Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Write it and they will come....

I don't know why I named this post THAT. I just thought it was funny. I guess I am a little slap happy.

So, let me tell you some about my work. There isn't really much to tell that I can write on my blog. Everything is very confidential. Man, how I wish I could tell you. The stories....are heart wrenching. There was this show on just recently....it was called Oprah's Big Give. I LOVED that show. I wish I could have been a contestant. Basically there were contestants and they competed to be the biggest giver. They were given tasks that all were to help other people. Sometimes they were given money to work with other times they just had to make some connections. I think I would be great at it. When I think of my job I think each family is my own little "Big Give" challenge. It may sound cheesy but that is how it is. Today I am looking for a couch, love seat, toddler bed and some cell phone minutes. But I am also looking for free family activities and resources. So, it isn't just about the material giving. Oh, and all that CVS stuff I have been getting for FREE....well, I made a sizable donation this week - to the agency I work for...how cool is that? It is kinda crazy how it all works out.

Now, as for being away from home. I am sad about that. I am worried my husband is going to feel emasculated by being the stay at home dad and not working outside the home. Uhm....that idea was put in my head by a coworker. Great. He says he is okay with it. He is doing a great job - I hate to admit it but he is making what I used to do everyday so easy. I hate to be shown up. But glad in a way. My big thing now is what will I do when he gets a job. I wish he could get paid to stay at home forever. It really is a sweet deal while it lasts.

As for the house..... I WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!!!!! Seriously. It is a crazy mess. He says we have to go. She swears we can stay. He says use the deposit as the last months rent. She says we can't. And all the while we are looking and not really finding anything that suits our needs. It stinks. Life will be easier when we figure it all out. Really. I know it will be okay....it is the getting there.

On another note....this is about work again....in a way. I am so loving being in Kent again. I love that town. It has brought back a ton of memories but man am I ever old in Kent. Last week I needed my transcripts to get this license to be a "social work assistant". I called first and they told me to come on it - transcripts are free. I was like wahoo... So, I get there and they won't give me one. There is a hold on my account. So after a wild goose chase, I am told I owe KSU $100 for parking tickets I got back in 1997. Eleven years ago. ELEVEN. I had to pay for parking tickets from 11 years ago in order to get transcripts that I haven't EVER needed for 11 years - since I graduated - 11 years ago. Like Kent really needed my measly 100 bucks. Long story short. I paid it - got the transcripts. Man I stuck out like a sore thumb on campus. I am old.

Speaking of old...it is past my bedtime. I will try to make more time to write and share.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay...I really don't have time to chat right now but I feel bad that I have left everyone hanging all week. I did start my job and I am still adjusting. Everything is just crazy, as usual. I LOVE the job. It is the best job EVER. I can't think of another job I would rather do - it is perfect for me. Today I was assigned my first "real" case. Last week I just followed everyone else around. It was fun. I know this job wouldn't be for everyone but I really do like it.

Jake and the kids seem to be doing well with the change. Jake is trying to be super Dad - I told him to slow down or he will get burned out.

I am really going to try to sit down tonight and tell you a bunch of stuff but for now.....ta ta!

Monday, April 21, 2008


That is what I need - a real schedule. We have been winging it over here since Jake lost his job. I start my new job today and I think this may be the beginning of a new schedule. I could not fall asleep last night but I woke up before my alarm clock. I love when that happens. By nature I really am a morning person, although I will admit I have a problem getting out of bed in the winter when it is still dark and very cold.

We had a good week-end. I felt somewhat better on Saturday. I did take a long nap in the afternoon. Sunday we went to Church and I tried to take another nap but Jude kept waking me up to ask for snacks........ That kid is always hungry. Overall we just relaxed. Ahhhhhhh...... We needed a slow down week-end. We usually are on the go.

As for the housing situation. We started calling places to rent and (of course) the first person I talked to just happened to be friends with our landlord, who immediately called us to say we don't have to move. She said her husband doesn't have any authority and yada yada.... Then he called on Sunday to say we don't have to pay rent in May, it will be our security deposit. I am sure that is NOT okay with her. Do you see our dilemma here? We have to move. I can't be in the middle of all this. Jake is going to make some calls today to see where we stand legally (like with the deposit thing). I did find a great house but the lady hasn't called back yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, and get this - it is a WHITE house (as opposed to PINK!!!).

