Thursday, June 26, 2008

You've Been Washing Your Face With What????

Last Valentine's Day, my sweet hubby bought me a gift certificate to this spa place here in town. He got it for 50% off so I was extra thrilled with his thriftiness. Well, with the business of life I almost let it expire but luckily I remembered and used it like the day before! When I called to make my appointment, I was trying to figure out what the heck I even wanted....a massage, a body wrap (which ya'll know I've already done), ear candling (crazy thing) or bunch of other options. The lady talked me into a facial. I will admit I was a little skeptical because I have crazy sensitive skin. I have been having some serious issues with redness and I told her I was concerned about all this. She said, it will be fine. OK - what ever you say. So, I go get this facial/ massage. It was great. She asked me what type skin I have and I told her combo/oily. I always get zits and stuff and have the shine thing going on so that is what I thought. As soon as she touched my face she said, your skin is dry. WHAT !? No way. She said I was probably dehydrated (oops) and probably the stuff I clean my face with to dry it up was too harsh. I needed something moisturizing. The problem is most lotion type products cause an adverse reaction with my skin. No thanks. Well, she proceeded to clean my skin with all these oils. Are you kidding? I expected to have a zit farm the next morning. But guess what? My skin looked beautiful. Amazing. She sold a bunch of very expensive products so I didn't purchase any - remember the tight budget. Too bad. Later that week I was reading a blog that linked to this website called The Oil Cleansing Method. What timing. I read it and it made complete sense to me. So, I went out and bought the oils at my grocery store and have been using it ever since. Yes it works. I have had several compliments on my skin. Who would have thought. I've even got my sister doing it now. She did even more reading and found that many hollywood stars use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer. Now you know what I am cleansing with! Since I am using oils maybe I should be cleansing at the kitchen faucets.

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isunshine said...

OK, so I just bought some Aveeno cleansing pads tonight @ target. Should I take them back? I mixed 2 parts grapeseed oil with 1 part each sweet almond oil and apricot seed oil. My face feels great! Except I got some in my eyes. It doesn't burn but everything is blurry! ha