Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap....

We had an eventful weekend! Friday night I cooked and we had a couple of friends over. They stuck around for most of the evening. We played Balderdash - which is one of my faves but no one else was really that in to it. I think it is a great game. Next time I will make them play Trivia Pursuit and then we will see how they feel about Balderdash then..... Well, we actually didn't play it that long because Paul and Linda got to our house and we quit playing. By then it was getting pretty late. We had let the kids (Jude & Elise) stay up late because they wanted to see Mamaw & Papaw so after they visited we got them to bed and by then it was time for us to hit the hay....

Saturday was a busy busy day. We had soccer all morning. Jude had a game at 9 a.m. Elise had a game at 11 a.m. In between Linda, Jude, Avery & I went to a church yard sale. I got a few books and a set of soup crocks (for $1). We rushed back to Elise's game- got there late - not that it mattered because Elise wouldn't even play. Then Jude had soccer pics at 11:50 all the way across town. On the way I lost on of Avery's shoes. That has never happened to me before. We got to the pics just in the nick of time. Whew. Next I went home and had a picnic in the yard since most everyone was too tired to go on a proper picnic like we had planned. Later Linda and I went to Gabes and Jake took Elise to her soccer pics.

After all that....I came home and made the Thai Shrimp & Veggie dish. YUM.

What a day.

Sunday we went to church and pretty much worked outside the entire day. I have a serious burn on my back.

Well, here are the pics from the weekend. Somehow I didn't get one picture of the grandparents...Sorry.

Jude's fancy footwork.

Smiling Elise.

I think she was running from the game...she didn't want to play.

Really!? It was empty. She was trying to be like Mommy.

The kids insisted on playing in the pool. And our grass isn't really dead - it is dormant. We have some weird grass that does that. I hate it.

Paul & Jake worked on the Arbor - it isn't leaning anymore. It only took two trips to the hardware store! Doesn't it look nice? That is our garden in the background.

You can't see it real well but I made our garden into a graph. I used string. It is serving as a guide. I will be getting rid of the strings when the planting is complete. I did plant peas, broccoli, cabbage, onions & lettuce.

This is Avery eating fresh salsa I made. She is a mess. I let her drink water out of a real glass - hence the wet dress. And check out her toes. She demanded I paint her when she noticed I had painted mine. Which was two minutes after I came out of the bathroom where I was hiding the polish from her! I can't believe she noticed that fast!

Avery eating hot fudge.

This is my new bracelet I bought at Gabe's!!!


Mandy said...

Cute pictures!
Uh, where was the suncreen police when you needed them?

Jennifer Fetterman said...

I love the mid-air shots. But it took me a while to figure out where Jude's arm was in the first picture. If you notice, there's an arm, but it belongs to the person seated behind him... and his arm must be behind him... so .. well, it took me a minute.

But that's not saying much! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey - you got a picture of us - well, our feet anyway LOL. We had a great time!


Amanda said...

D - i have the necklace that goes with that bracelet!!!!!!!!
time and geography have changed nothing :)