OK - I have to stay on schedule. So, I'll have to write more later.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blood Diamond...

If you haven't seen this movie (or Departed or Titanic or Romeo & Juliet) and you plan to - don't read this post.

Fair warning?

Does Leonardo Dicaprio always have to die at the end of his movies????

Just wondering.

Friday Fill-In #1

This is a meme I stumbled across over at the Seeking Imperfection blog. I thought it looked kinda cute. Here is my first one.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The last time I lost my temper I yelled at Jude!
2. My weight "issue" is what I'm fed up with!
3. The next book I'd like to read is Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.
4. Starting my new job on Monday is what I'm looking forward to.
5. If you can't get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, you might as well talk about them (it kinda steals the thunder from anyone who might want to gossip about you)!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was Family Fun Magazine for FREE.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to feeling better, tomorrow my plans include going to a surprise birthday party (hmmmm...don't you wonder if it is yours???) and Sunday, I want to spend some time outside!

Wasn't that fun? See what happens when I am too sick to leave the house!?

For the Two of You That Don't Read Stephanie's Blog...

I know most of you read my sister-in-law's blog. For those of you that don't.... For the last year she has been telling the story of how she had a baby when she was a teenager and gave the baby up for adoption. It has been incredible watching it all unfold and if you haven't read it I highly suggest going back and reading the posts. Well, long story short - she and her daughter (who is now 18) has made contact! And guess what???? She started a blog! How cool is that. Another family member....another blog.

Here are the links.

Martha's Blog

Stephanie's Blog

On Stephanie's blog I linked to all the M.R. posts but they start with the most recent so make sure you go all the way to the bottom and start from there.

Today....In Review.

Today it is close to 80 degrees out.

Today is my last weekday before I go back to work full time.

Today I have spent the day puking, among other things, but mostly I've been in bed.

Today really stinks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Is Always Something.....

When I began this blog over two years ago life was different. We were opening a new chapter by leaving our job as houseparents and buying a home of our own. A lot has happened since then. Let me give you a quick "review". At that job we had to give a 60 day notice that we were leaving. On our last day we had to move because the housing came with our job. So, it was a dance (of sorts) to get it all times perfectly. We picked out a house and signed the papers. Then the bank found out we were leaving our job and well...that was the end of that. We had to find housing ASAP so we looked around and partial house in Stow to rent. We rushed into it and it was dumb. We had some issues with things not being finished, etc.... So we broke our lease and moved into the pink house. Everything has been great. We planned for this to be our last rental. After our first year we went on a month to month lease because we thought we may be buying a house. As you know we were planning to use this years bonus as a down payment but since Jake was let go he didn't get the bonus - which apparently not everyone got one and this years wasn't as big as in the past - so it that was just counting our chickens before they hatched. That almost brings us up to date. Last fall we were made aware that our landlords were getting a divorce. It is a nasty one. We were told they were going to have to sell this house. We knew that could take some time. Well, today we got a "certified" letter. Ooooh, I just hate those. They are NEVER good. It was from the husband of our landlord (we have almost always dealt with her, from the beginning). It says we have to move out by May 31st. I called him and he was nice but said he needed to live here. Then there was a bunch of he said she said. I called the wife landlord and she said to ignore it and called her attorney. Either way we need to move ASAP - the last thing I want to do it be in the middle of a bitter (very bitter) divorce. They say when it rains, it pours. Man, it stinks doesn't it? Now to add to our stress we are going to have to move and rent again. This is not a good time to rent. Here is what is happening - home owners that had that variable rate mortgage are loosing their homes and now they are renting. So the housing market is "great" because houses are cheaper but it is difficult to get a loan now (we were just told yesterday that you have to work at a job for 2-3 years in order to get a loan now!!!!) so more people are renting. So, the renting market is NOT "great". Hopefully we will find something to suit us in our price range. Keep you eyes open for us - if you see anything let us know!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Guess This Seals the Deal...

Today Hondros College sent me an email saying I should spend my "economic stimulus" money on classes. That is where I took my insurance classes. But, since I got a job in Social Services today I think I will probably just let my license lapse. I still have until January to take classes and figure it all out. I tried to email my old boss a few weeks ago but he never responded. I don't know how to get in touch with him..... I know his wife reads my blog from time to time - so....if you read this tell him I have a few questions for him. LOL. Funny way to find someone, eh?

I Got the J-O-B!!!

