Friday, June 27, 2008

Guest Blogger....

Everyone has been trying to get my sister, Heather, to start a blog for some time now. Unfortunately, she is really busy. She works full time as a dental hygienist and has two kids and a hubby...oh, and two cats. She has her plate fairly full. She is an avid blog reader. LOL... That just sounds funny. Well, I was talking to her and she was complaining that I don't blog anymore (which I have been much better about the last few days) but I admitted work has taken it's toll on my extra curricular life. I told her I was going to add her as an author to my blog and she can be a guest poster. What do you think? She'll probably get hooked and then she will have to have a spin off blog. LOL. She is in Tennessee right now so it may be a day or two before she gets to blog. Maybe she can start by telling you how she is the "good daughter" or how she met Amy in college. BTW....she isn't a Miller but after almost three years I don't think I can change my blog name to "Those Crazy Wright Girls" especially since neither of us are "Wright" girls anymore.

Tell me what you think about this idea.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

You've Been Washing Your Face With What????

Last Valentine's Day, my sweet hubby bought me a gift certificate to this spa place here in town. He got it for 50% off so I was extra thrilled with his thriftiness. Well, with the business of life I almost let it expire but luckily I remembered and used it like the day before! When I called to make my appointment, I was trying to figure out what the heck I even wanted....a massage, a body wrap (which ya'll know I've already done), ear candling (crazy thing) or bunch of other options. The lady talked me into a facial. I will admit I was a little skeptical because I have crazy sensitive skin. I have been having some serious issues with redness and I told her I was concerned about all this. She said, it will be fine. OK - what ever you say. So, I go get this facial/ massage. It was great. She asked me what type skin I have and I told her combo/oily. I always get zits and stuff and have the shine thing going on so that is what I thought. As soon as she touched my face she said, your skin is dry. WHAT !? No way. She said I was probably dehydrated (oops) and probably the stuff I clean my face with to dry it up was too harsh. I needed something moisturizing. The problem is most lotion type products cause an adverse reaction with my skin. No thanks. Well, she proceeded to clean my skin with all these oils. Are you kidding? I expected to have a zit farm the next morning. But guess what? My skin looked beautiful. Amazing. She sold a bunch of very expensive products so I didn't purchase any - remember the tight budget. Too bad. Later that week I was reading a blog that linked to this website called The Oil Cleansing Method. What timing. I read it and it made complete sense to me. So, I went out and bought the oils at my grocery store and have been using it ever since. Yes it works. I have had several compliments on my skin. Who would have thought. I've even got my sister doing it now. She did even more reading and found that many hollywood stars use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer. Now you know what I am cleansing with! Since I am using oils maybe I should be cleansing at the kitchen faucets.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Plowing the Seeds of Hope....

One of the clinical guys from my office just stopped in and asked if I had been out plowing the seeds of hope. I could only wish. This job is.... crazy. Fun, excitement, disappointment and worry all wrapped into one. Today I drove all the way to Kent (it takes me about a half hour, although it is only 10 miles) and before I even sat down the phone rang. It was a school calling to say there was an incident involving my client and I needed to come there ASAP. Time to put my work boots on.... So, I get to the school and there all all sorts of people - the Mom, the teen, the baby, advocates, security guards, principal, teachers, secretary and the school psychologist - who looked at me and said, "Delilah!?" OMGoodness. Can you believe I knew her? LOL. It was Cody's Aunt Tammy. Now if you don't know who Cody is you haven't been reading my blog since the beginning and I don't have time to link it up right now but he is a boy that used to be in my life. After that she told the girl that she knew she was in good hands with me. That made me feel good. Small world.

We have been working on getting ready for this move but I have only packed 2 boxes. Last night I started getting ready to pack and got sidetracked listing diapers I am selling online. I'll let you know how it goes. I found a table I want to buy so I am doing some "fundraising". Don't worry it is already a great deal but since things are tight...... The table we currently have isn't going to really fit in the eating space we will have. We did get everything painted and it looks really nice. I plan to post some pictures soon. Really.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad News....

Many of you have read my Aunt Shelia's blog. I wanted to let you know that this morning she lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

Please say a prayer for her family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm......

....Busy. Seriously.

This is what has been going on. I have been getting up super early. Some days I do stuff around the house. Some days I go into work real early and on Tuesdays I meet a group of women from Church at 6 A.M. for a Bible study. Yes, 6 A.M. I usually work until 5ish. I am trying to build up a few extra hours because Jude has this little Safety Town graduation ceremony thing on Friday and the next week we will be having guests and I want to take Friday off. So, I am working a little extra. Then I come home and cook. After dinner we always have something to do. Story time, walks, cleaning, grocery shopping.....who knows - we always fill up the time. I am so tired by 10 P.M. I can't stay awake. That is life.

I do have some big news......

