Sunday, July 20, 2008

Other stuff I didn't tell you....

That other post was getting so long I think I let out some other stuff. First of all - will someone please remind me the next time I am on morphine not to make phone calls. YIKES. I did this once before after I had a c-section. I thought I was fine and started calling people. You know it is bad when someone says, "you sound really out of it". The funny thing is...I thought I was fine. The same thing happened this time. How embarrassing. Lets see - I called my boss - I don't even remember what we talked about. I talked to my friend, Danielle, who later was laughing about the stuff I was saying. Nice. Who knows who else I spoke to. Isn't that awful? I remember saying funny stuff to the Doctors too. I kept getting a headache so I asked the one doctor if the infection had spread to my brain. I was serious. She laughed and said, "I hope not or you are in trouble."

BTW...when they did the cat scan they also told my my gall bladder is full of stones. Great.

That tube I told you about - it was so gross. I actually have a hole in my abdomen where it was. It was there to drain any fluid or puss that was still inside me. When it would fill up the nurse would come and empty it. (GAG) They took it out right before I left. Apparently, I had started healing (I've always been a super fast healer) so when the doc pulled it out I felt all of my insides tugging. It hurt so bad. I yelled. There was like a foot of tube inside me. So SO gross. And it hurt.

Okay, the thing I don't really want to talk about but it is just that SHOCKING - my weight. Let me recap my eating for the last week. Monday I ate semi normal but threw up dinner and anything that was in my body. Tuesday I ate a couple of Popsicles and a small piece of cheese pizza. Wednesday I took two bites of a peanut butter sandwich and ate a couple popsicles. Thursday clear liquids only. Friday full liquids until lunch...I ate a couple of bites of a sweet potato, a peachy lean muffin and I think that is it. So, I got home and weighed myself. Please someone explain to me how I GAINED 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) pounds. I am telling you - I can dream about food and gain weight. Today, I can't go to church because I don't have pants I can button. Isn't that embarrassing? Well, I have lost 9 lbs since I got home Friday evening. I know it is from being on an IV for 2+ days. Now I will have to sweat/pee all that fluid out. I woke up last night drenched in sweat. I have to say, I was looking forward to at least loosing a little weight with this ordeal - not GAIN. I seriously could cry.

Yesterday I still had a fever and I didn't feel like doing anything. At this point I don't know how I feel. Mostly depressed. I hate sitting still. Jude and Elise went to my Parents house so I can get my rest. They were so excited....a little too excited I might add - they asked if they could stay there forever. I guess they don't like living with Mommy & Daddy. So, I keep wanting to get up and do stuff but then I tire out before long. Yesterday I did start to organize a trip to CVS but then I couldn't go. Bummer I missed out on getting my other photo books.


Mandy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
Don't worry having your gallbladder out is not nearly as painful as the whole apendix ordeal sounded!
As far as the weight gain, I feel your pain:)

Stephanie said...

So glad you are back home and recovering! What an ordeal! Thanks for sharing all the gory details! :0

hollyberry2 said...

My goodness girl, please take it easy. You are taking the high pain tolerance thing a little too far. Hope you are ALL better soon!

isunshine said...

I know that feeling bad is no fun, but try to take it easy and get your rest. As for weight gain...remember tiny skinny me. No longer. I need to lose some weight in a bad way! I am sooo exhausted and never feel like exercising even thought I know it would make me feel better. Good luck!
Oh, and I called Heather after I got my wisdom teeth out- and I don't remember it either! Funny!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

thanks for giving us the gore. Look! There is my picture!