Well, I got the call today. I got the job. I start on the 24th. I am excited and sad all wrapped into one. The good thing is - I don't have to fill out any more stinkin' applications. I hate doing that.

I guess I should tell you about the job. It is with this agency that contracts with Children's Services. They have traditionally worked with Portage County but within the last year they hooked up with Summit County - which is where I will be working. I will be a Case Manager. I will have families assigned to me that have had their children removed but the children have been reunified. I will be helping them with their parenting skills and what not. I may be driving them to appointments or helping them get food stamps - among other things. Like I've told some of you...she said (my new boss) I would be doing a lot of telling people what to do. Perfect for me, right? Ha. I get to make my own schedule but obviously I need to work around the families I am going to be working with. Get this...I asked her what time I needed to be there on Monday and she said 9-ISH! If you know me...you understand that this may be the PERFECT job for me based on that alone. I get to wear whatever I want and my office will be in one of my favorite cities, Kent! I am going to have to go in people's homes and I am a little nervous about that but I think I will get over that pretty quick. Also, I won't be able to talk about what happens at work much because it is all confidential.

So that is it. It has been one month today and I got a job. That wasn't so bad. Thanks for all your prayers!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dumpster Diving....

Okay this is going to have to be quick. I just got home from my pottery class and I still need to watch American Idol (don't tell me who got kicked off - I don't know yet!). I know a bunch of people are waiting. I guess it was a good cliff hanger....

So, yesterday I told Jake I wanted to go take a look in this dumpster that is just for recycled paper. We have a bunch of them our town. They are green and everyone knows they are for recycling. I was reading on Hot Coupon World and a bunch of women go on Monday and look through the recycled papers for coupons. This particular dumpster I wanted to look through is perfect because it is at a church and it has walls built around it to hide the dumpsters, which mean I can pick through without drawing too much attention to myself. We got there and I started looking. First I saw a bunch of opened mail. It was stuff like credit card statements and things that I personally think should have been shredded. I told Jake we should warn these people that someone might steal their identity. I was, of course, kidding....I am not that much of a vigilante. I digging until I come across a bag that has some papers, magazines (new ones - you know what I love more than magazines? Free ones. LOL.) and a passport. Yes, a brand spankin' new passport. Trust me, if it wasn't for the craziness of finding a passport, I probably wouldn't be posting about my DD on my blog since I know the "gossipers" are having a hay day with this one!!! I show it to Jake and he checks it and sees it was just issued on April 2nd. Oops...I don't think anyone wanted to recycle that. I started to freak out a little....what do we do? Take it to the guys house? Leave it here? No, that really wasn't an option. So, Jake says we need to take it to the police. Great. Now I have to tell them I was digging in a dumpster, looking for coupons, when I found this thing. We went there. I was so nervous. I am not even sure why. But, anyhow, it took forever but I did give it to a police officer - who had to take my name, address, SS# - what the heck? He didn't even ask where I found it. So, that is my story. You thought I got arrested didn't you? I will say, there was a little rush when I was looking through the stuff but...I don't know if we'll be doing it too much. I think if may be easier to have people save their coupons for me. I am addicted (yikes).

Have a good night.

BTW....while I was typing this Jake was watching the news and they said who got kicked off American Idol. So he knows....I still don't.

I am not in seclusion....

I feel like I am always apologizing for not posting as much as I would like too. I guess that is just life these days. I do want to let you know what is going on.... Everything is as crazy as ever. My Mom was visiting for a few days. She likes to go shopping while she is here because we have good stores. LOL. We went to this thrift store close by. I didn't find much but I did pick up a homedics massage chair for $4. We have the same one at home and we spent about a gazillion dollars on it. The one I bought is missing part of the cord but we can pick one up for pretty cheap. We are going to sell it. So, if you are in the market for one - let us know. We can work something out. Otherwise we will be posting it on ebay. We also went to Gabes, Kohl's, Once Upon a Child....I was shopped out. It isn't much fun shopping when you can't really buy anything. OH, and we had all three kids with us because Jake was sick in bed all day. He slept forever. But, he is feeling much better now.

