Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire....

Yesterday while I was working I got a call from a friend.  I was with a client so I couldn't take it.  She left a message.  I rarely listen to messages until they are a week old.  I don't know why....bad habit, I guess.  So, while I am driving to my next destination I call her back.

Here is how the conversation went:
Me:  Hi!
Her:  Thank God you called.  I told a lie and it is eating me alive.
Me: Oookaaay. (wondering what could she have lied about, did she lie to her husband? Her Mom?)
Her:  I lied to my boss.  He called me about a big meeting today and I told him I couldn't be there because my Grandma died!
Me:  Outburst of Laughter...You what!? Why would you do that?
Her: I don't know.  I think something is wrong with me.
Me:  Laughter again....Well....
Her:  Seriously, I lied to my boss.  It just slipped off my tongue and I just know I am going to get caught.  I think I should call him and tell him I lied.
Me:  You can't tell him you lied about that.  If you must tell him the truth is you had severe digestive problems and were too embarrassed to tell him and the grandma thing just slipped out. (thinking....that still sounds bad.)
Her:  Laughter.  That would be more lying.
Me: Oh yeah.
Her:  This is eating me alive.  I already called and scheduled to feed the homeless for an entire day because I feel so bad about this.
Me: Laughter.  That should be good for you. (thinking of the scene from Desperate Housewives when Gabby goes to the homeless shelter to see an old friend).
She:  I told my husband and he thinks I am crazy.  He yelled at me.
Me:  So, why did you need the day off.
Her:  I need a day to get organized and get control of my life.
Me:  Don't you get personal days.
Her: Yes.
Me:  What are you going to do if you Grandma dies next week?
Her:  I don't know.  Do I need to see a Therapist?
Me:  Well, I think everyone lies sometimes.  The difference is you feel guilty about it an many people don't.  Some people even begin to believe their lies. (....if she starts shopping for black dresses tell her to seek help).
Her:  What would you do if you lied to your boss.
Me:  I don't know.  I've never lied to my boss.
Her:  Thanks.  That just cut like a knife.  I really am a bad person.
Me:  No, I just have a VERY extremely flexible job and I don't have to lie when I need a day off...even if it was to stay and home and watch TV.
Her:  Have you ever lied?
Me:  Of course....then I had to think of a time I lied and confess it to her to help make her feel better.
Her:  You should blog about this.  Find out if other people lie and what they lie about.

So, what do you think?  She is not a bad person. That is why I laughed when she told me.  It was a bit surprising.  And she is under a lot of stress.  She needs to learn to say no.  I've had to figure out what is important and learn to say No.  I can't do everything.  I turns me into something ugly.

Leave me a comment and tell me about the worst lie you ever told.  Or a lie you told your boss.  You can leave it as an anonymous comment if you want.  And what do you think my friend should do.  She does not have the kind of job you can just leave and go to the next place. She is pretty well known in her field.  She is afraid this could ruin her reputation if it gets out.  Does she have to confess to her boss?


Anonymous said...

when i read your blog i could not think of anything then i was stuck thinking about most of the day. so my biggest lie probably was ling to my teacher: i told her that i didn't finish my science outline because i was sick. i had forgotten about until the night before it was due, i didn't want a missed assignment.

Anonymous said...

Have I ever lied??? Sure, but I really can't think of an "out and out" lie at the moment, but I'm sure I've lied many times in my life, however, most of them were probably "skirtng the issue" but that's still lying. In fact, I've probably lied to you by telling you I was going to whip you and your cousin D. for doing whatever
then didn't.
If you want to know for sure if I lie or not, ask my children and grandchildren....(Only my hairdresser knows for sure!!)

Now, concerning your friend, I think the best thing she could do would be talk to her boss and tell him/her the same thing she told you. In the end, truth will always prevail.

Love you (and that's not a lie)
Aunt D.