Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let it Snow....In October???

Well, I do live in Northeast Ohio. This morning we had a little snow. I heard on the radio in Northern Summit & Portage County they needed snow plows. I thought, someone is getting a little excited....but when I got to work I saw on a coworkers car there was about 5 inches of snow piled on top. Yikes. That is just crazy. Don't like snow? Well, wait a is supposed to be in the sixties this weekend!

Monday, October 27, 2008

You Are Gonna LOVE This...

Yesterday I invited the Looman's over for dinner. I had planned to make cabbage rolls (yum!). They said they probably would not be joining us because Sunday is their day of rest (translation- the day to lay around and watch the Steelers get beat and the Browns win....) So, we went about our day and I ended up not making cabbage rolls (maybe today?). We went grocery shopping - which was the longest trip EVER. We were gone like 3 hours and we only went to one store but while we were there we ran into an employee of our old place of employment. She had never met us before but had LOTS of questions and lets just say MANY complaints. It is really too bad because the program could be so AWESOME if they just fixed a few things..... Needless to say that added some time to our trip. When we get home at 7:30 P.M. Jake looks at the phone and saw that the Looman's called at 5:15! Oops. Maybe they were coming for dinner afterall. I was feeling kinda bad- well not that bad- they told me they weren't coming over! I called Sherry back and she had called for another reason other than dinner! I felt a little better. So, she was calling to ask me questions about her BLOG! Yes, Sherry has started a blog. Isn't that so exciting? I think it is. So far she has one go check it out. Leave her a nice comment to say you were there....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Gifts....

Jude's Birthday is coming up in the next couple of weeks. We have been thinking about what to get him. I always feel like my kids have enough toys but really Jude hasn't had any new toys since last Christmas. And toys aren't necessarily bad. I am sure he will get toys from other people so that is rarely the gift I choose. So I am I get him clothes? He could use some. That is no fun. Jake and I thought about a new bike. The one he has is fine but by next summer he will be growing out of it. So, do we get him a too big bike now or just buy him a bike for no reason in the summer? We really can't afford a bike right now. A couple of weeks ago he found the Toys R Us ad and went crazy! He circled the things he wanted: Night vision goggles, a remote control dinosaur and an electric guitar w. amp. Great. Well, on Friday we went to the Mall. We RARELY go there so the kids get all excited. We usually take them to the pet store to look at the poor little puppies in their cages. After looking we went to leave and Jude insists on looking at the other stuff: ferrets, fish, birds, hamsters & mice. He wanted to hold a bunny. I said no. Then he wanted to hold guinea pig. I said no. Finally I decided I would pick up a mouse. I just knew he would be scared. NOPE. He held it and thought it was the cutest thing ever. Now he wants a mouse for his birthday. He said he would rather have a mouse than a DOG! What in the WORLD? The next day he kept talking about it and I told him he doesn't have a place to put a mouse since his dresser is always cluttered with his junk. He cleaned it off. I should have known. There are a lot of kid movies with mice (ex. Stuart Little). And last summer we read 'The Mouse & the Motorcycle'. He wants to name his mouse Ralph. We are currently discussing it. This boy really wants a pet and the fish just aren't doing it for him. He doesn't even pay attention to the cat. I think I am her only friend in this house (thanks a lot Jake). A mouse probably isn't as bad as some pets (famous last words, eh?). I'll let you know what we decided......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear John...

Dear Mr. McCain,
I've been hearing you talk A LOT lately about Barack Obama "spreading the wealth around". I am just wondering if you are planning to cut all taxes for public programs out because, after all, that is "spreading the wealth around". And I wonder if you are discouraging people from donating - which is "spreading the wealth around" or taking what you have and giving it to someone (or some cause) that may need it. I understand why you originally made the statement and I know that it got quite a response but I can't quite figure out WHY you keep saying it over and over. You have admitted you want to keep spending our "hard earned money" (that is what you called it) occupying a country that has a projected 4 year budget with an 80 billion dollar surplus. And didn't you just support that $750,000,000,000 bail out plan? Now you are going to take money from working families and "spread the wealth" to companies who gambled a little too much and lost. Now, I am not saying I am against all government spending. And I am certainly not against "programs" or donating. I am just trying to clarify a few things. If you are saying you are going to let me keep all of my hard earned money and let me be responsible enough to decided if I want to "spread my own wealth around" by doing away with taxes - then, hey, you might get my vote yet. If not, please stop with the redoric. It is getting old.

Thank you for your time.

Delilah Miller

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jude's First Field Trip

Today Jude went on his first field trip. Because of my flexible work schedule I was able to take today off and go with him! I will have to say it really was fun. There were other parents who went. We were each assigned 4 kids. My group was all boys. Jude's entire class only has 5 girls! After getting everything organized we got on the bus. We went to visit a farm in Wooster, which is about an hour away from here. That is a pretty long ride for apx. 40 kindergartners. I will have to say they really behaved well. The conversations on the way down were so funny. Most of the kids had never been on a bus before, had never been on a farm and had never seen a real cow or chicken. It started to drizzle a little bit so we got to see two rainbows. One little boy that Jude played soccer with, was not in my group but he insisted on sitting with me on the bus. Then Jude's other little friend kept on talking and talking. He said, "So, what kind of movies do you like?" LOL. That just cracked me up. The Pumpkin farm was pretty cool. It was really set up for school kids to come and visit. They took us on a hay ride out to a pumpkin field and let every kid (and parent) pick out a pumpkin to bring back. Then the kids got to dig up a potato. I was pretty amazed how much colder it was there than here. It was windy and freezing and raining a little. One kid only had a sweatshirt on. I had two shirts, a sweatshirt, scarf and gloves and I was very cold. He had to be frozen. Anyways....I am so glad I got to go. Here are some pics from today and last night carving pumpkins!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm a Maverick, You're a Maverick, Wouldn't you like to be a Maverick, too???

