Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen....Strawberries Coming Out of My Ears

I don't really have that many strawberries but on Monday I went and picked a basket full of them (8 quarts). I originally wanted to pick 16 quarts but bending over when you are 8 months pregnant isn't that fun. I literally crawled on my knees to pick them. In the end one basket was plenty. This week I've been coming up with creative ways to use them. Here are THIRTEEN things you can do with your own strawberries! Enjoy & have a great Thursday!

1. Strawberry Cornmeal Muffins - I made them for dinner on Monday....they didn't last long!

2. Strawberry Smoothies - I added ice, yogurt, strawberries and a little sugar. YUMMY.

3. Strawberry Bread - This was so delicious but I have to admit it didn't really taste like berries.

4. Strawberry Freezer Jam - I made quite a bit of this. It is a lot easier than regular cooking involved!

5. Strawberry Shortcakes - I made some for the first time! You just make biscuits with a little sugar and eat them with sliced strawberries and whipped cream! They were sooooo good.

6. Strawberry Limeade! Lemon/Lime soda, fresh lime juice and crushed strawberries! Just like the drink from Sonic. Mmmmmmm.....

That concludes the list of what I made but here are more suggestions...

7. Strawberry Syrup - I may pick more so I can make some!

8. Strawberry Preserves - chunkier than jam.

9. Strawberry Daiquiris

10. Strawberry Pie

11. Strawberry Lime Crepes...These look worth crawling around on my knees in a field! I think I am going to make them soon!

12. Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Easy and who doesn't love them???

13. Strawberries & Cream! One of my favorites!

Let me know if you have more suggestions!


Jane said...

WOW, that all sounds SO delicious. You make me want to buy some strawberries.
I don't know how you managed being eight months pregnant.
My T13 is up. Hope you will come by.

'B' said...

I love No. 13 the best, and whilst the chocolate is still molton(sp), try rolling it in either hundreds and thousands (is that what they are called in the states) or even crushed cashews or other nuts...
I see you have 44 days left with your pregnancy, good luck and we hope it all goes well. We have just started medication to assist with IVF, and my wife is truely desperate to fall pregnant...
Our TT13 is up also if you want to 'drop by'.

amy said...

What a yummy list!!!! I will have to try some of these this summer

Adelle said...

Mmmm, the strawberry lime crepe sounds yummy. My all time fav is strawberry shortcake... drool.
Thanks for sharing!

Michelle M Pillow said...

MMM, i wish we had fresh strawberries. :D

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