My Mom left yesterday. She took the kids (well, Jude and Elise) with her. I think Jude already wants to come home. It sure is quiet around her with out them. I am planning to get some stuff done but so far - I haven't really. Jake and I did go to CVS and I bought a ton of stuff. We spent $23 and got back 25 extra bucks. The receipt said I saved $98. Pretty good. We also did a little dumpster diving. I will save all the details for a separate post because it is a serious story in itself (I will tell you I ended up at the police station!). That is so mean, isn't it? But I want to tell you about our job search - I'll start a new paragraph for that....

Okay, I had my interview on Monday. It went really well. The woman told me she was going to offer me the job after checking my references. I can't wait. I think it is going to be the perfect job for me. After I get the offer I will give you more details. I will tell you that during the interview she told me the job is mostly telling people what to do! See - perfect job for me. It is going to take my best asset and put it to good use. When she said that I told her I'm great a telling people what to do! She laughed. Oh, and remember I told you I bought that sweater from Goodwill for a dollar to wear? Well, Jake put it in the dryer and shrank it a little. I did some stretch therapy and it was fine. I wore it. One of the first things she said to me was, "I really like your sweater." I did refrain for telling her where I got it and how much it cost - you know I love to do that. She probably wouldn't have cared. Heck, she works in social services - she probably shops at Goodwill, too. Anyhoo...getting hired it always a process - checking references, getting finger printed, doing background checks, checking my driving record....it is all going to take some time. In the mean time - Jake is applying for a great job that I will let him tell you about. And, next week I am working with this woman from our church. She works for this fund raising company and the other lady that works with her is going to be out of town. I am going to will the fill-in person. I think it is going to be fun and I will make a few bucks.

For now I need to get going - I've been on the computer for like 2 hours trying to catch up on everything. Hopefully I will have time later today to tell you about the dumpster diving. I know you are probably wondering......Don't you love the suspense?

A Girls Guide to The Cleveland Cavaliers...Thursday Thirteen

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer to post a blog when Sherry called to chat. She told me she had tickets to the Cavs game but didn't have a babysitter. I told her we could watch her kids but (long story short) - I ended up going to the Cavs game with her. She is a die hard fan. I am more of a fair weather fan. To be honest - I didn't really pay them any attention until I became friends with her. I, of course, like anyone else in the world - know all about Lebron and since he is a local, I've been hearing about him since he was a freshman in high school. So, anyways....Jake and I don't watch the Cavs on TV until they get to the playoffs. Somehow I keep up with what is going on with the team (are they winning or losing or trading players...) from listening to the news all the time (remember I am a self confessed news junkie). With all that being said - I will admit I do like basketball. It is a fast paced sport - so there is rarely a dull moment. I do like baseball but it can be extremely boring if you are a spectator. I don't understand football. I like NASCAR and, although we never watch it, I like boxing.

So (getting to the point), watching a sport live always adds something you don't get from watching it on TV. I was in sensory overload. As I was sitting there I made several "observations" that may be interesting to someone who may not know anything about the Cavs. Call it a "girls guide" or a "basketball enthusiast wanna be guide". Here are 13 things about the Cleveland Cavaliers...

1. Man are they ever tall....The "short" guy on the team (Daniel Gibson...aka Boobie) is 6'2"! Some of them are over 7 foot tall.

2. When the game suddenly stops and all the players go to the "team area" and all the men in suits go out on the floor to talk while "the boys who dance on their heads" come out and dance around - that means there is a time out. It gets a little crazy. On TV they call it a commercial break.

3. Lebron is good. No wait...amazing. I mean, we all hear he is good, right? Even if you don't know a thing about basketball - when you watch him you know he is awesome. He made the coolest shot last night. Someone else tried a shot and the ball hit the rim and bounced back. It wasn't like Lebron rebounded it - he just came out of NOWHERE and slammed it. Uhhh-mazing.

4. There is A LOT of dancing that goes on at those basketball games. I wonder if it is like that for all teams. Either way - in Cleveland you get to watch everyone shake their booties.

5. Don't let the name Wally fool you. He is cute.

6. Don't be alarmed when the lights go off and fire starts shooting out of the ceiling, accompanied by the LOUDEST boom...it is just effects. No one is blowing up the Q.

7. Although Sasha is a girls name in our country it is not in other countries. And Sasha is a big hit with the ladies in Cleveland.

8. The guy with the tattoos on his neck (Delonte West) is good. He may look a little scary but he came play some basketball.

9. The team might consist of men but they can all be a little dramatic when it comes to falling down or being fouled. And speaking of being fouled - they all need to practice their foul shots!

