Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Pics

Our Church did this cool thing this past weekend. In the Falls we have an ice skating rink. On the first day it is open each year they do this little festival type thing. They have Santa and give free pictures. You know free is right up my alley. Well, our Church gives out a free "treat" bag to each kid that gets their picture taken. This year it had a little stuffed animal, a candy cane with the little candy cane legend poem and a Christmas card the kids can color and give away (with an envelope). I was there all day, as were a few other people. I think it was fun. I will post the candids later (maybe today) but for now here are the free pics. The bottom one is of me and Sherry. She will probably kill me for posting the picture LOL and now I have to worry about her retaliating since she has her own blog!!!!

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