Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear John...

Dear Mr. McCain,
I've been hearing you talk A LOT lately about Barack Obama "spreading the wealth around". I am just wondering if you are planning to cut all taxes for public programs out because, after all, that is "spreading the wealth around". And I wonder if you are discouraging people from donating - which is "spreading the wealth around" or taking what you have and giving it to someone (or some cause) that may need it. I understand why you originally made the statement and I know that it got quite a response but I can't quite figure out WHY you keep saying it over and over. You have admitted you want to keep spending our "hard earned money" (that is what you called it) occupying a country that has a projected 4 year budget with an 80 billion dollar surplus. And didn't you just support that $750,000,000,000 bail out plan? Now you are going to take money from working families and "spread the wealth" to companies who gambled a little too much and lost. Now, I am not saying I am against all government spending. And I am certainly not against "programs" or donating. I am just trying to clarify a few things. If you are saying you are going to let me keep all of my hard earned money and let me be responsible enough to decided if I want to "spread my own wealth around" by doing away with taxes - then, hey, you might get my vote yet. If not, please stop with the redoric. It is getting old.

Thank you for your time.

Delilah Miller

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I think I agree with you. I have always said that both candidates are taking us down the same road. One is taking us down that road faster than the other. Both guys will spend all of our money until and still continue to print more cash like there's no tomorrow. I think the main disagreement we have is that I don't mind Johnny Mac spending it on the war, and not on people programs. You don't mind The Big O spending it on people programs and not on the war.I am tired of the government growing out of control with no regard for the people at all. Yes, you may ask me why I continue to hate. Why I'm a war monger, etc,etc,etc..