Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kindergarten Economy...

On occasion Jude will come home from school with a new little toy. The first time it happened he said his friend Aaron gave him the toy and he was looking for something from home he could take to give him in return. I told him I have to approve anything he takes but I thought it was okay. Yesterday Jude got a Pokemon card. I cringe. I hate Pokemon. Probably because I have restricted Jude from Pokemon, he loves it. He is so excited about this Pokemon card. Today I was talking to him about the card and I asked him what he traded to get the card. He said he gave Damon a Basketball card. In return Damon gave Jude a chocolate egg from Easter. Jude took the Egg and traded it for the Pokemon card. Pretty good trade. I just think it is all funny.

American Idol...

Where has the season gone? This week it was down to the final five contestants and they sang music from the Rat Pack. I loved it - so much better than stupid Disco night. Anyhoo...Adam almost got voted off. I was upset he didn't. I don't like him at all. I think he belongs in the theater. If you listen to him sing without watching him it is just horrible. HORRIBLE. And what is with the "screaming" while he sticks his tounge out? Oh, one last thing....When he sings "his version" of the songs they are not HIS version. He picks an old song and finds a more modern remake, then performs it. So, he is not that original. I don't like him.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap....

We had an eventful weekend! Friday night I cooked and we had a couple of friends over. They stuck around for most of the evening. We played Balderdash - which is one of my faves but no one else was really that in to it. I think it is a great game. Next time I will make them play Trivia Pursuit and then we will see how they feel about Balderdash then..... Well, we actually didn't play it that long because Paul and Linda got to our house and we quit playing. By then it was getting pretty late. We had let the kids (Jude & Elise) stay up late because they wanted to see Mamaw & Papaw so after they visited we got them to bed and by then it was time for us to hit the hay....

Saturday was a busy busy day. We had soccer all morning. Jude had a game at 9 a.m. Elise had a game at 11 a.m. In between Linda, Jude, Avery & I went to a church yard sale. I got a few books and a set of soup crocks (for $1). We rushed back to Elise's game- got there late - not that it mattered because Elise wouldn't even play. Then Jude had soccer pics at 11:50 all the way across town. On the way I lost on of Avery's shoes. That has never happened to me before. We got to the pics just in the nick of time. Whew. Next I went home and had a picnic in the yard since most everyone was too tired to go on a proper picnic like we had planned. Later Linda and I went to Gabes and Jake took Elise to her soccer pics.

After all that....I came home and made the Thai Shrimp & Veggie dish. YUM.

What a day.

Sunday we went to church and pretty much worked outside the entire day. I have a serious burn on my back.

Well, here are the pics from the weekend. Somehow I didn't get one picture of the grandparents...Sorry.

Jude's fancy footwork.

Smiling Elise.

I think she was running from the game...she didn't want to play.

Really!? It was empty. She was trying to be like Mommy.

The kids insisted on playing in the pool. And our grass isn't really dead - it is dormant. We have some weird grass that does that. I hate it.

Paul & Jake worked on the Arbor - it isn't leaning anymore. It only took two trips to the hardware store! Doesn't it look nice? That is our garden in the background.

You can't see it real well but I made our garden into a graph. I used string. It is serving as a guide. I will be getting rid of the strings when the planting is complete. I did plant peas, broccoli, cabbage, onions & lettuce.

This is Avery eating fresh salsa I made. She is a mess. I let her drink water out of a real glass - hence the wet dress. And check out her toes. She demanded I paint her when she noticed I had painted mine. Which was two minutes after I came out of the bathroom where I was hiding the polish from her! I can't believe she noticed that fast!

Avery eating hot fudge.

This is my new bracelet I bought at Gabe's!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yippy....It's Friday.

Therefore, I will do a Friday Fill-In for ya!

1. Apparently there's some sort of spiritual enlightenment going on at Starbucks...their bags read: "flavors my senses, sweetens my disposition, stirs my imagination, nourishes my dreams." Odd advertising for a coffee shop - but hey it works.

2. I relish a sunny day.

3. 2009 is going by quickly so far.

4. And then.... that was it. The End.

5. For too long I've been overly critical of myself.

6. I am not obsessed with Twilight, Edward or any other vampires; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating leftovers and cleaning like a mad woman, tomorrow my plans include two soccer games, soccer pictures, tons of church garage sales & going on a picnic and Sunday, I want to work on my garden!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Randomness That Turned Into A Discussion About Twilight....

All day long I think about things I can blog about. I just don't get around to sitting down and writing. I should keep a little notebook. Although I have jotted down ideas before but by the time I get around to doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Part of my problem is Facebook. I love it. I am not sure why. It is a time thief. I have found tons of people I lost touch with and I think that is so cool. It isn't that I long for my past or is just nice to have roots. Does that make any sense? It is so cool to see how everyone turned out. There really haven't been a lot of surprises really. Anyhow....

