Monday, August 31, 2009

School Daze....

We are trying to settle into the new school year.....Here are some cute pictures !

"Why are you still taking my picture???"

My big boy ready for school.....

Mommy & Jude....

Yes, that is Jude with the Pokemon bag....ugh!

Jude waiting in line!

Avery is ready for school - if she gets to play all day!

Elise has her own style!!!

Elise with her teacher, Miss Jamie.

Elise & Avery

Elise before school.

Elise going into her class. this isn't a school picture but it is a cute puppy & kids shot!


Heather Hurt Photography said...

AAaawwww. Those are so great. I've got a few and they look just like yours! Isn't that funny how all our albums really look the same?! I'm lovin' Jude's "foe hawk"! That's great. Elyse's style is so classic! I love a girl that marches to her own... whatever. And Avery will get her day : (

No one ever tells you how they grow. When you have a baby, they say, get sleep, poopie diapers, breastfeed, yada yada. They never say... They'll get boobs and graduate! TMI, I know.

Luv you guys. Hope they're taught to have fun! Then learning comes naturally!

link said...

great! when did jude get a mowhawk?