Friday, December 30, 2005

Ten Things You May (or may not) Know About Me

1. I have been in many mosh pits, crowd surfed and even stage dived.
2. I have a VERY shy side to me.
3. I have stage fright & get dizzy while speaking publicly.
4. I met Kip Winger at Borders and bought him a bran muffin.
5. I was class president in 8th grade. I ran again as a senior and lost.
6. I have a tattoo of a dove on the back of my ankle.
7. I don't have a middle name.
8. I don't watch soap operas but I do "read" 'Days of our Lives' enough to keep up with the story line.
9. I used to have a pet snake. I got rid of it then I married Jake, who had a pet snake. He gave it away.
10. I know how to change my own oil and filet a fish.

I know you guys aren't big on commenting but tell me something suprising about yourself. Everyone would love to hear.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saturday, December 29, 2001...

I coordinated a wedding. It was crazy. Where do I begin? Have you ever done something like this? Well, the craziness started earlier in the week with wedding favours and programs. I made them myself. The programs were so cool. They said Love, Honor & Cherish on the front, in black and white. The 0's were hearts, I hand colored each of the hearts with a red sparkley gel pen. After all that, with the help of some others, I tied a silver ribbon around the spine of the program. It looked beautiful. Did I mention I did 200 of them? That week, we wrapped candy and little packages of sparklers that would be used in the place of rice or bubbles. The night before the wedding, I finally got into that reception hall. It really needed a lot of work. Did I mention it was a "barn". Not like a barn with animals but it is called a looks like an enclosed barn. "Oh what were they thinking". The floor plan that had been given to me wasn't close to being correct. All the tables would not fit the way that was planned. Yikes what do you do? Well, we worked it out but there was so much other stuff to do. We (my helpers and I) folded napkins, layed out table cloths, hung ceramic hearts from each perfectly folded napkin, arranged flowers, set centerpeices, and decorated tables. I went home that night and made bouquets: one for the bride and one for the matron of honor. The next morning was even crazier. I still needed to get the drinks, go finish decorating, pick up the flowers for the others to pin on and so on and so on. Finally the time has arrived. Guests were arriving. I spoke with the band, they said they had it covered. They had played many weddings in their time so I shouldn't worry. Suddenly someone came to me and said, "Uh, the wedding cake is leaning, what should we do?" I told them to grab the photographer...take a picture. If it falls take another picture. What else can you do? Either way, the guests are seated and the parents of the bride and groom are being ushered in...the band is playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". The maid of honor waits for her cue...and waits....and waits. I think people thought the bride one really thought she would go through with the wedding in the first place. I sent the maid of honor in...Finally she walks out to clip clop, clip clop. The band forgot to play the music. They were very old. She gets up there and lets the piano player know, he needs to play the wedding march. DUHHHHH. I thought he had done this before. Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride cries the whole way down the isle? Does that make sense? You are getting married. This is the fairy tale you have wanted since you were a little girl, WHY DO THEY CRY? Not this particular way...I think she would have ran down the isle (if she could have managed) and would have jumped right into the arms of her groom. She smiled the whole way. Paul Miller, yes my father in law, preformed the wedding ceremony. It was his first so I was a little worried about how it would go. He started to read. He paused. He took off his glasses. He was sweating. I swear, I thought he was a goner. But he pulled through. The service was short and sweet...just like the bride requested. After the eating, pictures, dancing and drinking...the bride and groom went sledding. It seems so simple to put it into words, when it is a was really so much more complicated. You see, I was the bride. Jake and I had only known each other for 8 months and had been dating for 5. We decided after dating for 2 months that we would get married. Although, I told my sister I was going to marry him before we had even had our first official date. Imagine what our friends and family thought...many people tried to talk us into waiting a little longer. No one thought I would actually do it. No one thought it would last. But here we are...four years and 2 kids later. I love my husband more now than I did then...Heck, I barely knew him then. I tell him all the time, we are lucky we liked each other when we really got to know one another. He is the perfect man. Sure, he gets on my nerves some times but I bet I get on his more that the other way around. I try to tell him all the time how great he is but I don't think he beleives me. He is such a good dad. He is a hero to the kids. He washes the dishes. Isn't that nice? So anyhow...I wanted you all to know how much I love my husband and to tell you it is our aniversary.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is The Gag Reflect Hereditary????

My son is a gagger. He gags and throws up so easily. I am going to give you a couple of examples from today. Let me start by saying Jude woke up last night with an ear ache and was screaming almost every half hour. None of us (except Elise, who is a very sound sleeper) got any sleep. Jude has a runny nose and a little fever. Because he was over tired and feeling sick he really upped his "flare for the dramatic". He came to me and in a whine-cry combo said, "Mom, the snot is going into my mouth...Gag...Gag...Get it mom....Gag....Gag...It is touchin' my lip...Gag...Gag." It was the clear water like snot. I agree, it would be gross but I wasn't going to let it get in his mouth. I was running for the tissues as he gagged.

