Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year....

Maybe I will make a resolution to write more posts on my blog....LOL.  If it goes anything like last years resolution (to avoid fast food joints)...well, don't expect that many posts. Ha!

I feel like I need to catch you up on all the craziness of the Miller clan.  It is always a real ride, I'll tell ya.  Jake started a job in November at Allstate - remember when I worked there?  His first 5 weeks were training.  It was nuts.  Life was just a rush.  It was quite an adjustment for me to get the kids ready for school and to deliver them to all the different places (Jude to his school, Elise to her school & Avery to the babysitters).  Then work. Then back to pick Elise & Avery up at one babysitters and then Jude at a different house.  Jake had classes in the evening.  Wow.  After the training, Jake's schedule changed and now he delivers and I pick up. He is done with school for a few more weeks.  And we've had a babysitter change.  Now we will have someone come to our home - which I am so excited about.  It will make life a little easier.  

Christmas came and went.  I love Christmas so much but it really was stressful this year.  I was worried about so many things....that all worked out in the end.  Plus it didn't help that I crammed WAY TOO MUCH into my schedule....parties, events, baking and baskets.   Jennifer, Heather and I baked about 75 dozen cookies that we passed out to friends, family, clients, etc...  The week before Christmas I sent an email to our Church members to donate items for baskets for my clients.  I wanted to make 4 baskets - I ended up with enough stuff to make 9!  I still have lightbulbs and paper items in my office!  It was awesome!  Christmas day was great.  The kids really enjoyed all their gifts.  My parents and my sisters family were all at our house.  My Mom made enough food for an Army.  It was fabulous.  Jake bought me an MP3 player.  I'll probably listen to Books more than anything, although I already have 3 GB of music on it. 

We had a little excitement over the break.  We discovered our transmission is going in the van and we need a new one.  Really?!  Now????  Paul (FIL) found a transmission for about $1000 less than the transmission place was charging so he and Jake devised a plan that ended with Tim, Steph and their children stranded on Rt. 77 for three hours, in our van!  Long story.....

Also, Willow - our dog, decided she likes chocolate chips - so much that she ate 3 lbs. of them.  She ate enough to kill her.  She threw up a lot.  Chocolate dog barf.  Think about that one for a minute.  Let's just say she wasn't the only one barfing in the Miller home that night. 

We went to the Looman's for New Years Eve.  Bill, Sherry, Jake and I were playing Mad Gab when we heard Avery slip and fall upstairs.  I ran up and found a river of water on the Looman's second floor.  The kids were filling up plastic bins with water and spilled a few on the floor.  Right around that time water started leaking through the floor to the first floor ceiling - right were we were sitting.  It looked like it was raining.  This was all after Avery and Isaiah had locked themselves in Isaiah's room and ate all of Tyler's candy.  Never. A. Dull. Moment. 

Never - Ever. 

We haven't had Christmas with the Miller's yet.  I know, we are such rebels.  We are going there in a couple of weeks to have our Christmas celebration.  I probably will still wait until the day before to do my wrapping.  LOL.  It is more fun that way - that is what I tell myself. 

I will try to blog more often.  I am out of the habit.  I will really, really try.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

you know something is gonna happen here that weekend. The three of us will be installing that transmission(won't take long) if the snow is here we will get something stuck..

Jiminie Cricket said...

Sounds like you have had as adventerous of a holiday season as ours. Ours included...Andrew puking on me at Christmas Eve service (at a church we've never visited before), the christmas tree falling over and dumping water on our wrapped presents, Gracie breaking a glass ornament in her hands, and Andrew running a temperature of 103 degrees for 5 days starting on christmas eve! Here's to a better 2010 for all of us!