Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay...I really don't have time to chat right now but I feel bad that I have left everyone hanging all week. I did start my job and I am still adjusting. Everything is just crazy, as usual. I LOVE the job. It is the best job EVER. I can't think of another job I would rather do - it is perfect for me. Today I was assigned my first "real" case. Last week I just followed everyone else around. It was fun. I know this job wouldn't be for everyone but I really do like it.

Jake and the kids seem to be doing well with the change. Jake is trying to be super Dad - I told him to slow down or he will get burned out.

I am really going to try to sit down tonight and tell you a bunch of stuff but for now.....ta ta!

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amanda said...

hey D - glad the new job makes you happy! keep your pretty face towards the sun,