10. Anderson is the guy with the crazy hair. He falls down a lot but is a pretty good player.

11. The Cavs girls are very young and skinny. They wear a lot of make-up and change clothes many times during the game.

12. If the score gets to 100 you get a free chalupa from Taco Bell. That is cool.

13. Lebron seems like a nice guy - he does good things for the community and I've heard he is pleasant with his fans - BUT don't forget he is a super star and I am pretty sure he expects super star treatment. I saw him on the side line. He took off his pants and shirt and just dropped them on the floor. Some guy in a suit came behind him and picked them up for him.

Hopefully this guide helps you learn something about the Cavaliers! Oh, and Thank you Sherry for taking me to the game.

BTW....the pics are from the Cavs website.
Thursday Thirteen

Friday, April 04, 2008


A few years back I was at this farm and the farmers wife told me she was starting a group exclusively for mom's who are interesting in "anti-consumerism". She thought I might be interested because at the time I was using cloth diapers and eating organic vegetables. I said "sure let me know about it". But (I am going to be honest here....) I was thinking "what the heck is she talking about? I am not even sure if I know what consumerism is - how can I be anti something I don't really understand?" So, why did I say I would be interested? Well, it was easier to say that than to admit I had no idea what she was talking about or that I really was a consumer (gasp! the horror). That was a long time ago. I have since seen the error of my ways. I have really made an effort to not be such a consumer (think user up-er). Although I haven't been using cloth diapers I have switched to cloth napkins. I can't quite give up those paper towels though. Really the main thing is - I have learned to stop buying so much junk. And I am really good at reusing stuff or other peoples stuff and I shop at thrift stores. You already know that. I just think it is better for everyone and cheaper - which I love. And I don't feel deprived in any manner. One of Jake's friends noticed he was wearing a fleece that had some odd company name embroidered on it. It was done in the same color and I would like to mention it was a Columbian fleece. I bought it from Goodwill but it looked brand new. His friend felt bad for him that I was making him wear something from Goodwill and he got him a brand new fleece. That was nice but I "confronted" him about it. He said he did indeed feel sorry for Jake (don't worry I laughed, too - he was kinda joking and teasing me). I tried to explain to him that even if I was very rich I would still shop at Goodwill. I don't think he believed me. I guess I don't have to worry about proving him wrong anytime soon. I love shopping at Goodwill. And I don't shop there unless I have a coupon. You may think I am cheap but I think I am smart. Even if I didn't need that extra 20% that I save - it is a few bucks I could donate, right? BTW...this week I found a pair of Old Navy jeans, in my size, that didn't even have a fray on the hem - mine always fray. I needed a new pair of jeans. I paid less than $3 for them. I also bought a very nice pair of dress pants, a matching sweater and a Fossil purse for less than $5 total (for my interview).

I'm not sure where I am going with all this. I have so many things I want to tell you about....my new coupon adventures (I took Justiene shopping at Walmart yesterday - I think she was impressed), freegans, dumpster diving for coupons, hot coupon world....the list can go on and on. Living the way I do isn't for everyone and trust me I am still a super consumer compared to some people. But I am striving for less. Less is More. I think it builds character and it is teaching my children lifelong lessons. I'll keep you updated as I try new things - it may prove very entertaining (especially if I try the dumpster diving....I want to so bad but Jake is a little reluctant lol.)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Talk About Free Stuff...