We are moving. Okay, most of you already knew that. It is a bigger house. The yard is still small and on the side of the house. It has lots of landscaping (it needs a lot of TLC). It is a long story but our current landlord called last week after I posted and said she had to sell the house of give it to her husband. So, Friday I was on my way home from work and saw this other house. It is only 5 houses away from our current house. We are very excited to stay in our new place. We have already had many visitors. The rent will be the same and it is more space. This week we have been painting. The landlord, who is named Tom, had just painted it but the colors were.....not for us. He didn't mind us painting and even paid for the paint. How generous. I will post pictures soon.

Well, I have to get going. On Thursdays I take the kids to Tot Time and work 11-7. YIKES. Busy, Busy, Busy......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out Saving the World....One family at a time!

Yesterday a case worker from Children' Services called and said her client was not happy with me. She said, "She's too bossy!" Can you being bossy? Can't possibly be true. It bothered me at first but now...not so much. I am trying to help her and she just wants to be done with the system - can't fault a girl for that. On a more positive note - I am working with another family who thinks I am a super hero. Well...I am, ya know. LOL.

There has been lots of stuff going on....I will give you a little run down.
  • No word on the house situation yet - as far as we know - we are staying in the Pink house for a while.

  • Crazy story: We were chatting with our neighbors and we got on the topic of where we are from and went to school. I said Vermilion. My neighbor says her husband's sister's roommate in college is from Vermilion....small world. After a brief discussion I realized I not only knew his sister but stayed at her place at Ohio University and also took a trip to California with her. My room-mate was her room-mate's sister. Isn't that just crazy. Small world.

  • Another crazy story: I was chatting with my office mate, Tony. He and his wife are from Kent (they have known each other since high school). He went to Toledo. He says "my room-mate in college is from a small town near Vermilion." Really? I list the towns surrounding, when I say Birmingham he said he thought that was it. I asked the guys name and I think....hmmmm sounds familiar, let me call my sister. I call her say the name and she says DUH we worked with him at Joe Boccardi's. Oh yeah. She said he had a crush on me but I don't remember that part. Once again....small world.

  • It probably helps that I am pretty much famous. LOL. You think I am kidding.

  • Jude informed me that when he grows up he wants to get tattoos all over so people will call him the tattoo guy.

  • Elise told me she is going to be a princess when she grows up.

  • Avery might just be a mountain climber. She pushed over the baby gate, climbed over it and started up the stairs.

  • Okay...I must get back to work. I will apologize now for any grammatical or spelling errors involved in this train wreck of a post.....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I LOVE Spring!

I know, most of you are already in summer mode, after all it is June - but here in Northeast Ohio it is the tail end of Spring. Yesterday and today we have had a good soaking rain (as Jake calls it). I have enjoyed it. I was laying in bed looking out my window this morning and started thinking about how everyone loves Fall for the colors and crisp air but Spring has many beautiful colors and the air is fresh and new (and full of pollen). I don't know - maybe it is the whole renewal thing - but I love spring. I loved gardening but man am I ever sore. I have sunburn on my shoulders and every muscle is still aching. Isn't that crazy?

On another note.....I posted the picture of my Birthday cake earlier this week. I wanted to tell you how sweet my husband is....He had a Birthday party for me. He went behind my back and called a handful of my friends and set it all up. He first cooked dinner - he picked out the menu and everything. My Mom, Aunt Debbie, Heather, Ivan, Indy & Reichen all joined us. Then afterwards Bill, Sherry, their crew, JenF, Neil, their kids and the neighbors came over. We had cake and ice cream. The day before, I stopped by home during the day and I saw that Jake had bought a veggie tray - I jokingly asked him, "are you having a party for me?" He looked down and could not conceal the smile on his face! I had only been joking but he gave it away. I knew right away.

What else is going on???? Yes, work. Do you know how bad I want to tell you things about work? Oh my goodness. If only I could. I may write a book some day - trust me it would be a page turner. I guess I can tell you this - I had a client's hubby go out a window yesterday to avoid talking with me. Seriously - I LOVE this job. Endless drama - oh, and yesterday I found out I can wear hats while working! Gotta love it.

See ya.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some Changes....

As you noticed...I changed my blog template. It took me FOREVER but I think it looks cute. Is it too much??? Well, I have to add all the links and my site meter back ASAP. Hope you like it.

Some Pictures of My Life....

This is our garden this year. Last year we tried a container garden that did not go very well due to the hot & dry weather...this year we are part of a community garden.We went to WV last weekend. This is me & Avery.

Jude with his cheesy grin.

Jude again...

Avery in the swing.

My Birthday Cake. Jake had a little party for me (kinda a surprise) - he even bought me a cake.

Avery & Jake.

Elise at her birthday party. She was very excited to get a new baby doll.

Avery playing in the wrapping paper.

Elise all dressed up in her princess stuff.

Elise and her best friend, Vivian.

That is pretty much all for now....