Saturday, August 02, 2008


Avery playing peak a boo.
Elise eating her bedtime snack.

More flower pics.

Jake is spraying for bugs...they have been having a feast!
Our loot from this trip to the garden!

Elise looking at the sky.

OMG....Jude is so cute.

We have a watermelon growing. We actually had 3 but someone took one. Bummer. We'll be lucky to get to eat any of them.


delilah said...

Just a heads up....there may be a problem with my comments. This is just a test. Let me know if you leave a comment and it disappears.

isunshine said...

Hey! Great pics! Hopefully my comment won't disappear. I love your new profile, and all the other pictures on the sidebar!

Toni said...

Your garden looks great. Kids are gorgeous. Our garden is not so great this year... Oh well Hubby is making some changes for next year...