We left Tennessee around 10 A.M. Jake, Jude and I all felt pretty bad. Jude and Elise slept most of the way. We made a few stops: bathroom breaks and such. During our last stop Jude walked through the grass and got a little mud on his boots. When Jake put him back in his car seat he saw the mud. He said "Daddy, there is mud on my boot...Gag...Barf." Yes, my son threw up over mud on his boots.

The crazy part is...he comes by it honestly. Paul Miller is a gagger himself. He gags very easily. Once,when he was much younger, Jude choked on some food and started spitting up. Paul ran from the table in a gagging fury toward the bathroom. I am beginning to think it is hereditary. A couple of summers ago, we went on a camping trip in the eastern part of West Virginia. Jude was about 6 months old. He had a bottle and spit up a little. Miles and Ashely were riding with us. Miles saw Jude spit up (just milk) and threw up in the van. He had eaten a banana...he threw up in the cup holder. We hadn't seen a store for miles and miles. As luck would have it we came upon a Family Dollar. Jake pulled over and went inside to get some "throw up cleaning supplies". We were all out of the car by the time he got back. Boldly with a latex gloved hand, Jake reached into the cup holder and scooped out a handful of banana barf. He started gagging. At this point I was getting tired of all the queasiness, so I pulled a glove on, took a huge pile of paper towels and I started gagging. Yes, here we were on the side of the road in a very rural town...gagging. It was something out of the movies. We finally got it cleaned up but barely made it to the camp site without Ashely puking due to car sickness.

I used to be grossed out by barf. Now it doesn't bother me. I can catch it in my hand and I don't even flinch. I guess it is part of being a mom.

See you tommorow.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After....

...always feels so anti-climatic. Doesn't it? I've always hated the day after Christmas because you work and prepare for this big day for a month or so...then the next day, it is over. Just like that. This year is different because we have 2 weeks more of celebrating. We are having Christmas with Heather's family on Sunday (New Year's Day) and Jake's family on January 7th. We also have New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and our Anniversary to celebrate.
I've been thinking a lot about my blog. I daydream about what I will write and how I will say it. I have found that the things I plan to write never come out the way I want to say them. The spontaneous stuff is better. I would love to say my life is an open book and nothing is off limits but that isn't the truth. Some people are easily offended or very sensative about things so I am careful in my discussions concerning them. I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. I tease Jake daily, I threaten, "I am going to put that in my blog." He says he is going to write stuff in his blog as well, but never does.

So, last night Jake and I went to the movies. You know, I don't miss being single and childless but I do miss going to the movies. I used to go a couple of times a week. I would go to the movies by myself. I have watched movies where I am the ONLY person in the theater. Yes, just me and the big screen. If you go during the day it is pretty desolate. It is nice. I love all types of movies...comedy, drama, chick flicks, horror, etc... It is not the same on a television. I also like to read. I have found if I read the book first, the movie is NEVER good enough. If I watch the movie first, the book doesn't seem that much different. Last year, I went to see Cold Mountain (or two years ago). I read the book afterwords hoping for a different was the same. I cried. We don't go to the movies often for two reasons...1. It is so expensive. 2. Babysitters are expensive. We received movie tickets for Christmas last year. They are still in my purse. We have only gone to the discount theaters for the last year. Wow. I need to get out more. What are some of your favorite movies? Mine are listed on my "profile" but I am going to list a few here (no particular order).
  • Notting Hill
  • The Never Ending Story
  • Bridget Jone's Diary
  • Pretty Woman
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Love Actually
  • The Program
  • Fight Club
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Where the Heart Is
  • The Christmas Story
  • Sixth Sense
Don't forget to tell me yours. Not enough people comment on here.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ken for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. You know it is a National Holiday so you don't have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas, although that is the original intent. Christmas is for all Americans. Anti-Christmas is Anti-American.

Either way, it is Christmas and I probably shouldn't be blogging...this is going to be short.

My mom got Jude a Ken doll for Christmas. When Indy plays with her Barbies, Jude likes to play. My mom wanted him to have a "guy" doll so she got him a Surfing Ken Doll. He has real hair and sunglasses. He is also equiped with a beach bum type necklace. Jake hates it. He says it is a doll for girls. He wants to accidentally leave it in Tennessee. Jude also got a fireman Barbie type doll - not made by Matel or sold in the Barbie isle of the toy store. I guess it is okay. Jude likes them both although he did say he doesn't like Ken's hair. I think it is fine. I don't think it is going to affect his "masculinity"...he is only THREE. Not a big deal. Jake isn't the macho type either (no he is not whimpy), I am just suprised.

What do you think?

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My Family

A couple of posts ago an anonymous poster said they wanted to know more about my family. I thought I would dedicate this post to them.

My parents are Larry and Deanna Wright. They were born and raised in Robbins, Tennessee. It is a very small, rural town in Scott County, Tennessee. My dad has 8 brothers and sisters and was raised by his mother, after his father passed away when he was 9 years old. He is the second to youngest of the group. My Aunt Debbie, who posts comments, is the youngest. My mom has 3 brothers and sisters. They grew up on a farm, doing farm work and living off the land.

