Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Quick Thursday Thirteen....sorry it has been so long.

No, I am not abandoning my blog. Sorry it has been so long. Here are 13 things I have been meaning to tell you but just haven't had the chance.

1. I started doing Weight Watchers 2 1/2 weeks ago. Well.....I started counting points like 4 days but by lunch I was so off track. So, I skipped the second meeting (it is with some ladies from church). This week's was cancelled. I think I have gained a pound or two. How embarassing.

2. Work it still great but challenging. Yes, I have already found kids I want to bring home with me. It makes me want to cry....although I haven't cried yet.

3. Today is my Birthday. Sherry remembered this year. LOL. I reminded her everyday.

4. We went to West Virginia last weekend.

5. Yes, I met Martha...for like an hour. Not long enough but she seems really sweet.

6. Elise got shocked on the electric fence when she bent over to pick up her apple core that she dropped when she trying to feed it to the donkey. Now that is a sentence I'd bet you won't hear again!

7. We are still in the pink house for now. The man still wants us to move. He called and asked if he would be able to move in this weekend. She says we can still stay. It is still a mess and we are looking for a new place. Something is bound to come up for us.

8. I got my business cards today. These are the fouth cards I have had: Safe Landing Outreach Coordinator, Discovery Toys consultant, Allstate Insurance Sales person and now Delilah Miller, case manager.

9. I have wearing fake nails. They aren't long and mom my didn't even know they were fake. I just wanted my nails to look nicer. I did them myself.

10. I sold a sling but I haven't sewn it yet.

11. Jake is still looking for a job. The unemployment people made him go to this class thingy at the Job Center. He decided he liked that place and applied to work there. That would be really cool....we'd have the same clients.

12. The kids stayed in West Virginia but are coming home today.

13. My Mm and Aunt Debbie are visiting. Jake even shampooed the carpet for them. Isn't he sweet?

That is it for today.


hollyberry2 said...

Happy birthday, Delilah!

Mandy said...

Hope you have a great birthday!