Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where the heck have I been?

I are getting used to my bi-weekly posts at this point.....

We have been so crazy busy. Today I was trying to think when I can slow down and I came to the conclusion it won't be until after Christmas - probably that big snow storm we will have that will house bound us!

Jude starts school tomorrow. He doesn't seem that excited about it. I think he is really going to like it when he gets there. He is in the afternoon class. For the first day his teacher invited all the parents and younger siblings to come and share a snack - she called it "the first BOO-HOO". I think that is funny but I am not planning on crying. It does feel a little surreal that my son is going to be in Kindergarten but not sad. At least not today. I'll let you know if that changes.

This weekend was a little insane. Saturday morning I was out and about by 7 A.M. We went to Bay Village for Collin's birthday party. That is JenF's step-son. It was fun and nice to see Jen, Neil, Lizzy, Collin and my sister (if only for a minute...LOL - she was a little late!). After the party we left and went to New Lawrence (somewhere near Massillon) to have a bon fire with our friends Jim & LeAnne and their 4 kids (when Jim realized he has the same amount of kids as Tim & Steph he said, "oh my goodness, we caught up to Tim & Steph!!!" I thought that was funny.) It was crazy with 7 kids around a bon fire roasting marshmallows in the dark. Jude burned his finger and Ben, their son, stepped on a metal marshmallow roaster while it was still hot and burned his foot. We left around 10, which is late for us to be out and about. The kids said they were scared. They usually aren't out driving around when it is dark and especially not in the country. They kept saying funny things like "Mommy they have stars!" Oh yeah, Elise said something funny earlier in the night. We got to their house while Leanne was at the store. She had the baby with her. She is a tiny little thing. Well when she came in and Elise saw the baby she was of course very intersted. She sat there and kept looking at her then she asked Leanne, "Did you get that baby at the store?" It was so cute.

Today we had another picnic - it was the kids picnic for church. We were going to skip but decided to go at the last minute. It was at a nearby lake. It was fun. I am glad we decided to go. The kids had a really good time.

Last weekend we had some old friends over for dinner. We get together once a year. It is always fun and I think we should do it more often but it never seems to work out. Then on Sunday we went to Jacki's wedding! It was a sweet wedding. Jacki's friend, Becca and her boyfriend wrote a song for them and sang it! I loved it. We didn't take the kids to the wedding or to the reception for the food part but when things loosened up we went home and got them (only one block away) and brought them to the party. They had fun. Elise and I danced to all those typical wedding reception songs! She loved it. Jude wasn't into the dancing. Oh well.

I'll post pictures of all the fun sometime soon. For some reason I can't get the pics onto my computer. I am going to have to restart the silly thing.


Callie Ann said...

thanks for letting me run my entrecard on your blog... I really enjoy your words.

Stephanie said...

caught up to us?! Funny.

Hope Jude had a great first day!