My sister, Heather, is younger than me - she turned 30 this year. She is a dental hygenist. She has been married to Ivan for 8 years. They have 2 kids (the same age as mine) Indy & Reichen. Heather and I have always - well since high school - been close. We had one of those piviotal moments back in the day... She was sitting at her lunch table and 3 older girls came up and started yelling at her for something she said. Danny Tran ran to me and said, "dude, some girls are trying to beat up your sister." I went right over and asked them what the problem was...apparently they decided there wasn't one. I know, I am so tough. From that point on, Heather and I have been pretty close. Her first boyfriend was a friend of mine from college. He wasn't a nice guy - sorry Heather. Oh, did I mention, Heather was a cheerleader in High School. A football cheerleader. And she was the captain. She is very pretty with blond hair and blue eyes. Yes, I grew up with Barbie. That's okay.

I get along well with my parents, although that has not always been the case. My mom and I fought a lot while I was a teen. I think it was all pretty normal stuff. My mom was pretty protective and suspicious of my actions. The truth is she was smart to be... We started getting along when I was around 24ish. Things have been great ever since. We still disagree about things but it doesn't turn out to be this big drama like it used to.

My mom and dad love the kids. My mom spoils them every chance she me - tommorow is a big day. If Jude wants something he tells me to call Nana and tell her. Not Santa...Nana.

My grandparents have all passed away. My Grandma Wright was an amazing woman that touched so many lives. I always pray and ask God to make me a little bit like her. She was dirt poor but would give anything she owned away to help another person. We always joked that if someone broke into her house she would make them sit down and eat a meal before they left. She was a very good Christain woman. She loved God. I have one of her old Bibles and she always wrote stuff in it that happened. She wrote this paragraph about how she always lifted her hands and laughed during church. Someone asked her why she always did that. She told them it was because she loved the Lord. Simple enough??? She wasn't a great singer but I can't think of anything sweeter than my Grandma Wright singing Amazing Grace. I still cry when I hear that song because in my mind I hear her old weary voice singing it. She never judged a soul. Oh, and something else about her...She LOVED Bill Clinton. When his mother passed away, she sent him a card. When she turned 90 he sent her a card (it is a standard thing). She thought he was for the people and that is why she liked him. A couple of other things about my grandmother. She knew all these natural remedies for things. She knew which mushrooms were okay to eat and what herbs did what. She loved to pick blackberries. She always lit a candle on Christmas eve for her daughter, Amy, who passed away back in the 50's. My grandma was always old to me. She was 70 when I was born. She died on Thanksgiving day when she was almost 96. I found a story about her online. She is the "Miss Wright" referred to in the passage.

My mothers parents, Hurshel and Eva Norman, both passed away last year. My grandfather (Papaw), was a farmer. He worked outside on his tractor until he just couldn't anymore. He died a month later. He was also a good Christain man, who read his Bible each day. He fought in World War II. He was stationed in Guam. My Granny, she liked to sew. She made my sister and I lots of clothes when we were kids. She macramaed purses and quilted for us. She loved to go fishing. She and her friend, Derida, went fishing all the time. There is one thing you didn't have to worry about with my Granny - her telling you what she thought. If she thought it she said it. Sometimes it was very funny...other times not so funny. I sat there and listen to her tell my cousin he better wear a condom with the girl he was living with because she would get pregnant! Imagine hearing that from your Grandmother. She passed away on New Year's Day last year. She had been sick for a very long time.

I have lots of cousins, 28 including my sister and myself. I could tell you LOTS of stories about them but I will have to save those stories for another time.

Well, have a Happy Christmas Eve.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Catching Shooting Stars, Smelling Skunks & Singing About Sexy Tractors

We made it. We are in Tennessee. It was a crazy trip. We weren't going to start until 8 P.M. We figured it would be better for the kids. You know...they'd sleep the whole way. Jake got off work at 2:30 P.M. We had a lot to do before we left. I tried to make beef jerky during the day. That was going to be my home-made gift for the guys. Well, let me tell you...I will be buying gifts for them this year. The beef jerky tasted like pressed wood with seasoning on it. I wasted A LOT of meat. Either way, I smelled like a big stick of beef jerky. YUCK. So, I needed to stop at the mall, post office and we had to eat. We decided it was best to start the trip earlier. I am not sure what time we headed out but it was daylight still. I ran in the mall while Jake took the van and filled it up with gas. We swung by Burger King and got some food to go. It really was much more complicated that it sounds but I don't have time to give you all the details because I want to get to the good stuff.

We were driving for some time when I looked at my husband. He was driving and I swear he was asleep. I was like...pull over, I'll drive. He said OK. We have been married for almost (in one week) 4 years and he has only ever let me drive ONCE. And that time I scared him and he insisted I pull over to let him drive. I have horrible night vision and I will admit am a little scary behind the wheel in the dark. But he was that tired! We weren't even in Columbus yet. The next 4 hours were horrible. We stopped every half hour. Jude had to go to the bathroom. Elise was crying. Jude was crying. Jude dropped his sippy cup. We couldn't find the binky. The kids were crying. Jake was way too tired to see the humor in the situation. It was not fun. At one point (we were in Cinncinati) Jake said, turn around...we are going home. I told him he was crazy. Finally, at 11 P.M. my family went to sleep. All of them. Relief. I was driving along...just me and the radio. I had a complete steam of consciencous (sp????) moment. My head was filled with the most random thoughts. I guarentee there isn't one person (who I know), that reads my blog that I didn't think about. It was crazy. If I had a secretary taking notes straight from my thoughts they would make a book. I wanted to give you a small glimpse.

