Friday, July 04, 2008

Finally--a guest appearance!! I got the third invitation from Delilah to be a guest blogger; I guess this means that I should get on the ball. (See, I can take a hint!) I have lots of great excuses about why I haven't blogged yet, but honestly I've been stressing out about what to write about...OH the pressure!

Anyway, I finally decided that i want to write about death. More specifically funerals. (Aren't you glad you were so persistent now Di!)

In the last seven months Ivan and I have had seven close family or friends pass on. We were only able to attend five of the funerals...but that was plenty. I guess I should start by telling you that I have very strong Faith. I believe that there is something so much better waiting for us when we die, if we only accept the gift that is so freely and lovingly offered to us. I know that in almost all of the seven deaths that they are way better off not suffering here on this earth; I am not sad for them, but for myself and their friends and family because we are the ones left behind to miss them.
My point is all of this is the occasion of the funeral. I have seen everything from the traditional Catholic funerals to a wake only, for Ivan's aunt (per her request). When Ivan's mom passed away this fall we truly had a celebration of her life. There were hundreds of beautiful flowers and we did have her body displayed (that sounds so weird), but there was a digital photo frame in the corner with over 200 photos of Patty's life. Not just formal pictures, but the fun ones too. Halloween, parties, her at 25 in her bikini--she loved that picture! There were people crowded around that small corner for hours. They were crying and hugging. They were laughing and telling stories. It was so beautiful.

Anyway, the point is what I want. Yes, this is about ME!! (isn't everything...just kidding!!)
Seriously though, someday when it is my time to go (hopefully not too soon) I don't want some awful sad funeral. I don't want slow sad music playing in the back ground; I don't want some somber eulogy read or a hell fire and brimstone sermon from the pastor. I do think that funerals are an appropriate time to talk about the gift God offers us of a beautiful life for eternity, but there is definitely a way to do, or not do it. At my Aunt Sheila's funeral the pastor gave a beautiful sermon..hopefully it touched some hearts. But I digress...about me :) ...i want fun music, fun happy healthy pictures of me, maybe even do the YMCA--why not...I would love that.

I do secretly hope that at least one or two people will miss me, and i know that a loss is still a loss no matter how you look at it. I just hope that when i go that whomever is planning my final party will really do it up--the kind of party a true hostess would have loved!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Heather!! Good post.

About your funeral -- uhh, would a Halloween party be okay??? Just joking. I don't really want a funeral and I especially don't want people looking at me dead. I'd rather for family and friends to meet here and have a party......and you and Delilah are personally invited! However, whatever the family decides will be okay. (guess at that point I won't be boss anymore!) drat!

Aunt D.

delilah said...

Yeah! Heather finally writes. Great job!

isunshine said...

Good post Heather! When you die, I will celebrate! (uhh...that didn't sound bad did it?? ha ha!) I know what you mean though. There was a guy who had his wake set up like he was watching a football game in his living room. He was set up in a recliner, with the TV showing football, and a beer and his cigs on the table beside him. I thought that was pretty cool!c