I can't believe I had gotten away from couponing. I am so happy to be back. I get free stuff each time I go to the store. I will admit I have been spending more time in stores but I have been spending considerably less. Last week I went to Giant Eagle to get some of their loss leaders when I ran across the Easter clearance stuff. I almost walked right past because trust me we don't need another piece of candy at our house - I don't care how cheap it is. In fact, I threw away the rest of the Easter candy yesterday. I kept eating it. That - coupled with Jake being home - and I have gained 3 lbs. back. Grrrrrr..... I won't let this happen. So, I almost walk past and something catches my eye - cookie cutters. Easter and Spring type cookie cutters from Wilton. They are the nice ones with the rubber gripper part on them. I think they were originally $4.99 or $5.99. They were on clearance for a QUARTER! Isn't that something? I bought 2 different flowers and a butterfly. I also bought a four pack of medium sized easter ones and a six pack of small Easter cutters for a quarter each. All together I spent $1.25 and got 13 cookie cutters. I am very pleased. Especially since I have the best cut out cookie recipe - EVER. Each time I make them people rave about them. So, here is the recipe...it came from Allrecipes.com. Here is a hint...don't skimp on the almond extract. It is what makes the cookies. Also...under cook them by a minute or so. They will seem soft still but as they cool they harden up. I am also including the icing recipe. It is so yummy and pretty.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
1 cup white sugar
1 cup butter, softened
1 (3 ounce) package cream
cheese, softened
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg yolk
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1. In a large bowl, combine the sugar, butter, cream cheese, salt, almond and vanilla extracts, and egg yolk. Beat until smooth. Stir in flour until well blended. Chill the dough for 8 hours, or overnight.
2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
3. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough 1/3 at a time to 1/8 inch thickness, refrigerating remaining dough until ready to use. Cut into desired shapes with lightly floured cookie cutters. Place 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Leave cookies plain for frosting, or brush with slightly beaten egg white and sprinkle with candy sprinkles or colored sugar.
4. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until light and golden brown. Cool cookies completely before frosting.

Sugar Cookie Icing
1 cup confectioners' sugar
2 teaspoons milk
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
assorted food coloring
1. In a small bowl, stir together confectioners' sugar and milk until smooth. Beat in corn syrup and almond extract until icing is smooth and glossy. If icing is too thick, add more corn syrup.
2. Divide into separate bowls, and add food colorings to each to desired intensity. Dip cookies, or paint them with a brush.

Yum. Yum. Yum. I keep saying I am going to bunch and mail them to people. Maybe one of these days....

Also...my last suggestion. Make a double batch on the cookies. Seriously. One batch is pretty small.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What is it you are waiting for me to say?

Just wondering....

Inside My Head....

Last year, when I was adjusting to being a stay at home mom I had some issues. Being cooped up in the house all day long with piles of laundry and the same daunting tasks, such as picking up the same blanket 12 times a day, staring me in the face was...well, not what I expected. I spent the winter being sick (from the pregnancy) and poisoned with a bad attitude. I was upset about losing my job and about all the backlash from leaving our old church. I let those things that bothered me so much weigh me down. But, luckily for me a new season came (literally and figuratively) and I made a change. I decided I had to get out of the house. And, honestly, so did the kids. So, we starting doing stuff. Man, I felt so much better about life. I began to forgive my husband (who I had been angry with for some time), I started enjoying and appreciating our new church, I stopped thinking about the old church and wondering what they were saying about this and that, I forgot about the betrayal I felt towards my old boss.... The list could go on and on. Basically I felt renewed and got on with things. I think I am doing a good job of not falling into that trap again while we go through this crazy time in our life. I keep telling myself everything is going to work out and we are going to end up where we need to be. I really believe that. Things are already starting to happen. If you read Jake's blog you already know, he had an interview last week. He hasn't heard anything and I think he is a little upset about it. He is struggling a little with being at home and just trying to figure out what the future holds. He was really pushing for going to the DR. I keep saying, "please stop talking about it." It isn't an option for me. It just isn't. Thank God, he went out to breakfast with one of the elders from our church today and he said it would be a bad idea at this time (he is a very wise man - I guess I should send him is $20 huh? LOL - just kidding). Jake did sign up for classes. He has a year and a half to finish his degree. I am willing to get a job. It isn't what we had planned but....we can do this. I have an interview on Monday. It is a local job, so we would stay here. I do have a job lead in Tennessee but so far nothing in West Virginia (sent any leads this way....). Yesterday, one of my old bosses (man I have A LOT of previous supervisors....) called and told me about an opening at a shelter for a Volunteer Coordinator (someone who gets people to volunteer and trains them and all that). I sent my resume and not too long after got a response (I love sending resumes via the internet). She said she was doing interviews at the end of the month and looked forward to speaking with me (Yippy). I am excited to jump back into working in the social service field. I have missed it.

So, basically I am just rambling on and on about what is going on and how I feel about it. At first I was focusing on the fact that I was planning to home school and I expected to be a stay at home mom until my kids had kids and then I would be a babysitter for them. But I was also planning to go shopping this week with our bonus check. Sometimes things don't go the way we planned. I can't mourn what I never really had, right? Things could be worse, and honestly, they may get worse. But, I know it is going to be okay. This is an opportunity to grow and stretch. That is good.

Have a great day!

BTW...it is sunny outside!