I was on I75 travelling south. I was quickly approaching the Corbin exit in Kentucky. It was like 2 in the morning. I was just driving along and I saw ANOTHER shooting star (see previous posts). It was enormous. Seriously. I actually saw a big ball of fire. It looked like it was coming at me. I did make a wish but of course I can't tell you. It wasn't for me though. It was one wish for two people. I'll let you know what happens. Either way, it was a very surreal experience. Shortly after I smelled a skunk. Every single time I smell a skunk I think of my friend Melanie. Not because she stinks but because one time we were going somewhere and we smelled a skunk. She told me she liked the smell of skunks. She is odd, but I guess some people do like that smell. So, now I always think of her when I smell skunks. If you want someone to always remember you...tell them you like to smell skunks. Well, I am still driving and all of a sudden I see this HUGE bird (parrot size) coming at our van. It was like dive bombing us. I hit it. I couldn't avoid it. It was brown and very big. My dad said it was probably an owl. Either way...I think it is a dead bird now. I made a little scream and it made a loud noise when it hit. That woke Jake up. By then he was pretty well rested and we started talking about crazy stuff. We were in Tennessee and at this point there wasn't anything coming in on the radio. So, I put in the Kenny Chesney CD. I love him. He has a great voice. I know you may be surprised that a girl who has been in numerous mosh pits and even staged dived would like country...but I do. Kenny is the man. He has a song called "She thinks my tractor's sexy". It is really funny. Each time I hear that song I think about he first time I saw my husband on a tractor. It was a couple of summers ago and my grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer. He was unable to take in the hay from his fields. My dad had taken over the work. While Jake and I were visiting he helped...and really enjoyed it. I saw the Amish in him for the first time. He looked so happy. My dad and uncle's joked that Jake was a real farmer. He really is (just like Paul Miller...sorry honey). The tractor did make him look sexy. So, when the song comes on I turn it up and sing it to him. He should be singing it to me but it is funnier this way. " She thinks my tractor's really turns her on...She is staring at me....something something something....She's even kinda crazy 'bout my farmers tan...."

Have a good one.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Over the River and Through the Woods....

That is what we are doing today. We are going to Tennessee to visit my parents. I have a lot to do before we leave at 8 PM. I need to finish the laundry, pack the clothes, clean the house, change the cat litter and feed the cat. I have to clean out the fridge, wrap gifts...oh wait, I still need to make 2 gifts. My kids need baths and so do I. I was up most of the night with Elise, who is still congested and apparently has her days and nights mixed up. So, my point is...I am procrastinating. Shocker. I will try to post while I am in Tennessee.

Our friends came over last night and gave us a very nice Christmas gift...way better than we deserve. Thank you. They stayed over for a while and we talked about couples fighting...isn't that funny. We basically found out that couples (at least the two of us), fight the same. Fight starts, man wants to walk away, woman wants to hash it out, man gets mad, woman gets sad (but still mad). It sounds entertaining when you put it that way. Not when it is happening.

I am not sure if anyone noticed but I added a counter to the bottom of my page. It tells me how many people visit and where they are from. I have noticed there are people who watch my blog from states that I don't think I know anyone from. If you are a loyal reader please let me know. You should be on my Christmas card list! I took the moderation thing off so your comments will be on right away...please don't write stuff that doesn't belong in a blog. If you don't want me to know, I can respect that but I'd really like to know.

Oh one more blog... It is a new one from my cousin Kelly. I read it. He is funny.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Days of Christmas...

Christmas is one of those significant days that you may actually remember what you did that particular day. I don't know...maybe I am weird but I can remember what I did for almost the last 10 years on Christmas. It is not always pretty....

2004- We had our "Christmas" with my family a week early and didn't celebrate with Jake's family until sometime after the 25th. So on the legal holiday, I cooked some food (I don't remember that part) and Eric came over. We basically sat around and did nothing all day. We did give Jude his Christmas gifts, which I really can't even remember what we got him. Jake bought me a camera and I got him a portable XM radio thing and some Xbox games.

2003- We stayed home. We celebrated on other days again.

2002- Jude's first Christmas. He was only 7 weeks old so it wasn't all that much fun. We went to Tennessee a few days earlier but decided to stay so we had Christmas in Tennessee with my family but didn't have our gifts with us. We did have a nice time.

