment if you want.  And what do you think my friend should do.  She does not have the kind of job you can just leave and go to the next place. She is pretty well known in her field.  She is afraid this could ruin her reputation if it gets out.  Does she have to confess to her boss?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Avery & Willow....

This morning Willow was scratching on the kids doors and whining.  She woke them up.  After a little running around the dog was "dog tired".  She tried to go back to sleep on the couch.  Avery was not allowing that to happen.  LOL.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Blue Period....

The famous artist Picasso had a few years where he painted everything in monochromatic colors (blue).  It is said that he friend commit suicide and that is what set off the blue period and many have thought it was a time of depression for Picasso.  They call it The Blue Period.

I think someday I will look back and think this is my blue period.  It isn't that I am particularly depressed.  This is just a very stressful time.  Jake has been out of work for a year and a half. We are quickly approaching the end of his unemployment and nothing looks that promising.  It is scary.  I think I've been fairly positive throughtout this entire process.  It has helped that I found my job right away and that I really enjoy what I do.  And I have enjoyed having Jake around more.  I love that while I am at work he is with the kids and they aren't with "an outside" person.  I hate what loosing his job has done to his self-esteem.  It is difficult to loose a job and even more difficult to not have another one after such a long time.  He is going to school.  That has been good for him.  But the schedule is grueling.  I get home and he leaves.  I really really dislike that part.  I also hate having limited money. We've talked about that before....

I know that God has a plan.  That doesn't mean I am going to like it.  I've also mentioned that a time or two.  I will admit at times I feel downright angry about it.  Then I feel guilty about feeling angry. 

This is my Blue Period. 

I work with people every day that honestly are only to be described as destitute.  It should put things in perspective for me.  I know I am blessed.  It doesn't take the worry away. 

We are starting to think outside the box as far as jobs.  It is a distinct possibility we will have to move.  It is almost devistating for me.  I cry when I think about it. 

This month has been so hard.  Not only are we stressed about the impending loss of income but my digital camera died.  I've been wanting a new one for a long time but NOW IS NOT THE TIME.  Then on Sunday our desktop died.  With pictures.  Pictures we haven't backed up for months.  Oh....and pictures we had backup to another hard drive that also crashed.  Oh and there were other important things on there like financial stuff and resumes.....  It is sickening.  I don't dare ask 'what else could go wrong'.  I am wiser than that. 

So, if you are the praying type....keep us in your prayers.  If you hear about any jobs...let us know.  I will keep you updated.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Pictures....

Life is insane these days....Sorry I can't keep up.  Here are some pics from this morning!

Here is Elise's new hair style.....

Shockingly short, I know.  It was the best the pro's could do!

I haven't talked much about the dog lately.  She is getting big - gaining about 2 lbs a week!  We finally named her Willow.  She is a good dog. 

This morning Jake was reading to Elise & Willow.
I was making treats for church today...


Avery was eating the treats....

Then I really spoiled the kids with hot chocolate...

We are having a church picnic today & then I think we are going to relax.  Do we remember how to do that? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elise got a haircut.....

There just aren't words for this.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Avery got a haircut...

Today Elise decided Avery needed a haircut.  If you look closely the left side is significantly shorter than the right side.  Oh, and check out the bang job.  Yikes.  Why oh why Elise????  I fixed what I could and it does look cute but I am so sad about the curls....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Christmas Shopping....

How would you feel if I bought you a gift from a thrift store?  Seriously?  Before you answer: Jake and I are contemplating buying all our Christmas gifts at the thrift stores this year...for many reasons.  #1. Financially it just makes sense.  #2.  It is good old fashion recycling.  #3.  I think it is fun....a game of sorts.  We might not be able to get everything thrifting but I am pretty sure we will do very well.  I already bought 2 sets of brand new looking board books for Avery & the cutest little Barbie dollhouse for Elise ($1.99 at The Salvation Army). It is in perfect condition but it is missing the accessories. I just looked it up on Amazon and new the item costs almost $140 - I am so excited! Today I stopped by Goodwill and found a fabulous gift for someone on my list (it may be you.....).  It is actually something I was thinking about getting the person already but much MUCH better than I would have been able to afford from a new retailer.  I am thrilled.  I think by starting early I will be able to do this! 

