Sunday, September 14, 2008

It is WIN-DY!!!

I am starting this post hoping the electricity does not go might because Ike is paying a visit to Ohio and man is it windy! I haven't seen it quite this windy for some time. We went to the Looman's for a birthday party and I walked home with the kids. By time I got home I was actually starting to get a little scared. There are a lot of branches down and the wind was whipping around. I heard a train sound...which I have heard it what a tornado sounds like....I thought, what the heck was I thinking? Then I realized it really was a train. LOL. But we all had dust in our eyes by time we got in the house. I guess there are a lot of power lines down.

Today we (well Jude and I) had an exciting day....a least I thought it was exciting....I don't think Jude was so excited. We went to see Hillary Clinton speak. I thought it was so cool. She didn't say anything I hadn't heard before but I just think it was so cool. We were actually fairly close to her but the pictures aren't the greatest because my camera does not take good "distance" pictures in a well lit room....I don't understand. I guess I should know my settings better. this point in the campaign I doubt I will get to see McCain or Barack. So I will take Hillary. I will go see Joe or Sarah if they come around. I signed up to get a text message from the Obama people if anyone is going to be in the area. The number to text them was 62262 or something like that....add the 2's and it is 666..............................................LOL. I am making a little fun.

So, on another note....Elise decided she want to get her hair cut. Here is a video - I will let her tell you what she wants to do......

I can only say we are in big trouble when she is a teenager. I told my Mom and she said...well she is your daughter - I am not suprised!

Here are my kids dancing after we got home today. You can see how she ended up getting it cut...of course in the video it is all in her face. But isn't it so cute? She wouldn't let me take a picture to really show you!

This is a quick one to show you exactly how windy it is here!

Here are some pics from the Hillary thing.

This is one for the scrapbook.....

This was taken at last week's Spider Fest! Ahhh...just if Toby was in there. LOL.

This was also at the Spider Fest and no it was not in a tank or anything...just out in the open! Yikes!!!

Avery is having a bad hair day!

Jude took this of is blurry but you can kinda see her hair!

Avery always smiles when she sees a camera. Just like her Aunt Heather!

Look how sweet, Jude is feeding Avery her cereal!

My family was holding a tree up!

Avery has only one tooth. It is in a very odd place....You can see it in this picture. It is on the right side on the top....see it???? Isn't that just crazy?

Okay, I expect some comments. I am sick of no comments. So, please leave me a few. Thanks. Everyone complains that I don't blog but if you don't comment I don't feel like blogging!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm commenting....great pics. and clips. I've been without a computer for quite some time, but I'm back now so start writing! Nice haircut, however, why didn't you let her have a mohawk???? I can't believe you are such a "stick in the mud"....:):)

Love, Aunt D.

Anonymous said...


PuNiao said...

your kids are really beautiful, look the toothy smile too.

Mandy said...

The video of Elise is so cute. I think you should spike her hair up with hairspray and post a picture of that!