Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let it Snow....In October???

Well, I do live in Northeast Ohio. This morning we had a little snow. I heard on the radio in Northern Summit & Portage County they needed snow plows. I thought, someone is getting a little excited....but when I got to work I saw on a coworkers car there was about 5 inches of snow piled on top. Yikes. That is just crazy. Don't like snow? Well, wait a is supposed to be in the sixties this weekend!


Amanda said...

Oh,Ohio...i do miss you sooooo!

YES! i want your pumpkin scone recipe!!

Anonymous said...

It also snowed (a little) in TN.

Aunt D.

D.S. said...

Hi Delilah:

I found your blog entertaining and I enjoyed reading about your family.

best wishes