Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pictures...Recent Stuff.

Jude blowing out his candles.

Here is Elise with Ralph.

Jude trying to get hurt.

Jude watching Ralph roll.

Jude holding Ralph.

Jude was goofing around and hit the side of his eye on our stool. Now he has a black eye.

Elise by the Christmas tree.

Avery hiding in our fire place....our kids are strange.

Avery being cute.

Jude and Elise looking at the snow a couple of weeks ago.
Avery wanted to see the snow, too.

Elise got new boots....this is her dancing in them.


Sherry said...

I liked the fireplace picture. Reminds me of my kids

Anonymous said...

Jude has a nice shiner


Anonymous said...

I just love seeing your kids grow up on your blog, and they are really growing. Thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading them.