Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm Back & I have A LOT to say.....

Sorry it has been so long. I have been so busy it is unbelievable. Jake is out of the hospital and doing much better. He is still resting this week and will be starting his new job next Monday (finally). It is crazy because he has known about this job for months and it seems like he has been waiting for his first day to come for so long. It is hard to believe it is actually going to happen. Well, either way, I guess you can't plan in advance that you will be getting sick and staying in the hospital for 9 days, can you?

Have you guys been reading Jake's blog? He has been writing a little bit about his hospital stay but has asked me to fill everyone in on the details. I have been talking about it so much I have a little burn out but I am going to give you the quick version. Here is how things went down.

April 5th - Jake came home from work and felt sick. By the evening he had a high fever.

April 6th - Jake called off work in the wee hours of the morning because he felt awful. By the evening his fever was 104.7! It did respond to meds so we just thought it must be a virus.

April 7th - Jake went to the doctor's office. His temp was 104.1, the doc said he wanted to put him on Biaxin for "preventative measures".

April 8th - Jake slept most of the day but went to our small group that night. His fever was gone.

April 9th - Jake went to church. No fever. Taught Sunday School. Went out to lunch. Sunday night he got this HUGE headache.

April 10th - I got up went to work. When I got home Jake was laying on the couch. No lights were on, the blinds were closed....the kids were still in their pajamas. Elise had a poopy diaper and a diaper rash. I was upset with Jake and even got on to him about not taking better care of the kids. I was upset he didn't call me and tell me to come home if he was that sick. That night I was sitting on the couch, typing in my blog and Jake got up and started having these violent dry heaves. He was out of control. He finally fell on the ground and then threw up (I got a bucket under him just in time.) At that point I decided he was going to the Emergency Room. I called Justiene, who came over right away to watch the kids. We got to the ER at midnight.

I think I will stop right there for now...my next post will tell you all the crazy stuff that happened at the hospital. For now, I am glad to be back. Now, if I could just get the rest of you to type a post................................

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Delilah for taking time to post. So glad Jake is doing better, I've been keeping updated on his progress via your mom. Hope the new job goes well, and just maybe...you will get to move closer to TN.
Love you,
Aunt D.