Monday, September 08, 2008

I Have So Much To Say....

I have another post "brewing" - I just haven't had time to sit down and organize my thoughts with it. We are still running full speed ahead over here at the Miller household. We had a fun weekend. We took the kids to see WALL-E on Friday. We went to The Linda, which is an old, second run movie theater. It is a nice place to take kids. The kids were so excited. Especially Jude. He could hardly contain himself. He loves the movies. Elise was happy to go but not elated the way Jude was.... Avery, well this was her first movie and she, of course, wasn't that interested in the whole thing but at first she was delighted with the big screen and sat there staring. It was cute.

Saturday we went to a spider festival and then on hike #2 for the hiking spree. In the morning our landlord, Tom, came over to fix a few things around the place. He is really nice. We were talking to him about the big window in the kitchen and all of the stuff we see. He told us he wrote a book of short stories based on the things he saw at that kitchen window. I can only imagine what those stories are like. I guess because we live on a cut through street and because of the double corner design we just happen to catch a lot. He told us he used to have bird feeders just like we do. His wife was very sick with cancer and she had a care giver that would come and stay with her during the day. He said often times the care giver would wheel her wheel chair in front of the window and let her sit and watch the birds. One day he came home and in her very weak voice she told him to get rid of the bird feeders. When he went out he saw bird parts laying all around - Apparently there had been a hawk attack that day and she was stuck sitting there to watch it. Funny thing - I was just saying I have not seen one squirrel by our bird feeders at this house. At the other house it was a huge problem. Now, I guess I know why. He did tell us another really funny one that some of you will know the character - it is the guy across the street. We don't know his name but he is very tall and skinny and bald and he takes immaculate care of his lawn. It is all edged perfectly and he mows it twice a week. Incidentally, he never wears a shirt when he is mowing. Well, Tom said he was sitting at the table with a couple of buddies and they were watching this man mow his lawn and probably having a conversation very similar to ones we have had with our friends. The guy must have gotten into a hornets nest and he gets stung on top of is head three times. They witness this happen. So the guy goes in the house. After a few minutes the guy comes back out with a bag of ice tied to his head and keeps on mowing. He is serious about his lawn care! Too funny.

Sunday we went to church and I ran a few errands. Jude did his homework - yes he has homework in kindergarten. Then in the evening we went to the Looman's to be disappointed by the Browns again.

My week is going to be insane. Today I have to be in court (soon) - so I gotta go!!!!

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