So...would you think less of the gift or the giver if you knew a gift was second-hand or inexpensive? 

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Has this ever happened to you???

Today someone hijacked my blog and posted!  If you saw the post titled Travelers....well it wasn't from me.  It just had a link to it but I am highly annoyed.  I changed my password. Hope this doesn't happen again!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

School Daze....

We are trying to settle into the new school year.....Here are some cute pictures !

"Why are you still taking my picture???"

My big boy ready for school.....

Mommy & Jude....

Yes, that is Jude with the Pokemon bag....ugh!

Jude waiting in line!

Avery is ready for school - if she gets to play all day!

Elise has her own style!!!

Elise with her teacher, Miss Jamie.

Elise & Avery

Elise before school.

Elise going into her class. this isn't a school picture but it is a cute puppy & kids shot!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bathing Suits....

Every Friday morning I meet with a couple of ladies from Church at Panera Bread for coffee & a devotional. It has been really great. Honestly, at first I wasn't so sure about it but I really do enjoy the time. Often times we sit and just catch up about the weeks happenings and whatever craziness is going on in our lives. We are an unlikely group of friends.....quite a Motley Crew if you ask me. This week we all had to be somewhere pretty early so we were still chatting as we got our refills to go. I was telling them how I just bought a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS. I had made a Facebook update about it and there were several comments about how it was the end of summer and I wouldn't be using it. The truth is because I have a little extra "baggage" up top I can't just buy any bathing suit. I need one with built in equipment. The kind that Target doesn't sell. And it has not been our budget to spent $80-$90 on a bathing suit. So, kept the ill fitting one I've had for years and just didn't go swimming. LOL. Anyhoo...back to my story. I was telling the girls I bought a bathing suit from Lands End online. I did not try it on. I picked on out that I thought I would like and I bought it. I know....what woman does that? As we were talking bathing suit shopping, another woman: whom we have never met before, began telling us about her bathing suit woes and who she couldn't find one with an under wire to support her large chest. She said she went to Macy's and bought a Miraclesuit. She gave us a description and everything. After she left another woman gave me her thoughts on bathing suit shopping. She is not fond of it but said she was going to check out Land's End because I told her how I only paid $25 for a $90 bathing suit!!!! As I was walking out of Panera, I was thinking about how interesting it is that all women have an opinion about bathing suits. Strong enough opinions to discuss our boobs in public to strangers. I think it really comes from the dissatisfaction of our bodies. I don't think men think twice about putting on a bathing suit and taking off their shirts. But women....I don't know, I think for most of us it is difficult to expose ourselves. I don't know about you but I love the security of a loose pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. LOL. Well, in the end I did get my bathing suit and I like it as far as bathing suits go. I probably won't use it until next year...but next year I will be prepared! And I got a fabulous deal. BTW...the picture to the right is the bathing suit I bought. Yes, I got it in red. When I tried it on Jude looked at me and said, "you should have bought a black one"! Oh, my children know me so well. I just liked the red one so that is the one I got.

Now if I could just find a cheap cover up.........

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterday....Blueberries, Family, A Milestone, Puppy & A BIG Surprise!!!

Yesterday we went blueberry picking. We drove an hour to go to this blueberry farm. It is nice. You can pick your own berries for $1 a quart. There wasn't even someone there monitoring - they used the honor system and even had their little cash drawer sitting out on the table. How refreshing. That could NEVER happen where I live. While we were there we ran into my Aunt Debbie & Aunt Jeannie. How strange to run into them so far away at such a random place. This is my Aunt Debbie. It was her second trip to the blueberry farm!

While we were picking blueberries, Nana pulled Jude's first tooth. It was funny because he thought she was just going to wiggle it and she pulled it. He didn't even notice at first because he walked away and then noticed it was gone. He acted like he was mad but he really wasn't.....

After the blueberry picking we had to go find a store to buy diapers because we didn't bring any. That is The Miller Way. Then we went out to eat. When we got home that evening this is what was on the porch!!!!!!!

