Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Girls Guide to The Cleveland Cavaliers...Thursday Thirteen

Yesterday, I sat down at the computer to post a blog when Sherry called to chat. She told me she had tickets to the Cavs game but didn't have a babysitter. I told her we could watch her kids but (long story short) - I ended up going to the Cavs game with her. She is a die hard fan. I am more of a fair weather fan. To be honest - I didn't really pay them any attention until I became friends with her. I, of course, like anyone else in the world - know all about Lebron and since he is a local, I've been hearing about him since he was a freshman in high school. So, anyways....Jake and I don't watch the Cavs on TV until they get to the playoffs. Somehow I keep up with what is going on with the team (are they winning or losing or trading players...) from listening to the news all the time (remember I am a self confessed news junkie). With all that being said - I will admit I do like basketball. It is a fast paced sport - so there is rarely a dull moment. I do like baseball but it can be extremely boring if you are a spectator. I don't understand football. I like NASCAR and, although we never watch it, I like boxing.

So (getting to the point), watching a sport live always adds something you don't get from watching it on TV. I was in sensory overload. As I was sitting there I made several "observations" that may be interesting to someone who may not know anything about the Cavs. Call it a "girls guide" or a "basketball enthusiast wanna be guide". Here are 13 things about the Cleveland Cavaliers...

1. Man are they ever tall....The "short" guy on the team (Daniel Gibson...aka Boobie) is 6'2"! Some of them are over 7 foot tall.

2. When the game suddenly stops and all the players go to the "team area" and all the men in suits go out on the floor to talk while "the boys who dance on their heads" come out and dance around - that means there is a time out. It gets a little crazy. On TV they call it a commercial break.

3. Lebron is good. No wait...amazing. I mean, we all hear he is good, right? Even if you don't know a thing about basketball - when you watch him you know he is awesome. He made the coolest shot last night. Someone else tried a shot and the ball hit the rim and bounced back. It wasn't like Lebron rebounded it - he just came out of NOWHERE and slammed it. Uhhh-mazing.

4. There is A LOT of dancing that goes on at those basketball games. I wonder if it is like that for all teams. Either way - in Cleveland you get to watch everyone shake their booties.

5. Don't let the name Wally fool you. He is cute.

6. Don't be alarmed when the lights go off and fire starts shooting out of the ceiling, accompanied by the LOUDEST is just effects. No one is blowing up the Q.

7. Although Sasha is a girls name in our country it is not in other countries. And Sasha is a big hit with the ladies in Cleveland.

8. The guy with the tattoos on his neck (Delonte West) is good. He may look a little scary but he came play some basketball.

9. The team might consist of men but they can all be a little dramatic when it comes to falling down or being fouled. And speaking of being fouled - they all need to practice their foul shots!

10. Anderson is the guy with the crazy hair. He falls down a lot but is a pretty good player.

11. The Cavs girls are very young and skinny. They wear a lot of make-up and change clothes many times during the game.

12. If the score gets to 100 you get a free chalupa from Taco Bell. That is cool.

13. Lebron seems like a nice guy - he does good things for the community and I've heard he is pleasant with his fans - BUT don't forget he is a super star and I am pretty sure he expects super star treatment. I saw him on the side line. He took off his pants and shirt and just dropped them on the floor. Some guy in a suit came behind him and picked them up for him.

Hopefully this guide helps you learn something about the Cavaliers! Oh, and Thank you Sherry for taking me to the game.

BTW....the pics are from the Cavs website.
Thursday Thirteen


kay said...

I'm not a pro basketball fan, but you make it sound like fun! Happy TT!

Jake said...

Wow, you got all that by going to one game. Just imagine would you could pick up by going to a football game.

Adelle said...

I'd much rather watch basketball live than on tv Fun list. Happy T13!

Malcolm said...

Being that I am a Pistons fan, you can probably guess how I feel about the Cavs. Anyway, I am looking forward to the playoffs this year.

amy said...

Well done. IM sooo not into sports, but you made that very intersting!!!!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

ok I am sooo jealous. nuff said.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome I didn't think you were taking notes (but I guess you were) Glad you had fun, now you're gonna be hooked. Oh, and to the piston fan...GO CAVS!!

Mandy said...

Jason makes fun of me because I think Delonte West is hot!

Anonymous said...


Deeeetroiiit Baaasketbaalllll!

hehehehehehehehe Sherry