Monday, July 31, 2006

A Story About Nothing....

Today on the radio they reported on the funniest story. There was this waitress working at a restraunt and one of her customers asked for an alcoholic beverage. Being a good waitress and abiding by the law she asked to see the patrons identification. When the girl handed the server her ID the waitress just stared in disbelief. IT WAS HER ID!!!! Not the customers but it belonged to the waitresses! I guess she was at an "establishment" in Cleveland and her purse was stolen, about a month ago. There were charges on her credit cards but the culprit had not been found. Apparently the girl had been using the ID as her own (maybe she planned to pay with the stolen credit cards???) Who knows. The girl tried to run away but was apprehended by the police. I can't remember what her name was but what even added to the stupidity - she is 23 years old. It is not even like she needed a fake ID or anything. She was just plain dumb. A friend of mine works at the place but I haven't had time to talk to her about it.

Here is a link.....DUMB GIRL STORY

Friday, July 28, 2006

Is it really Friday? Thank God!

Work was great this week. We had a lot of activity. It was nice to talk with a lot of potential customers and I even made some of them happy by saving them a few (hundred or so) bucks. Isn't that cool. I don't think of it as selling insurance but rather selling a savings. Ha. Sounds corny but it is true.

I was a little suprised that no one commented on the pictures. WHY NOT? Well, a few of my friends did discuss them with me in person. Either way, the funniest thing someone said was "That Applehead looks mean!" So, Applehead...if you were going for the aggressive look I think you accomplished it. BTW...I did say you aren't mean. I thought the dump truck picture was priceless but then again, I know the people in the photo which makes it that much funnier to me. I don't know.

The kids are great. Jude's toe was well on the way to recovery. He is going to loose his nail. But he did have a little set back this week and he decided he couldn't walk on it again.

Today I was in the basement doing laundry and Elise stopped and was looking at me. I thought she had a VERY guilty look on her face so I said "What are you doing?" She started laughing and ran towards me with her hand out. When she got to me she handed me a penny. Isn't that something? She knew she wasn't supposed to have it and I busted her! So cute.

Well, I am tired and must be going to bed but I wanted to update everyone.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I am going to the beach and I am taking......

Well, I am not going to the beach but Jude came home today! I had a busy day at work. My mom took him to my house around 4:30ish and I didn't get off until 7 P.M. Jake brought the kids and met me at Sam's Club (exciting I know). But we really needed to stock up. So, I got there first and was just waiting. When they pulled in Jude was laughing and being goofy. He was happy to see me (yes, I can breathe a sigh of son does like his mother after all). He gave me a big hug and all that but some time ago he decided he doesn't like kisses and wipes them off. It has become the big joke. He even wipes Elise's kisses off. So we go into the store and Jude needs to go to the bathroom and then Elise has a poopy diaper. Of course we didn't bring the diaper bag in because...well we just didn't. So, Jake goes out to the car and the kids and I continue to shop. Hecktic Hecktic hecktic. After all the bathroom stuff was finished Jude was trying to hang on the cart and Elise was kicking him. She obviously didn't want him near her. I think she enjoyed being the only child for a while and wasn't happy Jude returned. Either way, we did survive Sam's Club and made it out without spending every penny we have. You know how it go in for one or two things and the next thing you know you have enough meat for the next month.

When we got back out to the cars (remember we drove separately), Jude decided he wanted to ride home with Mommy. We anticipated this already so it wasn't a big deal to move the car seat over. On the way home he said "Mom, lets play a game". I figured I was up for a big game of "I Spy". He always picks something we are going past and by the time I figure out what he is spying...well, we are five miles down the road from it! But isn't that cute. He then proceeds to tell me what he is taking to the beach (you were wondering where I was going with the title weren't you?). I quickly remembered a game we used to play with my mom. She'd say I am going to the beach and taking (blank). Then we would have to say "I am going to the beach and taking your (blank) and my (blank)". The idea is to remember the whole list of what you are taking to the beach. I used to love playing this game with my mom and sister. It was undivided attention. So, I played along with Jude and as I listened to him tell what he was taking to the beach I recognized the items as the same ones my mom used to say to me when I was a little girl. For example I told him I was going to take water to drink. He said "NO...we are going to take whemonade!" Isn't it so sweet??? I have a feeling this will be "the game" for a while. I know when we were kids we always wanted to play it. I am sure it drove my mother crazy at times.

So, everyone is back home. Jake will be gone tommorow night. I am sure you will read all about that soon enough. Have a great day!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (or Laughs)....

Here are the pictures I have been waiting to get on here.

A hot and tired Jude relaxing on Daddy's lap.Applehead and Vivian....
Is is Jake or is it Tony Stewart with a Ryan Newman hat on????

