Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fill-In #1

This is a meme I stumbled across over at the Seeking Imperfection blog. I thought it looked kinda cute. Here is my first one.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The last time I lost my temper I yelled at Jude!
2. My weight "issue" is what I'm fed up with!
3. The next book I'd like to read is Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.
4. Starting my new job on Monday is what I'm looking forward to.
5. If you can't get rid of the skeleton[s] in your closet, you might as well talk about them (it kinda steals the thunder from anyone who might want to gossip about you)!
6. The best thing I got in the mail recently was Family Fun Magazine for FREE.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to feeling better, tomorrow my plans include going to a surprise birthday party (hmmmm...don't you wonder if it is yours???) and Sunday, I want to spend some time outside!

Wasn't that fun? See what happens when I am too sick to leave the house!?

1 comment:

Michie said...

Glad you liked the Friday Fill-In, and thanks for the little blog plug. :) I like Jennifer Weiner too!