Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Write it and they will come....

I don't know why I named this post THAT. I just thought it was funny. I guess I am a little slap happy.

So, let me tell you some about my work. There isn't really much to tell that I can write on my blog. Everything is very confidential. Man, how I wish I could tell you. The stories....are heart wrenching. There was this show on just recently....it was called Oprah's Big Give. I LOVED that show. I wish I could have been a contestant. Basically there were contestants and they competed to be the biggest giver. They were given tasks that all were to help other people. Sometimes they were given money to work with other times they just had to make some connections. I think I would be great at it. When I think of my job I think each family is my own little "Big Give" challenge. It may sound cheesy but that is how it is. Today I am looking for a couch, love seat, toddler bed and some cell phone minutes. But I am also looking for free family activities and resources. So, it isn't just about the material giving. Oh, and all that CVS stuff I have been getting for FREE....well, I made a sizable donation this week - to the agency I work for...how cool is that? It is kinda crazy how it all works out.

Now, as for being away from home. I am sad about that. I am worried my husband is going to feel emasculated by being the stay at home dad and not working outside the home. Uhm....that idea was put in my head by a coworker. Great. He says he is okay with it. He is doing a great job - I hate to admit it but he is making what I used to do everyday so easy. I hate to be shown up. But glad in a way. My big thing now is what will I do when he gets a job. I wish he could get paid to stay at home forever. It really is a sweet deal while it lasts.

As for the house..... I WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!!!!! Seriously. It is a crazy mess. He says we have to go. She swears we can stay. He says use the deposit as the last months rent. She says we can't. And all the while we are looking and not really finding anything that suits our needs. It stinks. Life will be easier when we figure it all out. Really. I know it will be okay....it is the getting there.

On another note....this is about work again....in a way. I am so loving being in Kent again. I love that town. It has brought back a ton of memories but man am I ever old in Kent. Last week I needed my transcripts to get this license to be a "social work assistant". I called first and they told me to come on it - transcripts are free. I was like wahoo... So, I get there and they won't give me one. There is a hold on my account. So after a wild goose chase, I am told I owe KSU $100 for parking tickets I got back in 1997. Eleven years ago. ELEVEN. I had to pay for parking tickets from 11 years ago in order to get transcripts that I haven't EVER needed for 11 years - since I graduated - 11 years ago. Like Kent really needed my measly 100 bucks. Long story short. I paid it - got the transcripts. Man I stuck out like a sore thumb on campus. I am old.

Speaking of old...it is past my bedtime. I will try to make more time to write and share.

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Anonymous said...

You may have looked oldeer on campus just because of the way you dress. Most likely you still dress the way you did when you were going to school and need to update you clothing a little, making yourself look younger even for your job. Hubby will enjoy it also. Your in the prime of your life so don't let yourself get old before your time.