Remember when I wrote about the kids sliding in the mud in West Virginia? Well here is the proof....Elise on the 4th of July.
Jude sitting in a dump truck - doesn't he look proud!?
Muddy West Virginia kids again...

This is Elise eating an ice cream cone after getting her first hair cut! This is Cody at the Akron Aeros game with us. He had a great time.

Oh this picute will have to speak for itself...... This isn't something I found on the internet. I actually know these people and took this picture myself! ha ha ha...
Jude and Lydia wearing their boots.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pictures of You...

Okay...Here is the deal. I want you to write captions for these pictures. I will tell you who and what they are later. I am having a tough time getting to these other pics I want to post. Hopefully Jake can help soon. Either way....write captions.



Thursday, July 20, 2006

It is official...

I can officially sell for Allstate. Isn't that cool? Okay, enough about work.

Jude went to Tennessee for a week. It seems like he never wants to stay home these days. He is having fun. He did talk to us the first night but last night he just wasn't that interested. He said "night night mommie, I love you" that is it! Can you believe it?

I am hoping to post some pics this evening. I have some great ones!

Everything is a little stressful right now. Money is tight...of course Jake and I both changed jobs/careers at the same time. We still aren't completely unpacked. Work is piling up! ARRRGGGHHHHHH. Last week there was some talk about me going part time at work but I don't know where we are on that right now. Still waiting for a budget!!!! My babysitter is having surgery on her jaw at the end of the month and I am not quite sure who will watch the kids. Then when she comes back my other babysitter is going on vaction in Mexico (I must be paying her too much.....ha ha ha....inside joke!). What will I do with my babies???? Oh, and on top of all of this, Jake says he is ready for another kid! Oh boy.............................

Okay, more later......

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Read A Boring Blog......

That is what my friend Sherry told me last night. Can you believe that she would say that????? Well, she was just teasing me about not blogging lately. The thing is - I keep thinking I will get time to sit and write but it just hasn't happened. I still don't have a routine and I haven't quite figured out how to be a "working mother". Right now I am in another class. I have to be here to FINALLY get my binding authority. That means I will be able to actually sell insurance for the company (on Wednesday). Today we are learning about property policies....

This past week-end I went to the Women of Faith conference. It was fun. I roomed with Heather (my sister), Rixey and Justiene. All of our traveling was done on a bus. It was interesting. The loud mouth crowd sat in the back of the bus, just like in school. Can you guess where I was???? Well, since it was all girls you can imagine the talks we had!!!! Let's just say they weren't all fit for a public audience so I won't be repeating them here. But I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. The conference was great. There were very moving speakers and lots of great music and drama. I really enjoyed myself and would like to go back in the future. It was a far cry from the Nine Inch Nails concert I attended a month ago. Both fun....just in a very big way. Honestly, I fit it a lot better at WoF. Isn't that great to know??? I did cry several times and you all know how much I love to cry. Ha ha. But tell me, how can I sit there and listen to Natalie Grant sing a song about a two week old baby dying from SIDS and not bawl my eyes out? Luckily I anticipated the emotional roller coaster and stocked up on kleenex before attending. The speakers were so real. I mean VERY VERY VERY honest about their misgivings and mistakes they have made. Everything from spending time in mental facilities to having many abortions. There was a strong emphasis on knowing God will forgive you for your past and he loves you where you are. I dealt with my own guilt for my past mistakes a long time ago so the conference really just re-emphasised what I learned a long time ago. BUT...I think the best part was just getting away for a week-end (Thank you Mom for watching the kids) and spending time with the ladies from our church a little better. Girl time is always needed and refreshing. Most of our husbands went to Promise Keepers in Columbus. I think it was a little more intense.

Okay, well, it is lunch time. I have to get going. Leave me a comment and let me know you are still with me.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today I Took A Boring Class...

It is for my binding authority. Since I have been working for an Allstate agent for a month now I already know everything. Ha ha. Well not everything. But a lot of it is review to me. Today we learned how to do quotes. I think I've done close to 100 already. And we did a 2.5 hour long session about the different Auto Policies. It is boring for me to even tell you about it. Imagine if you were in the class. I will say, I was a little nervous about going to the class in the first place. I hate meeting new people. I know it doesn't sound like the Delilah you know but, I am truly a shy person. I fake the rest. Either way, I got there an hour early (thanks Josh) and there was this other lady who was also early. The instructor told me she was in the break room getting coffee. I went and introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to run to Panera Bread with me. She said yes before I actually caught her name. Then, on our way out we met this other girl who looked a little lost. I asked her if she was there for the class and she said yes so we invited her on our excursion as well. She joined us. So, within the first 10 minutes I met two new people and didn't even break out in hives. Yes, I do that from time to time. Maybe I am not as shy as I used to be. Who knows. I do know this...I spent a large portion of my day staring at the shoes of the girl who was sitting across the isle from me. I hope she didn't notice because she probably thinks I have some weird freakish foot fetish. I was just daydreaming and checking out her cool shoes. I want to get a pair. I'll have to put those shoe dreams on hold new shoes for me!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Step off the blog...(please!?!?)