My cousin, Jason (some of you remember him because he used to have a blog...he's the prison guard), read my blog about the stray puppy, the Wii fund and all that. He had a Wii that he bought but "wasn't really that into it" & he decided he wanted to give it to my kids. I just can't even believe it. The kids were so excited they were jumping up and down! It has been a big week for the Miller family. Some people might not think this is a very big deal but it is almost overwhelming to me. I am feeling very blessed this week. Thank you Jason & Thank you to the mean person that left the little puppy for us!

Here are some more pictures of the puppy and other vacation events.....

This is from earlier this week, when we went fishing....

I asked my Mom to take a picture of Jake and I together. We aren't capable of taking a serious picture.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Dog....

Yesterday on Facebook I left a comment that we had to take our dog to the vet...everyone said the same thing..."You have a dog?" I promised a story and here it is.

Sunday we went to Big South Fork National Park. It was a great day. We did a little hiking, a little geocaching, a lot of nature seeing & we stopped at the visitors center and did a little chatting. It was really nice. BTW...the ranger asked where we were from. I told her NE Ohio. She said, "oh, ya'll had a little bear incident up there." I laughed. She asked if I got to see the bear (lol) but I told her I didn't. In fact, they have all kinds of bears here and I haven't seen ONE. Anyways...we went back to my parents house, ate dinner & goofed around a bit. I started looking on line at the geneology website for the area my family is from. They have it set up with a list of all the cemetaries and volunteers have scribed what is on every tombstone in each cemetary (well they aren't all done). There is a format for photos to be added. I was so excited but most of them don't have the photos. So....I loaded up a grumbling husband and tired kids to head to the closest cemetary to take pictures. It is very close to my parent's house. This is a picture of it:

It was very buggy out so we didn't stay long and decided to go back to the house. My parents live on a very country road. We always see interesting things on the road (turtles, snakes, rabbits, one time a fox, etc...). I tend to be on the lookout when we are driving for random vermon. Well, we were driving along and I saw this little puppy. Jake stopped and it looked scared. I tried to talk to it but it wouldn't come to me. It was by this overgrown driveway and we weren't sure if anyone still lived there. We decided to leave the puppy and go back to my parents. Later when they got home from church we asked them if anyone lived there and they said no. We told them about the puppy and explained that we thought somone dumped it off. It was almost getting dark at his point. We didn't have a leash or much dog stuff. My parents did have a dog (RIP) so they had a little food and a few items. But we didn't know what we were goint to do with this dog if we even caught the thing. So, we get in the car and go on a dog hunt. It was exactly where we left it. It was very timid but let Jake pick her right up. She was very scared and weak. We are pretty sure she had been out there for at least a couple days. You can see how skinny she is in this photo:
We gave her a bath because she is covered in ticks and fleas. I think the bath really helped with the fleas but she had about 20 ticks insided her ears. I picked them all out. And she has them all over her. And she has literally thousands of little tiny "seed ticks" all over her. Hundreds on her ears, legs, belly.... all over. We decided we didn't need to tie her up or anything. The first night after picking off ticks and bathing her I took off my clothes and hung them on the back porch. The next morning my Dad went out to the barn and she wasn't there. He thought she ran off but later he found her laying on the back porch by my clothing. Awwwwwww......Look how sweet she is:

I don't even like dogs....really.

But isn't she so cute?

So, Jake took her to the vet yesterday but they couldn't get her in so she is going back today. We have to find out if she is healthy enough to keep. We put some flea & tick stuff on her and instantly she started feeling better. She barked at my Dad and was chasing me a little. She really likes the kids. And of course the kids LOVE her. I think I told you before but in case I didn' kids have been saving for a Wii. When we started approaching the $200 mark they decided it was a dog fund. I have been reluctant. This dog is not free - the vet bill and a kennel will surely eat up the Wii fund but she really is a rescue dog.
She doesn't have a name yet. Here are the choices.....
1. Willow (my idea)
2. Sunshine or Sunny (Elise's idea)
3. Cricket (my Dad's idea and Jude's favorite)
So, that is dog story.