Monday, July 03, 2006

Step off the blog...(please!?!?)

Did you know I have had so much blog drama???? Well, I have. I think I was a little gun shy (yes I can be shy) about even writing anything for a while because I had 2 incidences right in a row concerning my blog. The first case was just crazy. A person from my past started reading my blog and read a comment I made that was in reference to him and a future ex-men Monday post. He and his girlfriend got a little bananas about that. Seriously, they did have a valid point. I was making fun of the guy and he had a right to be upset but they took it to an extreme...insulting my children, friends, my God, music, etc.... They called me all sorts of colorful and creative names. I kinda got a kick out of it but in the end I was upset because they posted some pretty nasty and untrue things about me on the internet with my full name. So that was drama #1. Now for drama #2. My old room-mate from college read the post I wrote about her and she was very upset. She left me a comment and I couldn't even respond to her. She was insulted by the things I said and thought I had a bad opinion of her. Honestly, I thought she was one of the funniest and nicest people I've known. I re-read the post and didn't seem to find any of it offensive. I think I even said some very nice things about her. Either way, she handled the situation with a lot more class, which I appreciate, but neverless hasn't spoken to me since. I did leave her an apology comment. Who knows if she ever read it. Right after that happened I heard about this study about the "tone" of an email. The conclusion of the study was that most people (something like 75%) misinterpret the tone of an email. I think the case may be the same in my blog. So, here's the deal. My intentions are not to hurt anyone. I write about my life, current events and past history. I don't always have nice and flowery things to say about everyone. That doesn't mean I am bashing others or making fun. Sometimes reality isn't pretty. Know what I mean???? I try to keep those that would be embarassed by what I reveal anonymous. I think that is fair. Obviously there are people who have been in my life for a long time that will know some of those I speak about but it doesn't matter because they lived what I write about first hand.

In closing I would like to say this...blogs are such a cool thing. It is more fun than a journal because you can get feedback from other people and share a part of yourself you might not ever get to in another venue. Sometimes we say things on our blogs that we might not ever bring ourselves to say out in the open. And there are people who read my blog who never even talk to me. It is almost like they are eavesdropping on my life. And there are people I have been able to keep up with that under normal circumstances I may not have been able too (Aunt D, Aunt Nancy, Jason & Kelly - to name a few). Allthough I was upset about the drama, I am flattered that people took the time to read through my pages upon pages of posts. I do think I have some good (funny) stuff and some serious stuff....mostly just goofy. Please, if you are a reader...don't take any of it too seriously. It is a blog...not a newspaper...or book (beware though, I might write a book someday) doesn't carry much weight. I am just a girl from the suburbs writing about my life....................................... I love you all so keep reading - maybe I'll write about YOU next!!!


Anonymous said...

Delilah, keep up the good work! I, for one, love your blog, you make my day! I'm always disappointed when you don't post everyday.

Love you,
Aunt D.

isunshine said...

I love your blog too. It makes me think that we talk and see each other more than just once a year :) There couldn't possibly be anything that isn't just super wonderful that you could say about me, could there? hahaha It's nice having you blogging again!!! amy

Applehead said...

A lot of people take this blog thing very seriously... I don't btw. But many, many people do.