Did you know I have had so much blog drama???? Well, I have. I think I was a little gun shy (yes I can be shy) about even writing anything for a while because I had 2 incidences right in a row concerning my blog. The first case was just crazy. A person from my past started reading my blog and read a comment I made that was in reference to him and a future ex-men Monday post. He and his girlfriend got a little bananas about that. Seriously, they did have a valid point. I was making fun of the guy and he had a right to be upset but they took it to an extreme...insulting my children, friends, my God, music, etc.... They called me all sorts of colorful and creative names. I kinda got a kick out of it but in the end I was upset because they posted some pretty nasty and untrue things about me on the internet with my full name. So that was drama #1. Now for drama #2. My old room-mate from college read the post I wrote about her and she was very upset. She left me a comment and I couldn't even respond to her. She was insulted by the things I said and thought I had a bad opinion of her. Honestly, I thought she was one of the funniest and nicest people I've known. I re-read the post and didn't seem to find any of it offensive. I think I even said some very nice things about her. Either way, she handled the situation with a lot more class, which I appreciate, but neverless hasn't spoken to me since. I did leave her an apology comment. Who knows if she ever read it. Right after that happened I heard about this study about the "tone" of an email. The conclusion of the study was that most people (something like 75%) misinterpret the tone of an email. I think the case may be the same in my blog. So, here's the deal. My intentions are not to hurt anyone. I write about my life, current events and past history. I don't always have nice and flowery things to say about everyone. That doesn't mean I am bashing others or making fun. Sometimes reality isn't pretty. Know what I mean???? I try to keep those that would be embarassed by what I reveal anonymous. I think that is fair. Obviously there are people who have been in my life for a long time that will know some of those I speak about but it doesn't matter because they lived what I write about first hand.

In closing I would like to say this...blogs are such a cool thing. It is more fun than a journal because you can get feedback from other people and share a part of yourself you might not ever get to in another venue. Sometimes we say things on our blogs that we might not ever bring ourselves to say out in the open. And there are people who read my blog who never even talk to me. It is almost like they are eavesdropping on my life. And there are people I have been able to keep up with that under normal circumstances I may not have been able too (Aunt D, Aunt Nancy, Jason & Kelly - to name a few). Allthough I was upset about the drama, I am flattered that people took the time to read through my pages upon pages of posts. I do think I have some good (funny) stuff and some serious stuff....mostly just goofy. Please, if you are a reader...don't take any of it too seriously. It is a blog...not a newspaper...or book (beware though, I might write a book someday) doesn't carry much weight. I am just a girl from the suburbs writing about my life....................................... I love you all so keep reading - maybe I'll write about YOU next!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lots to Say...Little Time.

I really should be in bed right now but I feel like I have really neglected the old blog these past few weeks. I have been busy and we've had so much going on. I started my new job. It is going well. I still have some classes to finish up for the company and then I am "offically" good to go. If you need insurance be sure to call me (or email me). We moved into our house last week. Jake and his Dad, with the help of Bill, moved stuff all week long. By time our moving day came along we had already spent the night in the new house. It worked out. Saturday morning I decided to go to a garage sale across the street. I was holding Elise and stepped off the last step of the porch, fell down and damaged my ankle. At first I thought I was going to pass out. It really hurt. But I did manage back up the steps and got Elise to safety (she was fine by the way). I brushed myself off and got it together. I should have taken it noon I couldn't walk on it. I ended up in the ER getting x-rays. It wasn't broken (thank God) but it was sprained. The doctor said it was pretty bad and gave me the big lecture about staying off it and the whole healing process. After about 6 hours on cruches I figured I'd rather be in pain. Those things were a pain. I looked ridiculous. It feels much better now. There is still a little swelling and bruising but nothing major.

On Thursday my laptop crashed. Yes, I lost everything on it. I had backed it up last summer but I lost all my pictures from the last year. It is so sad. I also lost the hundred's of recipes I typed out for the cookbooks I made last fall. My advice to you is...back up your computer RIGHT NOW! It is devistating.

Today we had a pretty bad leak. The landlord came over and had to take down part of our ceiling in the kitchen to fix it. Man, that was a job. He got right on it though. He is a very good landlord.

Tonight we went to our small group. It was nice to have it kinda back to normal. There were a few people missing.

Okay, I am falling asleep, as usual. Have a good day.