2001- 4 days before our wedding. Jake and I exchanged gifts in the morning. He bought me a Bible & bath salts. I am sure there was more but I can't remember. And I can't recall what I got him. Either way, we headed over to Safe Landing and worked with the boys that day. They woke up and we let them open thier gifts. We had made stockings earlier in the week with them and we had stuffed them full of stuff that I bought, including a corny joke book. They had all kinds of other gifts that Dawn and Lisa had went out shopping for earlier. If my memory is correct Jake and I worked on Christmas Eve as well.

2000-I was single. I had spent the previous evening with some neighbors drinking a lot of wine, probably feeling sorry for myself. I spent Christmas alone puking and nursing a hangover.

1999-I worked at the Girls Safe Landing. It was fun. I had also been there Christmas Eve so I got to put out their Christmas gifts for them. There was only 2 girls there. I still remember them very well. I bought them teddy bears from Target and a whole bunch of other stuff...not that they needed anything because they had lots of gifts donated. I guess I just wanted to spend my money or spoil them. Ha. Later in the day, I tried to cook a turkey but it ended up in the trash. It wasn't pretty.

1998-My last Christmas in Vermilion. I went home to my parents house. We exchanged gifts and ate a lot of food. That evening Melanie and I went out to Uncle Vics (a big dance club/bar). I ran into this guy I used to know. He asked me out. I gave him my number and we agreed he would call. Can you believe he never did! Instead he gave my number to this other guy, who I had been friends with back in high school. That set off a series of unfortunate events in my life that I may or may not talk about in a later blog post.

1997- Had Christmas in Vermilion with my family. I returned to Peninsula that evening and my boyfriend, Luke the Polish man, came over and we exchanged gifts. I bought him this stupid movie he loved...I forget the name of it now, but I had to special order it. He bought me the game, Therapy. Yes...laugh all you want. He bought it because he was so facinated with me and my other Psychology major friends. He was an accountant. Every Tuesday we would all get together and hang out. He would just take it all in. So...he thought the game was a great idea. The worst part, for me was - he was not the first boyfriend to buy that game for me. Yikes. Yes, Mitch bought it for me in High School. I was really into Psychology early on...I would check out Psych text books from the library. I would make up personality tests to give to my friends. Hmmmm. I wonder what happened to that passion? Either way, I played Therapy and drank wine with Amanda (who bought me socks), Tiffany and Luke. It was the only time I ended up playing the game. I love it but after playing it once people would run in sheer terror if I mentioned the game. When Jake met Tiffany and my sister they advised him never to play it. I gave the game away on Freecycle this past summer to a girl who's brother is a Psych major. It was going to be a Birthday gift. By the way, Luke and I broke up before I even took my Christmas tree down. I guess I should have known with that gift.

1996- I had to ride home to Vermilion with Tiffany because I had lost my drivers license (another blog...another day). Mitch was in town and came over to visit, hoping to reunite. It didn't happen.

1995- I went home to Vermilion for Christmas break. I worked at Toys R Us and some clothing store at the mall. D.L. (see drove from Barberton to Vermilion, in snowy weather, to give me a gift and visit me on Christmas. I was pretty rude to him. I don't think he stayed very long. I told him he couldn't stay or something. I don't remember. Isn't that mean? I think I spent a lot of time with Duane and Guy that Christmas. I do remember Straight Edge Matt drove to Elyria to go to Toys R Us and ran into me. I had seen him at Kent but never talked to him. I gave him my number and we became good friends. He is a prosecuting attorney now, but we don't talk anymore.

1994- I was dating D.S. He proposed to me. I thought he bought me a coat but instead he gave me a diamond. I said yes but we broke up before he had the ring paid off. We never set a date. I have a theory...if you don't set a date within a don't get married. It is a sign you aren't really interested in actually getting married.

Do you have any good Christmas stories? Can you remember? Hopefully you will make some good rememorable ones this year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lost Man Found & The Art of Geocaching

Do you know what Geocaching is???? It is this game of sorts. You need a GPS (Global Positioning System) and a computer to play the game. You go to the geocaching website ( and you look up "caches". People go on line and give you little hints and provide coordinates for the secret location. So you take that information and go find the cache, a hidden box with goodies inside. It is a treasure hunt for tech-geeks. I must admit, it is fun. There is another game that is similar but not as technical. It is called Letterboxing. You use online clues to find a hidden box. Inside the box is a little book that you stamp in and you have your own book that you stamp with their stamp. You carve your own stamps and have a "trail" name. I have come to realize there are thousands of hidden boxes among us.

Are you wondering how I found out about this? Well, I was reading a magazine. I LOVE magazines and read everything from Child to Mother Earth News. They are full of useful information. That is where I first read about Letterboxing. Then from letterboxing I learned about Geocaching. There are more Geocaches than Letterboxes.

Last year, my parents, my sisters family and our family went to Maine for a vacation. Jake and I brought our Letterboxing stuff and before you know it Heather and Ivan were hooked. So, when we discovered Geocaching, Ivan was so excited. He loves it. He has found about 500 caches. It is crazy. We have only found about 40.

