Friday, July 21, 2006

Pictures of You...

Okay...Here is the deal. I want you to write captions for these pictures. I will tell you who and what they are later. I am having a tough time getting to these other pics I want to post. Hopefully Jake can help soon. Either way....write captions.




Anonymous said...

1. "road trip"
2. "true love"
3. "I can't believe you just said that!"

Applehead said...

1. Don't you just love these seats! They are Soooo comfortable. I could sit here all day. There's nothing like sitting here in the back of a charter bus riding along....I wonder if I could pick one of these up at Target....

2.Mike: I wonder what's for Dinner...I hope they don't smell that

3. Girl on Left: Did a bird just poop on me? Whew! No that was close.
Girl on right: Oh...I think I am going to puke..

Stephanie said...

1. Just take the stupid picture and get it over with already.

2. Enjoy it now. You have no idea what you have just gotten yourself into!

3. Play it cool and maybe Aunt Ethel won't come over and pinch our cheeks and tell us how big we have gotten.

judeandelise said...

Well, I guess no one else wants to play my game...Pooey. So here are the real photo explainations...

1. That is Justiene on the bus when we went to Women of Faith. She usually hides from the camera but recently came to the realization that she doesn't have any pics of herself for that reason. So - she put on a big smile for me!

2. Brittany and Ryan at their wedding. They just got married a few weeks ago and Jake took that great picture. The man in the back ground is our Pastor, who married them.

3. Caitlyn & Brittany. I took this photo at my sister's house last week-end. Everytime I get a camera out they hide their faces or look away. The funny thing is....if you look at their myspace pages they have tons of posed pictures. They obviously think of me as the "Aunt Ethel" that would pinch their cheeks or....always take their photo!!!!

Anonymous said...

#2-is that fred savage?