Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The still on!

Some of you may have heard that Jake had a big interview last week. He had to buy a suit....he was told to "dress to impress". Suits are not cheap. He looked cute but not very comfortable. I think I'd rather see him in his camo shorts and a pair of hiking boots. LOL. He went to the interview and he felt pretty good about it. Over the weekend he kept talking about ideas and I could tell he was very excited. I was already feeling relief...thinking things we would be able to do with the gazillions of $'s he was going to be making. Unfortunately the company called on Monday and said they decided they weren't going to go forward with the project. Phooey. We were both very disappointed.

Currently we are doing okay... We are keeping our heads above water BUT his unemployment will be running out. We don't really have a plan. We have cut the expenses that we can. I could sit here and list them all but it makes me want to cry. Every day I listen to the news and it is so depressing. As I am typing I just heard PNC bank is cutting 5800 jobs - mostly from National City Bank that they just purchased - which is based in NE ohio. With my job I have contact with ODJFS and I see how backed up they are...things that used to take 2 weeks is taking 2 months because they are overwhelmed by the amount of people who need assistance. Jake looks every single day for a job. I see him pouring over job postings and sending out his resume. He isn't getting much of a response. It is very stressful.

I know God has a plan for us. I trust him. I just don't trust that I will like the plan.


Sherry said...

It is going to work out. We got a big God.

Scribbit said...

Suits are NOT cheap! Andrew needed a new one and it was so much money. But after 16 years of marriage we figured it was time to buy one.