I am really thinking about writing a book. The whole Twilight thing really got me thinking about it. I have a couple of good stories in me. The lady who wrote Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, says she had a dream about Edward and Bella and she decided to write a book that encompassed the scene in her dream. Whatever....I don't care if that is true or not. Here is my point...she had the dream, within 3 months finished the book, then 3 months later signed a $750,000 book deal. She had never written a book before and didn't even know how to submit a book and had to "research" to figure out how to. That is crazy. And since we are talking about Twilight I guess I will give you some final thoughts on that series. I loved the first book, Twilight. I thought it captured the actual feelings of first love and a brand new experience. I absolutely fell in love with Edward, right along with Bella. I loved the story. I did not, however, really enjoy the writing. I can't really explain it.... I got the second book and everyone warned me it isn't as good. Again, I loved it. Edward wasn't in most of the book. I didn't mind. It did seem a little 'artificial'. Seriously, the story goes from this young couple who is wildly in love and willing risk eternity and blood lust to be together then suddenly he leaves. Dumb. He already tried to leave in the first book and said he couldn't live like why oh why did Stephenie try it in the second book? Either way, I enjoyed the pain of Bella's loss. It felt like a real break up. I took me back to the emotion of a young teen Delilah and the pain of that first split. The third and fourth book I read voraciously....I won't lie. But I didn't enjoy them as much. By the fourth book I thought it was down right ridiculous. My old friend FICKLE paid me a visit. I honestly felt the actual emotion. Fickle....about Edward. He was being too mushy - not the confident and a little cocky Edward from book one. He became one of 'those' guys. Yuck, yuck, yuck... He was the type of guy who would do something just because he thought that is what you wanted just because he was afraid if he didn't he would loose you.... The kind of guy I would have walked all over - just because I could. Don't even get me started. It has been such a long time since I felt that way. In the end, he did redeem himself and I was back to loving him but the story was just so far fetched (if vampires and werewolves weren't enough of a stretch). And why would an author introduce like 30 new characters in the last 100 pages of a series? I don't get it. Also....the first three books were written from Bella's perspective. The last book had sections of other character's perspective. I did enjoy reading Jacob's thoughts and loved the sense of humor she penned him....but WHY change it up for book 4? I felt like she was trying to be too Harry Potter. Maybe I am wrong. In the end I read all 4 books in 8 days so I can't really complain too much. If she wrote another Twilight book I would read it. I will watch the movie - although I don't have too high of hopes after that first disaster of a movie. I won't ever read anything else she writes. I just won't. Okay, enough Twilight rant. Back to my original intent: I am going to write a book. Maybe it will be about a girl who is obsessed with Twilight. LOL. I probably shouldn't even tell you that - someone may steal my idea.

On another note. The weather is going to be great this weekend. I am going to do some planting. The Miller's are coming to visit. The kids are already excited. I am sure it is going to be a busy one!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend...

Someday I will post more frequently.... Here are some pics from the weekend.

I went to a Women's Conference all day Saturday. Unfortunately it was the kids first soccer game. We had to have a friend go with Jake to help watch Avery and be at Jude's game because both games were at the same time. These pics are from the practices last week. Next week I will have some real game action. LOL.

Elise is the one in the skirt.

Jude in the yellow shirt.

Jude: action shot.
The little girl in the striped pants is afraid of "Coach Miller". She cried through an entire practice once!

Elise insisted their team be called "the Hello Kitties", hence the Hello Kitty sweatshirt and skirt.

Time out.

Avery being cute.

Avery wearing Mommy's shoes. One of her favorite hobbies.

My new - new Facebook profile pic. I just can't settle on one I like.

Have a good week......

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend....was it really only three days???

It has been a while since I have posted any pics of the kids. They are growing so fast. Here is our weekend in "photos". We had a really nice weekend. I didn't have to work on Friday. Jake went up to Cleveland to help JenF's hubby with a project. The kids and I pretty much stayed home and got a few things done around the house... (i.e. I finished the 4th Twilight book....).

That evening we went to the Looman's house to dye Easter eggs. Chrissie and Grace joined us so...needless to say....there were a lot of kids. That makes it more interesting, right?!

Avery decorating.... I did catch her eating the dye a couple of times.

Smiley Elise.

Did the eggs turn out beautiful? Probably because Sherry, Chrissie and I redyed them after the kids were done. LOL. And BTW...I left these eggs on the counter when I got home and didn't notice until the next afternoon. They ended up in the garbage. What a waste.

Jude & Jacob...sitting next to each other and getting along. Man they have come a long way!

Isaiah, Avery & Grace. Isaiah and Avery are interesting together. She bosses him around and he listens....poor guy. Just look at the look she has on her face. Pure trouble.

Saturday morning Elise had soccer. I remembered to bring the camera this time but it was so cold I forgot to use it. At the end of practice Elise was digging in my purse for gum and found it. She started taking pics. Here is one of the many just like it....

My butt....She took it then announced in front of all the parents "Mommy, I took a picture of your butt!". She also got one one of Jake's butt & Jude's butt. I guess she is a butt girl.
Saturday evening my sister made an "impromptu" stop at our house on her way home from Tennessee. Since we didn't have any hard boiled eggs I did a few more up and we dyed again...

Elise: smiling and dying...




The gang....

The next morning we did Easter Baskets before church.
Here's the loot....

Avery was double fisting the candy...

