Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen...It has been a LONG time!

Thirteen things I am going to do while my family is out of town....

1. Shampoo the carpet. (this has become the running joke)
2. Get EVERYTHING ready for the big yard sale.
3. Deep clean & re-organize my kitchen.
4. Read a book....maybe two.
5. Bleach my outside rocking chairs.
6. My friend, Stephanie, is coming to stay with me for a couple of days - we are going to can (aka preserve) some stuff - not sure what yet.
7. Maybe do a little sewing....if I get motivated I have a ton of stuff (that I cut out but haven't finished) I can sell at my Yard Sale.
8. Buy all the school supplies for Jude & Elise (who is going to Pre-School this year).
9. Sort through the kids fall/winter clothes and assess what is needed for the school year.
10. Clean out the toys....must be done while kids are away.
11. Sort through old magazines.
12. Rent "The Reader" - since Jake does not want to see it but I do.
13. I might sleep.

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Heather Hurt Photography said...

That's so great... Tho, I'm most jealous! How do you get rid of your family? Mine won't leave me alone! My husband hasn't any "family" to visit... hhhmmm... I'll have to think. There's gotta be a way! I love your #10. That's soooo how I clean my chitterlains' room. They "visit" a friend for a day or two!