I used to describe myself as a Maverick. Seriously. I have probably even mentioned that on my blog before. I've never been a very good rule follower and I don't always catch on to the unwritten laws of the land - if you know what I mean. I am just me. Probably why I will never be a politician! LOL.

So, along comes Sarah Palin. During the Democratic convention my parents were visiting. We were watching it and the commentators were speculating who may be the Republican VP. I said, "he's gonna pick that lady from Alaska!". Then they gave their short list and she wasn't on it. I thought I might be wrong (as well as Bob Golic). Later that week McCain introduced us all to Sarah Palin - the "lady from Alaska". I thought it was cool because I had called it (just what my ego needs). I thought....Barack may be in trouble. I (get ready to be shocked) like Sarah Palin. I bet she was a great Mayor. I have a feeling if we had been on the PTA together we may have clashed, though. Just a guess. I like that she can field dress a moose (is that even true?) - I bet I could do a deer (I've seen it once or twice and could identify that smell with no problem). I think it is cool that she can shoot a gun and that she "took on the big oil company". But do I think she is a Maverick???? I think she is just like most everyone else in Alaska. Do I think she is a Washington outsider? Yes. Do I think she is a Career Politician? Uh, Yes. I guess some radio station in Florida played some stunt where they had "men in black" go into this restaurant and told them Sarah Palin was going to be coming in. Everyone in the place started chanting, Maverick, Maverick, Maverick..... What is wrong with people? Do you even know what a Maverick is? I am not sure it is a quality you should look for in a politician. When I was thinking about writing this post I started thinking about who I feel are true Mavericks. I came up with John Lennon (it was just his birthday and there was just talk about him so he came to mind) and Abbie Hoffman (professional troublemaker/protester/activist). Then I thought....really Hitler was a Maverick. So I googled it - Hilter was a maverick. Obviously I wasn't the only one thinking like that. What I am trying to say is.....I am sick of the Maverick talk. We get it - you want change....yada yada yada. Don't we all. I do like Sarah Palin as a person but I don't want her running the country. John McCain picked her because Barak didn't pick Hillary. That was a pretty smart move. And it is cool that she was just a small town Mom and now she is the next possible VP. What a wild ride she has been on. But she does not make John McCain a different person. She isn't going to change he policy on health care - I am not saying I totally agree with Barack's plan (I'll save my Barack critisicm for another post). Palin is not going to change McCain's tax plan or his plan for the war! This week the Parade Magazine that comes in the Sunday paper has an interesting little report about taxes. It breaks down the tax plan for Barack & McCain. With Barack's plan anyone making $112 K or less would save more money than on McCain's plan. You will just have to click over and look at it for yourself. It is crazy. So many people I know are going to vote for McCain/Palin because of abortion & gay marriage. You have to listen to what these politicians are staying. George W. has been in office for almost 8 years and abortion is still legal. 8 years ago a gay couple could not get married - now they can in some states. The president is not going to change those things. In fact all four front runners (Barak, Biden, McCain & Palin) AGREE on those issues - to let the states decided for themselves. McCain/Palin both say personally they don't agree it with abortion but does that mean they are in favor of overturning Roe V. Wade? I don't know. I just hope everyone takes a closer look at the candidates to see what their real plans are once they get in office. Trust me I have my thoughts about Barack and Biden and most of you know what political leanings I have but I can say this....I do not go blindly when I vote. And regardless who you vote for I hope you don't either.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pictures from a Couple of Weekends Ago!

A couple of weekends ago my sister called me and said why don't you guys come down today....I think the weather is a little gloomy but I've looked at the radar and it is clear! So we get in the car and head for Lorain. Before we got out of CF it began to rain. Just our luck. It was a bit dreary but the day turned out just fine. After we left the Apple Farm we drove through Vermilion to see the dirty lake. Man was it dirty. While driving through town we saw Dick Goddard, who was obviously finishing up some Woolybear preparations (someday I will blog about that Woolybear Festival)! The kids had a great time. The last two pictures are of Avery sitting on our kitchen floor reading a Bible....well then eating it! LOL. I thought it was cute.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Yes, I am too busy to blog. When you add things to your plate something always suffers. I would like to sit down and blog but I just don't have time. Work is crazy busy. I joined the PTA. I volunteer at Jude's school on Wednesday afternoons (I get to be the library lady for his class - and two other classes). I am now "in charge" of the Outreach Ministry at our church. We are hosting a small group at out house every other week. Whew...that is a lot of stuff - but it is so fun. One day I will sit down and just type. Here are the things I would like to talk about.....
  1. The upcoming election.
  2. The debates (don't forget there is one tonight!)
  3. Sarah Palin (Okay....enough with the political stuff!)
  4. Crazy things I get to do with my job.
  5. Crazy things I see while I am driving around (very crazy things).
  6. A follow up to my post about being judgmental/helping the can't believe the 'behind the scenes' controversy that last one caused.
  7. I will answer the Million Dollar Question..."Will Delilah continue to work when Jake goes back to work....."
  8. Tom Cavanaugh's new T.V. show......whaaaa-whooooooo!
See...I have a lot of writing to do. Oh...and I have the CUTEST pictures (not that anyone ever comments on my pics - which is annoying!

For now wait with eager anticipation and have a great day!