Then we got ready for church. They looked so cute.... Jude's hair was a little crazy and his mouth is blue from eating a blue sucker. I can't get all three kids to sit for a picture. Avery is too wild......

Where's Avery???
Okay we've got if she would just stand up.

Okay, now if she could just stand still... Where is she going? get the light saber. Because every Easter picture needs a light saber.


Just add Daddy for instant results....

Then we went to church...There is a funny story that happened at church but because it involves one of Sherry's kids and the police I will let her tell you about that.....

Brian took our picture. He is a professional.... We didn't pay him today so I guess we get what we pay for. LOL.
Later the kids hunted Easter eggs....

Easter Basket Head...
Finally....we get to eat the eggs....

Here is my new facebook picture....any feedback???

Hope everyone had a good Easter!!!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Post 700....Wow

So, this just happened to me. I was sitting here at the computer and looked out the window. We live on a double corner of a street. Does that make any sense? We are on a corner. If you turn to the right there is one house then the road immediately turns to the left. So, diagonally across the street I see these kids hanging out. It is two boys, they are probably 12ish. The one boy was laying on the sidewalk and the other was lying in the street. Not a good place to lay. Seriously cars speed around those corners all the time. I bring the situation to Jake's attention. Mainly because I have a tendency to be a little "over protective". Jake agreed it was dangerous. He said I should call the police. I said by time they get here the kid could be smooshed. So...I get on my shoes and head over there. As I approach the kid on the side walk sits up and laughs. He says to his street friend, (while laughing) "she's a cougar!". Do you know what a "cougar" is??? An older woman (I think you have to be over 40 to qualify) who likes younger men. Funny, this week was my single friend, Sara's Birthday. On her card I signed "one more year closer to being a cougar!". Then today someone (who will remain unnamed) referred to my little "obsession" with Robert Pattinson being "cougarish". Now the neighborhood kid is saying this. He must of not thought that I knew what it meant. I didn't address it. I just told the kid to stay out of the street and told them they were making me nervous. The kid got out of the street. As I was walking away they started laughing and talking about how I am a cougar again. What the heck.... My hubby is younger....not that much younger. And I am not 40 yet.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mom Audience....

A friend of mine started should check it out.....

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Thanks so much!

Bev Coggins

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Warning: Something you say will probably make me think of Twilight...

It is an illness.

Here is the deal.

The first time of ever even heard of Twilight I was at Borders with Jake. We were on a date or something....we often end up in bookstores. You should feel sorry for Jake - I've had a life long love affair with books. In college I could NEVER study in the library - there are far too many "distractions" for me with all the books, magazines.... So, we were at Border's and there were all of these teen girls - cheerleaders & goth girls flittering about all very excited about the release of the next installment of this new vampire series. Jake and I laughed at them and then got the heck out of there. I will admit I read all the Harry Potter books and I did so enjoy them. The last 3 books I bought the day they came out. I love when a good story can capture you like that. Well, in the last year I have watched many of my adult and sane women friends fall prey to this Twilight series. I laughed. I made fun of them. The movie came and went....still not interested. THEN, I was at the library one night and I ran into an old friend. We were talking about this person and that...he said he sees this one girl we used to know because she is in a book club his wife attends. Before we parted ways I asked what they were reading in the book club (I was looking for something to catch my attention). He said, "Oh....Twilight but she is refusing to read it." Hmmmmm....just like me. That bothered me for some reason (long back story I guess). Then my sister went crazy and devoured all four books in SIX days. These are not short books. Again...I made fun of her and rolled my eyes a lot! Finally, I was at church and my babysitter was talking about her obession with Twilight. That is where I decided. I think I told you about it before. I was not going to be crazy obsessed girl. I couldn't. I am too busy and too many other things going on. So, I bought the a few pages. Nothing special. For the next week I read a couple of pages a day. See....I am different than all the rest of you crazies..... Then it happened. I can tell you exactly when it did....Bella was in the cafeteria sitting with her friends. Edaward was sitting across the room and with one finger he motioned for her to come to him. She did. I was hooked. That was last Thursday. Last night....well, okay this morning (at 1:30 A.M.) I finished book three. I can't really explain it. I don't think Stephenie Meyer is that great of a writer. And quite frankly she does annoy me often. The story is absolutely unbelievable. You've heard it is about Vampires but it is just as much about Werewolves. Seriously. But those things didn't stop Dracula and Frankenstien from being classics...right? It hasn't even been 12 hours and I am CRAVING book four. My sweet, sweet husband ordered it for me off Amazon this morning. I yelled at him and told him to cancel the order because I can't wait that long (3-4 days of shipping....I'll die from the anticipation). I went to the library. They have 12 copies. One rude person never returned theirs....they've been billed. Eight are checked out. That leaves 3 books that were on the HOLD shelf. I actually thought about sneaking one for myself. I know...totally irrational. I reserved a copy. 4 or the 8 were already overdue or due today. I should have it in my hands by this evening (if all goes as planned). After I am done with the fourth book and my head has cleared I plan to explain to you exactly why I feel this series has captured so many women. You know me....I analyse everything and this is NO exception. Until then.....go get your copy. Read it. Fall in love.....