Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jude's First Field Trip

Today Jude went on his first field trip. Because of my flexible work schedule I was able to take today off and go with him! I will have to say it really was fun. There were other parents who went. We were each assigned 4 kids. My group was all boys. Jude's entire class only has 5 girls! After getting everything organized we got on the bus. We went to visit a farm in Wooster, which is about an hour away from here. That is a pretty long ride for apx. 40 kindergartners. I will have to say they really behaved well. The conversations on the way down were so funny. Most of the kids had never been on a bus before, had never been on a farm and had never seen a real cow or chicken. It started to drizzle a little bit so we got to see two rainbows. One little boy that Jude played soccer with, was not in my group but he insisted on sitting with me on the bus. Then Jude's other little friend kept on talking and talking. He said, "So, what kind of movies do you like?" LOL. That just cracked me up. The Pumpkin farm was pretty cool. It was really set up for school kids to come and visit. They took us on a hay ride out to a pumpkin field and let every kid (and parent) pick out a pumpkin to bring back. Then the kids got to dig up a potato. I was pretty amazed how much colder it was there than here. It was windy and freezing and raining a little. One kid only had a sweatshirt on. I had two shirts, a sweatshirt, scarf and gloves and I was very cold. He had to be frozen. Anyways....I am so glad I got to go. Here are some pics from today and last night carving pumpkins!


Mandy said...

Both my boys have been there on a few feild trips! It's a great place to visit with the schools. When you go there as a family it can be a little expensive.
That is neat that your school came all the way down here for a field trip!

Anonymous said...

The girls from SC always liked going there,too. Do they still have the big corn maze and the hay maze? Looks like Jude had a great time.