So, we know this other couple, who shall rename nameless, who really likes to Geocache. One day they drove a pretty good distance to a town they weren't really familiar with to collect the caches that are hidden there. They made a day of it and it sounded like they had fun. By the end of the day, the wife was tired and didn't want to find more boxes. Her husband said he wanted to get one last one and said he had one you could practically drive up to. He drove there and she said she was going to stay in the car and just read her book. He told her he would be right back. That was at 5:00 P.M. Well, an hour or so went by and he hadn't come back. His wife figured it was typical behavior and was really into her book so she didn't fret. Finally her cell phone rang and it was her husband. He said he was lost. It was getting dark. He had wandered into the woods, in a pair of sandals, with no water, no flashlight (except for a little LED light on his key chain) and a GPS. Well, his wife, concerned at this point decided to flag down a police officer or park ranger person (I hope I am remembering this correctly). She explained the situation and asked for their help. By time they called in the troops there were police, firemen and park rangers all searching for this man. They were talking to him on his cell phone and trying to figure out where in the heck he was! Well, they finally found him & he had to be treated for dehydration. His feet were all cut up. What a mess. So, the officers were talking to him afterwords and the one man said..."What is that you have?" The man said, "Oh it is a GPS." The officer said, "You had a GPS the whole time????" and rolled his eyes. Later the man's son said to him "Dad, why didn't you tell them you had a GPS and give them your coordinates?" He said, "Like they would know what that is!". Oh my. So the next week there was an article in the local paper titled "Lost Man Found". He will never live down the time he got lost with a GPS in hand.

Jake loves to Geocache. He would like to do it more. We just don't have time.

Just to update everyone...Elise is sick. She has RSV. So does Reichen (Heather's son). Poor babies.

Have a good day.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Wrap

That was the name of the sermon from church yesterday. The pastor basically talked about getting "wrapped up" in things during the Christmas season. I am sure everyone is guilty of that. This year has been really nice. Last year I went out on a search for an Aquadoodle. It was this toy that was featured on the Today Show. They tested all sorts of toys on kids and it was a hit. Jude had to have it. So, I went out on the day after Thanksgiving (DUH) to do my shopping. It was a mad house. Traffic. People. Lines. Pushing. Dirty Looks. What are people thinking? It is Christmas. So I get to Walmart and I see 2 Aquadoodles on the shelf. I was elated. Just as I went to reach for one this lady runs up and grabs both of them. Can you believe the nerve? I wanted to punch her out. I felt rage in my viens. Seriously. So I thought I should probably go home. I did and eventually I did obtain an Aquadoodle, which Jude rarely plays with. Either way, that single event led me to try to have a more meaningful Christmas (see previous posts). It has been great. I think my gifts are probably better than ever. I did buy a few things but they are well thought out and meaningful gifts. I will admit, the guys have been a little more difficult. Guys just aren't into homemade stuff. I did come up with something I think will please the men in my life. Also, when I would go shopping for stuff it didn't really involve the kids...other than actually being at the store, which usually they would stay with their dad. This year Jude is completely involved and excited about everything. He is so cute. I wish I had more time because I keep thinking of new things to make for more people. Jake's Aunt Nancy made her Christmas gifts this year as well. I can't say what it was because the Millers & Appleton's haven't got theirs yet. I was so excited. I loved it. Of course it is right up my alley...hint hint!? I know not everyone has time to make everything and homemade does not mean cheap or free. It can still be pricey, although I think I have saved a bundle. Either way, I am having fun this Christmas. We had a dinner for Milestone on Saturday at our house. It was fun. We had a White Elephant Gift exchange. Here are some of the gifts that were given.
  • Cereal Bowls complete with spoons.
  • CD & Book
  • Pooping Santa & I love dorks magnet
  • 3 boxes of Cherry Frosted PopTarts
  • Happy Friends (?) DVD
  • Popcorn, Pop & Left Behind II DVD
  • 8x10 framed picture of Ryan (one of the group) in a bikini top at a car wash
  • Hot cocoa mugs with hot chocolate mixes
  • Hand mixer

Isn't that fun? Can you guess which gift I gave? Jake? I ended up with the movie night pack & Jake ended up with the Cereal Bowls.

Tonight I am having a Birthday Party for Jesus at the church for the kids. We are having cupcakes, milk, story time, Santa and crafts. The kids get to make an ornament for themselves and then they will each make an extra one to take to the nursing home. We'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Doesn't it sound like fun? I think so. A lot of people are coming.

Well, have a good day. Don't forget to check out the other blogs. By the way, if you tried to leave uakrongirl a message and couldn't...she did change it so anyone can leave a message.

And...only one more day until I am able to win another prize on WNIR! You have to wait 30 days. I will keep you updated.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Card Conundrum

I know this lady. We talk. I think you might even say we are friends. She sent a couple of other people I know a Christmas card. She didn't send me one. Hmmmmmmm. What do I do???

a. Call her up and ask her why I didn't get a Christmas Card.
b. Pretend like it didn't happen.
c. Politely inform her my card must have been lost by the postal service.
d. Ignore her from now on.

