Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I LOVE Spring!

I know, most of you are already in summer mode, after all it is June - but here in Northeast Ohio it is the tail end of Spring. Yesterday and today we have had a good soaking rain (as Jake calls it). I have enjoyed it. I was laying in bed looking out my window this morning and started thinking about how everyone loves Fall for the colors and crisp air but Spring has many beautiful colors and the air is fresh and new (and full of pollen). I don't know - maybe it is the whole renewal thing - but I love spring. I loved gardening but man am I ever sore. I have sunburn on my shoulders and every muscle is still aching. Isn't that crazy?

On another note.....I posted the picture of my Birthday cake earlier this week. I wanted to tell you how sweet my husband is....He had a Birthday party for me. He went behind my back and called a handful of my friends and set it all up. He first cooked dinner - he picked out the menu and everything. My Mom, Aunt Debbie, Heather, Ivan, Indy & Reichen all joined us. Then afterwards Bill, Sherry, their crew, JenF, Neil, their kids and the neighbors came over. We had cake and ice cream. The day before, I stopped by home during the day and I saw that Jake had bought a veggie tray - I jokingly asked him, "are you having a party for me?" He looked down and could not conceal the smile on his face! I had only been joking but he gave it away. I knew right away.

What else is going on???? Yes, work. Do you know how bad I want to tell you things about work? Oh my goodness. If only I could. I may write a book some day - trust me it would be a page turner. I guess I can tell you this - I had a client's hubby go out a window yesterday to avoid talking with me. Seriously - I LOVE this job. Endless drama - oh, and yesterday I found out I can wear hats while working! Gotta love it.

See ya.


amanda said...

your blog looks super cute!

Glad you had a good was your sweet 16, right!?!? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday with me. Give that handsome hubby of yours a big hug for me. He sure is a good cook!

Love you,
Aunt D.

Anonymous said...

I like this look a lot better than the other.....Like you care!! haha

Aunt D.