Thursday, April 09, 2009

Post 700....Wow

So, this just happened to me. I was sitting here at the computer and looked out the window. We live on a double corner of a street. Does that make any sense? We are on a corner. If you turn to the right there is one house then the road immediately turns to the left. So, diagonally across the street I see these kids hanging out. It is two boys, they are probably 12ish. The one boy was laying on the sidewalk and the other was lying in the street. Not a good place to lay. Seriously cars speed around those corners all the time. I bring the situation to Jake's attention. Mainly because I have a tendency to be a little "over protective". Jake agreed it was dangerous. He said I should call the police. I said by time they get here the kid could be smooshed. So...I get on my shoes and head over there. As I approach the kid on the side walk sits up and laughs. He says to his street friend, (while laughing) "she's a cougar!". Do you know what a "cougar" is??? An older woman (I think you have to be over 40 to qualify) who likes younger men. Funny, this week was my single friend, Sara's Birthday. On her card I signed "one more year closer to being a cougar!". Then today someone (who will remain unnamed) referred to my little "obsession" with Robert Pattinson being "cougarish". Now the neighborhood kid is saying this. He must of not thought that I knew what it meant. I didn't address it. I just told the kid to stay out of the street and told them they were making me nervous. The kid got out of the street. As I was walking away they started laughing and talking about how I am a cougar again. What the heck.... My hubby is younger....not that much younger. And I am not 40 yet.


Brian said...

I totally got a good laugh out of this post. Thanks for that.

Jennifer Fetterman said...

How did you stop yourself from saying something? I would have whipped around and issued a verbal smackdown! Little shi@#$!