Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Yes, I am too busy to blog. When you add things to your plate something always suffers. I would like to sit down and blog but I just don't have time. Work is crazy busy. I joined the PTA. I volunteer at Jude's school on Wednesday afternoons (I get to be the library lady for his class - and two other classes). I am now "in charge" of the Outreach Ministry at our church. We are hosting a small group at out house every other week. Whew...that is a lot of stuff - but it is so fun. One day I will sit down and just type. Here are the things I would like to talk about.....
  1. The upcoming election.
  2. The debates (don't forget there is one tonight!)
  3. Sarah Palin (Okay....enough with the political stuff!)
  4. Crazy things I get to do with my job.
  5. Crazy things I see while I am driving around (very crazy things).
  6. A follow up to my post about being judgmental/helping the poor.....you can't believe the 'behind the scenes' controversy that last one caused.
  7. I will answer the Million Dollar Question..."Will Delilah continue to work when Jake goes back to work....."
  8. Tom Cavanaugh's new T.V. show......whaaaa-whooooooo!
See...I have a lot of writing to do. Oh...and I have the CUTEST pictures (not that anyone ever comments on my pics - which is annoying!

For now wait with eager anticipation and have a great day!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

you want comments? I can give you comments, It is now October and I am less busy then sept(still pretty busy though)Where Jake going to work? Have I missed this? Don't you think Sarah Palin is Hot?How's that for some comments.....

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back, I was beginning to think you had forgotten us!!
Your mom and I went to Knox. yesterday.
Brooke will be 19 on Oct. 12, can you believe that???