Monday, May 26, 2008

Make It From Scratch....The Carnival

I have been a Make It From Scratch fan since the beginning. Yet, this is my first time hosting! How exciting.

For those of you that don't know what this is all about - I will explain. Make It From Scratch (MIFS) is a weekly "carnival" where bloggers can submit posts where they talk about something they have made from scratch. Stephanie is the "founder" and maintains the carnival at Stop the Ride. Props to her - after doing this one week I've gotta say it takes some energy on her part.

Make sure you take the time to leave a comment when you stop by and visit the entries....Comments are important - they make bloggers feel good!

Let's Start with FOOD.....This week (as with most weeks) there are some delish and different food choices. Don't waste your money on cook books or fancy food magazines when you can get it for free here!

Valereee over at Cincinnati Locavore shares a trip to Linwood Sausage Company to learn about Artisan Sausage Making.

Robbyn from The Back Forty tried a Moroccan recipe: Lemon & Green Olive Chicken. The pictures are great.

Erica at The Sojourner (BTW....she is next week's hostess) thought of her Grandma while she made Stuffed Grape Leaves.

Baked Potato Soup was a big hit over at One Krusty Mama. Joanna says her kids LOVED it.

Do you remember when Stephanie stretched a chicken? Well, at Funny About Money they stretched a pork roast. Check out Cheap Eats. Six Meals in One.

Speaking of cheap....Money Blue Books made Healthy & Frugal Boca Burgers.

Mama Bear from I've Got Space to Fill made Pasta with Sweet Tomato Sauce & Baked Ricotta. YUM-O.

Hannah at The Purloined Letter, submitted Dandy Lions, a post about dandelions and what she did with them. How cool?

InnStyle Montana wrote a lovely post called Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. She talks about women feeling guilty (don't we all!? What is up with that?), gives some advice and then tops it off with a recipe for Multigrain Chocolate Chip Cookies (sounds too healthy to feel guilty over right?).

Now for those of you with kids....we have some kid specific MIFS entries!

How To Me tells us how to put on a "Princess/Royal" Picnic Party. What little prince or princess wouldn't love that?

Alex from Home Life Weekly has the Perfect Play Dough can even eat this one!

The Frugal Mama, Lisa has an Economical First Aid idea with home made ice packs!

Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies....

Stephanie is gardening up a storm (we visited this weekend so I was lucky enough to see first hand). I don't have gardening space but I really want to try her potato growing system. This week she talks about Planting Potatoes in Tires - Round Two! Hint - use your potatoes for that soup One Krusty Mama made!

Melanie from Bean Sprouts made a Recycled Clock. It is very cool and looks so easy!

Linda at Mes Crazy Experiences knitted an Amigurumi Carotte. I have to admit I had no idea what the heck that was - so I did a little research. Amigurumi are Japanese creatures knitted from wool. They are very Japanese - my friend Amanda will adore them.

And last but not least.....Brian wants to help us Become a Genius Website Designer. Hopefully I can learn something from him. I've been wanting to give my blog a face lift for a while.

Well, that is it! Have fun making IT from scratch this week and see you next Tuesday over at The Sojourner, where Erica will be hosting the MIFS Carnival!!!


Mama Bear said...

Thanks for including my post!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Delilah!

Funny about Money said...

Thanks for including Funny's project to make a pot roast last forever. If anyone would like to come over for dinner, there's still some in the freezer.... :-D

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks so much for including my post!!!

Robbyn said...

Thanks for including mine, too :)

MamaBird said...

Great carnival and thanks for doing it (after hosting last week I now appreciate it even more!). Well done!

HowToMe said...

Thank you for hosting and for including us. Nicely done. :-)

amanda said...

hahaheehee - i had already planned on taking some crochet classes after our big trip so i can make these little amigurumi beauties!! you know me TOO well!!