Friday, July 28, 2006

Is it really Friday? Thank God!

Work was great this week. We had a lot of activity. It was nice to talk with a lot of potential customers and I even made some of them happy by saving them a few (hundred or so) bucks. Isn't that cool. I don't think of it as selling insurance but rather selling a savings. Ha. Sounds corny but it is true.

I was a little suprised that no one commented on the pictures. WHY NOT? Well, a few of my friends did discuss them with me in person. Either way, the funniest thing someone said was "That Applehead looks mean!" So, Applehead...if you were going for the aggressive look I think you accomplished it. BTW...I did say you aren't mean. I thought the dump truck picture was priceless but then again, I know the people in the photo which makes it that much funnier to me. I don't know.

The kids are great. Jude's toe was well on the way to recovery. He is going to loose his nail. But he did have a little set back this week and he decided he couldn't walk on it again.

Today I was in the basement doing laundry and Elise stopped and was looking at me. I thought she had a VERY guilty look on her face so I said "What are you doing?" She started laughing and ran towards me with her hand out. When she got to me she handed me a penny. Isn't that something? She knew she wasn't supposed to have it and I busted her! So cute.

Well, I am tired and must be going to bed but I wanted to update everyone.


Applehead said...

Thanks for defending me. I am glad everything is going at work for both of you. I am not really that mean looking in person.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are really great, Delilah. I laugh every time I look at that dump truck photo. Doesn't look like Papaw was laughing, though! And why is Applehead (I think it's him) enjoying himself with a soft drink while Papaw is lying [comfortable, I'm sure] on the ground? Did Applehead need to press on the gas or something? And Jude in the truck with his boots on -- signs of things to come?
Aunt Nancy

Stephanie said...

Tim a mean guy? :) I think he was trying to combat the Opie comment his boss made!

isunshine said...

Hey, I just noticed that my "link" says "amy dawn". Did Heather put you up to that? haha