Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday....You've got to be kidding me!

Where did the time go?

Last night I was feeling something....I don't know if it was sadness or sorrow...are they different? But when I feel like that I usually do an activity that is tedious - time to think, I guess. So, I decided to tackle my kitchen floor. It was nasty. I started by taking a butter knife and scraping all the edges by the trim. You know where you mop and everything gets pushed into the corners? The previous owner liked to use that acrylic floor stuff but apparently she didn't strip it every 6-8 times like the bottle advises. After the corner scraping I decided to head over to Walmart for some cleaning supplies. I needed a new mop and I wanted to get the exact stuff the bottle said to use to strip that stuff. After I got home I mopped and scrubbed and scraped (with a paint scraper) and the floor looks horrible. I thought the floor was a brown/tan color but come to find out it is really a cream color and only part of the floor is down to the original color so you can really see the dirt part. I seriously worked on the floor for hours. I still need to do more.

Yesterday I did work for a couple hours and I do have an appointment today. I did go to the doctor yesterday and he said I can do whatever and he also told me I can stop taking that nasty antibiotic. Yippy. I was so happy. Doctors never tell you that you can stop taking your medicine!

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Anonymous said...

Ask the homeowner to replace the flooring, the worse he can say in "no". If it was my rental, I would, especially if you could lay it yourself.

Aunt D.