Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Am I Still at Work?

Because I have a flat tire. I am a little annoyed but not that bad. Now I have time to blog. LOL. And I am glad it didn't happen in the neighborhood I was in earlier today. Yikes. It is a scary one. In fact I had mentioned to caseworker I was headed over there. She has worked for CSB for 16 years - she didn't want to meet me over there and then told me to be careful. It is one of those areas where young men gather on street corners and stare at you when you drive by. So, I am happy it didn't happen while I was over there. Jake is on his way to help. I told him to think of it as an opportunity to be my HERO. I don't think he sees it that way.

Twice this week I ran into my old friends ex-boyfriend. He is a deputy. Some of you will know who I am talking about now. It was nice to chat and catch up. It is a complicated situation. The girl and I aren't friends anymore. He got married (not to her) and is expecting a baby in January. That is cool.

Anyhooo....the hero is here. Gotta go.


Jake said...

I guess I saved the day.

isunshine said...

Yay for Jake the hero! Hey, who's the deputy? Is it who I think it is? I love your pics 2 posts ago! I meant to comment, but I don't think I did.


I am totally interested in this deputy story so now I need to read deeper. Glad you got your tire fixed and it was not in a dangerous area. My tire blew out on the highway once. It was awful!

Amanda said...

aren't flat tires a bummer!! Reading this made me think of the time late night when we were driving back home from somewhere(kent bars???) and we saw that dog on the side of the you remember?? what the blank were we thinking...darn think could of been rabid!!! HaHaHA!