Monday, June 08, 2009

Kiddie Weekend...

Saturday, JenF, Heather and I took our kids (minus Avery) to Memphis Kiddie Park. It is a little amusement park for smaller kids (50 inches or shorter). It was my first time there and it was great. It was pretty inexpensive - $24.50 for 25 tickets. Each ride costs 1 ticket. We still have 8 tickets left. They are good for 2 years. Nice. So, next time when I go and take Avery I can purchase another "book" and we should have the perfect amount. It is very cool that there isn't an admission price and the adults are free. Plus I didn't feel bad when we left after only a couple of hours. If you live in the area I highly recommend it. I am not a big fan of festival or fair rides - too many horror stories. These seemed much safer. Maybe I was kidding myself. LOL. Here are the pics from the Kiddie Park...
Elise on the merry go round.
Boat Ride.

Jennifer & Allie

Elise, Lizzie & Reichen


Heather & Allie

Jennifer & Lizzie
Indy & Jude.

Elise on her first roller coaster. I don't think she liked it very much...

After the amusement park I ended up with two extra kids.....hmmmm.

So Jake and I took them to the wading pool. Here is Reichen.
After church the next day, we took the kids to the fountain park. They had a lot of fun.

Then we stopped for some "cute" pictures.

There's more....after the fountain and pics....we decided to go on the Falls river boat. It is a little tour of the Cuyahoga River. The kids got to drive the boat. Avery spent most of the ride trying to jump out of the boat!

And lastly....we went and got Rita's italian ice. YUM. The kids all signed up for the reading program at the library so they got free ice. You gotta love that price.

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