I know I can't say anything. That would be dumb. And I know this isn't a big deal but it really does bother me. If you know me, you know I do not take ANYTHING for face value. I have studied human behavior long enough to know there HAS to be an explaination. Here are my ideas.

a. She is mad at me for something and this is passive aggressive behavior.
b. She is jealous of my cool blog.
c. She doesn't have my new address and thought she would just give me a card when she sees me the next time.
d. She ran out of cards and decided I wasn't important enough for a card.

Well, I doubt it is about the blog because she doesn't even read it. If it was the address thing...we have our mail forwarded. I am pretty sure I won't be seeing her before Christmas. Hmmmm.

Either way, I am annoyed.

By the way...just a little update on the Christmas gift Stats.
# of Gifts completed - 9
# of Gifts waiting to be completed - 11
# of Christmas cards mailed - 70
Bedtime Last Night (I was working on Christmas gifts) - 1:30 A.M.

Have a good day.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Two Steps Back...

Don't you love when you go to check a blog and when it comes up it is a title you haven't read yet!? I love it. I wish I had more time to write and read. Right now I have 5 blogs that I keep up with. I want to share those with you so you can enjoy them too. Check them out. I know all of these people pretty well. - toys r us kid(s) - I have been friends with her for 11 years. We have been through so much. We could probably write a movie and become famous like Ben Afflect & Matt Damon. Only ours would be "based on a true story!". - My brother-in-law (applehead). He's funny. His posts are short but funny. He will keep you up to date on the West Virginia situation. - (justiene) - A friend of mine who needs some good advice. Go talk to her. - (isunshine)- A cheese loving, first grade teacher with tatoos and a two year old daughter with the middle name Sunshine. - (jake) - The hubby's blog. He barely posts on it because he doesn't think anyone is reading it.

So today I feel like nothing is going smoothly. It started when I couldn't get out of the driveway to get to the dentist on time today. Our uphill drive was a sheet of ice. Then I tried to call my friend and something is wrong with her phone. It says it is "being checked for problems". Grrrrr. Then I stopped by to see my friend, Lisa and her baby Noah. I could only stay ten minutes because Jake had to get to work early...but I hit a snow storm on the way home and Jake ended up being late...which was actually on time but they wanted him to get there a little early. oops. They didn't tell him until about an hour before. It ended up being okay. Oh, and Jude told Jake what I got him for Christmas. Nice. He won't tell me what Jake got me. I tried. He said "a secret". We are having a party for Jake's Sunday school class tommorow so I have to get going. I have cleaning, cooking and spazzing out to do!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Week at a Glance...

Can you believe it has been a week already? It really flew by. I have been working diligently on my Christmas gifts. I am really enjoying it. If you don't know, I am a creator. I am having fun with this. I got the Christmas cards done last Thursday but I haven't put them in the mail yet! I just need to go to the post office! I am going to attempt to stop by today. I hope they aren't out of Christmas stamps. I didn't really work on much this week-end. We were busy as always. We went to Heather's on Saturday and took the kids to get their pictures taken. We went to Sears and it took FOREVER! The kids were perfect while waiting. They watched the entire Finding Nemo movie. By time they got in to have the pics taken no one was in the mood to smile. Jude's cheeks were very red because it was so hot in the waiting area. We weren't thrilled with them. I ran into a girl from High School. I don't think we were going to talk to each other but our kids started playing together so we didn't have a choice. It is not that I have something against the girl but I just didn't have any interest in talking. It was a little uncomfortable. The truth is, we talked more on Saturday than we did throughout all of our High School career. In elementary school we were kinda friends. She came over once and we went "snake hunting" in the woods behind my house. I don't have a clue what we were going to do if we found a snake. I am just thankful I never found out. The snake hunting was her idea. I think I was in fourth or fifth grade. Either way, our conversation, on Saturday was brief. We talked about who we still talked to from Vermilion. She talked to her old "gang". To be honest, I don't talk to many people from High School and this is why...In H.S. I talked to everyone. I was friends with all the different groups. My mom said if there was a wierdo anywhere around I attracted them but I was on the May Day court (kinda like the homecoming court). So, I was friendly and talked to a lot of people but I really only had one friend, Stephanie. I did get to know Kirstina my senior year. The reason I never really developed closer friends is because I had a boyfriend. An older boyfriend. A much older boyfriend. I was 15 and he was 19. I lied to my mom about his age at first. She liked him. My dad referred to him as "that a**hole". Well, I ended up dating that guy my sophomore, junior and most of my senior year. He always lied to me and cheated on me. He slept with several other girls during our relationship. He smoked. And he drank. I didn't do any of those things. I don't even know why I dated him but that fact is, I did and he consumed all my time and energy. I broke up with him because he was trying to get me to lie to my mom (who has a built in lie detector) and tell her I was staying the night with someone and then stay with him. I kept telling him no but he insisted. So I dumped him. He tried to get me back for years. In fact I have some letters to post on my blog sometime. They are very personal so I haven't got up the nerve yet but I think I will. So, back to the whole H.S. thing...during those years I seriously didn't have any confidence. I thought I was fat and ugly. I was dumb. I weighed 128. I often wonder how other people saw me then. About 6 years ago I dated this other guy from Vermilion and I ran into a lot of people from the past. One guy told me I was his first true love. HE HAD NEVER EVEN ASKED ME OUT! Isn't that funny. I went to my class reunion and the next week received a dozen roses from an old classmate, who claimed he only came to see me. I had just started dating Jake at that time and you all know how that story ended. Jake and I married four months later. About a month after we were married this guy from Vermilion called me to ask me out....Ha ha ha. Isn't that funny. Anyways...I wasn't planning on going down memory lane with this blog but that is the beauty of typing while the thoughts are flowing.

