Monday, July 24, 2006

I am going to the beach and I am taking......

Well, I am not going to the beach but Jude came home today! I had a busy day at work. My mom took him to my house around 4:30ish and I didn't get off until 7 P.M. Jake brought the kids and met me at Sam's Club (exciting I know). But we really needed to stock up. So, I got there first and was just waiting. When they pulled in Jude was laughing and being goofy. He was happy to see me (yes, I can breathe a sigh of son does like his mother after all). He gave me a big hug and all that but some time ago he decided he doesn't like kisses and wipes them off. It has become the big joke. He even wipes Elise's kisses off. So we go into the store and Jude needs to go to the bathroom and then Elise has a poopy diaper. Of course we didn't bring the diaper bag in because...well we just didn't. So, Jake goes out to the car and the kids and I continue to shop. Hecktic Hecktic hecktic. After all the bathroom stuff was finished Jude was trying to hang on the cart and Elise was kicking him. She obviously didn't want him near her. I think she enjoyed being the only child for a while and wasn't happy Jude returned. Either way, we did survive Sam's Club and made it out without spending every penny we have. You know how it go in for one or two things and the next thing you know you have enough meat for the next month.

When we got back out to the cars (remember we drove separately), Jude decided he wanted to ride home with Mommy. We anticipated this already so it wasn't a big deal to move the car seat over. On the way home he said "Mom, lets play a game". I figured I was up for a big game of "I Spy". He always picks something we are going past and by the time I figure out what he is spying...well, we are five miles down the road from it! But isn't that cute. He then proceeds to tell me what he is taking to the beach (you were wondering where I was going with the title weren't you?). I quickly remembered a game we used to play with my mom. She'd say I am going to the beach and taking (blank). Then we would have to say "I am going to the beach and taking your (blank) and my (blank)". The idea is to remember the whole list of what you are taking to the beach. I used to love playing this game with my mom and sister. It was undivided attention. So, I played along with Jude and as I listened to him tell what he was taking to the beach I recognized the items as the same ones my mom used to say to me when I was a little girl. For example I told him I was going to take water to drink. He said "NO...we are going to take whemonade!" Isn't it so sweet??? I have a feeling this will be "the game" for a while. I know when we were kids we always wanted to play it. I am sure it drove my mother crazy at times.

So, everyone is back home. Jake will be gone tommorow night. I am sure you will read all about that soon enough. Have a great day!


Jake said...

One day I will be going to the beach and I will be taking my wife.

isunshine said...

We have a game we play in the car too. It's more fun with my mom and dad and brother, but Isabella LOVES to play it for really long periods of time when we are traveling. We say, "I like to eat _______" and fill in the blank with something gross. Then everyone in the car makes noises and says things like "gross", "yuck", etc...I know, stupid, but fun.