Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just a little random.....

It's been a busy week, as usual. I haven't had much time to sit down and write. Here are a few bits....

  • At that NASCAR thingy, some man told Jake he looked exactly like Ryan Newman, who is Jake's favorite racer. Hmmmm....I always thought Ryan Newman was cute. Later, some other guy actually yelled "newman" twice at Jake. I guess he really thought he was Jake. Funny.
  • We got a few gold fish. When the first one died, Jude asked if we could eat it.
  • Being pregnant when there is a missing pregnant lady is a little weird. People have been "checking up on me" this week. It is very nice but the whole thing has given me the creeps. Hopefully, they will find her soon.
  • I forgot to mention that almost every Amish person at the reunion had on Sketchers. Isn't that odd????
  • Also....Amish Uncle Roy appears to be quite amused that his brother, Paul, has moved to West Virginia. Each time he said "West Virginia" he said it with a Hillbilly accent. It was entertaining.
I am going to be busy all week-end so I probably won't post until Monday....maybe I will tell you all about that house I told you about before and now the new one that Jake wants to buy. Who would be crazy enough to buy a house one month before you have a baby? Probably the same people who would get married the week between Christmas & New Years or who would take on a new job, move and have a baby all within 6 months. husband wants to move now. He wants me to be crazy. Have a good week-end.


amy said...

I sort-of know what you mean about being pregnant when a pregnant person is missing. I was either still pregnant or had just had Isabella when the whole Lacy Peterson thing was going on. I can't wait to hear about this new house. Where are you moving?? Down this way??????

Mandy said...

There is a Amish shoe store here in Fredericksburg called Miller Family Footwear. It sells almost all Skechers. Maybe that's where they got them.