By the way, to update you on the Christmas gifts...I have finished 2 scarves, a cookbook and am almost done with Jude's robe. I have a lot to do. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Hand Made Christmas...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am attempting to make my Christmas cards this year...which means you may get them by Easter. We haven't had our Christmas pics taken yet so here are a few to enjoy. I must say...I have a very cute family.

Jake and Jude cutting down our Christmas tree.
Daddy & son dragging the tree.
Right before the tree fell.
J being silly. He won't take a serious picture anymore.
Little E....she got her first tooth this week.
J and E in front of the tree.
Another picture in front of the tree. Because we took the time to take these pictures we didn't get a seat at the pageant on Saturday. We got all dress up for nothing. Bummer. At least we got cute pics.
E. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?
Jake & his "Daddy's Girl". She really is one.
Have a great day.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Sacher Torte Day!!!!

Yes, it is National Sacher Torte Day. What's that??? You don't know what a sacher torte is? You don't celebrate Sacher Torte Day? Well, are you offended that I told you to have a HAPPY Sacher Torte day? No. Do you think I am being weird? I am making a point.
You have probably already heard the whole Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays contriversy. If you haven't noticed many national, chain stores are no longer advertising for Christmas but for the Holidays. They don't want to offend someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas. I have been thinking about this so much. At first I thought it wasn't a big deal. We live in the United States and the first amendment states the government should not establish a "national" religion. So, for the right to have my own religion I can deal with Happy Holidays. Not a big deal, right? Well, it really is so much more than just a little advertising. Christmas has been removed from most retail establishments. Christmas trees? No they are called Holiday Trees. Didn't you see the White House even has a Holiday Tree. What President Bush doesn't celebrate Christmas...I thought he was a Christian. He has a right to express his religion, right? So why did he cave? And these stores...what the heck? Target doesn't use the word Christmas for anything except on cards. They don't mind making money from a Christian holiday but they won't use the proper words? Did you know schools aren't allowed to say Christmas break? They have to say, Holiday break. Some schools have banned Christmas decorations but allow symbols that are traditionally Jewish in the schools. The fact is 90% of all American homes celebrate Christmas. Not all those families are Christian. Some families celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanza as well as Christmas. But there are a handful of people who complained and this is the result. These people are crazy. What would you say if someone came up to you and said Happy Hanukkah? I think I'd say it right back. I don't have to celebrate a holiday to share in the spirit of the occassion. I may even say Thank you and say Merry Christmas to them. Should you be offended if someone says Happy Hanukkah? Or even Happy Holidays? I don't think so, chances are they are just trying to cover all bases. If I say Merry Christmas does that mean I am trying to PUSH my religion on you? No. Don't be dumb or so sensitive. But these stores...something has to be done. Here are your options.
  • Call & Complain.
  • Write a letter.
  • Shop at other stores.
  • Do Nothing.

I think most people will do nothing. I bet there are people out there who complain about the issue, yet never do anything about it. If it is should be ashamed. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter. There is an organization that typed up some form letters and provides address and all that for you. All you have to do is copy and sign the letter and mail it. Even if you aren't a Christian you should be offended that a retailer is trying to control our right to religious may be your religion next. And those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, why don't you write these stores and ask them why they aren't open on December 25th?

So, everyone please...Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza and a Happy New Year. And, oh yeah, Have a Great Sacher Torte Day!

Printed from COOKS.COM
This is probably the most high-toned chocolate cake in the world. It has character, a strong bitter chocolate flavor and slightly dry texture. 3/4 c. sugar 6 eggs, separated 6 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate, melted 1 c. sifted flour 1/4 c. apricot jam
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cream butter with 1/4 cup of the sugar and beat until fluffy. Add egg yolks, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in chocolate. Beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add the remaining 1/2 cup sugar and continue beating until stiff meringue is formed. Fold the meringue into chocolate batter until no white shows. Fold in flour.
Pour into greased and floured 8 inch springform pan. Bake 1 hour. Let stand 10 minutes and remove rim. Cool on base. Cut torte in half crosswise to make 2 layers. Spread apricot jam between layers. Replace top layer and frost with chocolate icing.
To serve, slice the torte into thin wedges and top with whipped cream.
9 oz. milk chocolate3 tbsp. milk1/4 tsp. vanilla
Break chocolate into top part of double boiler. Place over simmering water and cook, covered, until chocolate is melted. Stir in milk and vanilla. Reheat. When smooth and shiny, remove from heat and spoon it, all at once, on top of torte. Smooth over top and sides of cake.