Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lots to Say...Little Time.

I really should be in bed right now but I feel like I have really neglected the old blog these past few weeks. I have been busy and we've had so much going on. I started my new job. It is going well. I still have some classes to finish up for the company and then I am "offically" good to go. If you need insurance be sure to call me (or email me). We moved into our house last week. Jake and his Dad, with the help of Bill, moved stuff all week long. By time our moving day came along we had already spent the night in the new house. It worked out. Saturday morning I decided to go to a garage sale across the street. I was holding Elise and stepped off the last step of the porch, fell down and damaged my ankle. At first I thought I was going to pass out. It really hurt. But I did manage back up the steps and got Elise to safety (she was fine by the way). I brushed myself off and got it together. I should have taken it noon I couldn't walk on it. I ended up in the ER getting x-rays. It wasn't broken (thank God) but it was sprained. The doctor said it was pretty bad and gave me the big lecture about staying off it and the whole healing process. After about 6 hours on cruches I figured I'd rather be in pain. Those things were a pain. I looked ridiculous. It feels much better now. There is still a little swelling and bruising but nothing major.

On Thursday my laptop crashed. Yes, I lost everything on it. I had backed it up last summer but I lost all my pictures from the last year. It is so sad. I also lost the hundred's of recipes I typed out for the cookbooks I made last fall. My advice to you is...back up your computer RIGHT NOW! It is devistating.

Today we had a pretty bad leak. The landlord came over and had to take down part of our ceiling in the kitchen to fix it. Man, that was a job. He got right on it though. He is a very good landlord.

Tonight we went to our small group. It was nice to have it kinda back to normal. There were a few people missing.

Okay, I am falling asleep, as usual. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Hope your ankle is doing OK. About the computer crash and losing the recipes, don't know if you have access to a scanner with optical character recognition. If so, and you have access to one of the cookbooks you prepared, you might be able to scan in the pages and get your text back.
Aunt Nancy

judeandelise said...

Thanks. I was wondering if that was a possiblity. I don't know if our scanner does that (probably not) but I will ask around and see if anyone I know does.