Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What am I thinking????

I have been thinking about a bunch of stuff lately. I would like to blog in detail about each thing but I don't have the time to give each the proper attention it deserves. For now I will give you my free flow thinking....

Most of you have already heard that Shaquille O'Neal signed with the Cavs! In Ohio we are very excited about that....after all the Cleveland sports scene remains bleak with the Indians suffering through yet another losing season and the Browns loss of yet another player over his own dumb actions off the field. Don't even get me started. Anyhoo, on the way to work this morning I heard that Shaq is looking to purchase a home in Hudson. That is so exciting. Not that I really go into Hudson that often but to think I could run into Shaq at the grocery store is kinda exciting.

Jake's birthday is next week. I was talking to the kids about what we should get him. We had a very similar conversation around Father's Day. The initial suggestions were Reese's Cups, pop & beer (funny since he rarely drinks beer - not sure why they keep suggesting it). After giving it some thought Jude decided we should buy Daddy a Wii. He made sure to say he wants me to pay for it and doesn't want me to dip into the Wii fund (the money the kids have been saving for a Wii). Then they could spent the Wii money they already saved on a dog. Clever....

Politicians are irritating me. Local, State & Federal.

I am so over celebrity news. Michael Jackson was a human. He had to die sometime. Sad that he left children. But why is the music community so devastated? The man hadn't contributed for years and years. And everyday people a little nutty over this thing. It is not like you ever knew him or if you even had the chance to meet him that he would have acknowledged your existence. I say, get a CD and pretend he is still alive. And don't even get me started on Jon & Kate.... What a HUGE disgrace. The exploit their children on TV and air all their dirty laundry. They must be horrible people. And I am sick of seeing magazines with his sorry face on it, along with his new little tartlet. I never watched the show, but had always planned too. Now, I won't.

In case you are wondering.... I am sticking to my diet. I have only cheated a couple of minor times....both in the middle of the night when I woke up starving and was still mostly asleep. And I haven't exercised at all....I will. I just haven't had the time. Doesn't doing dishes, chasing kids and running up and down the stairs count as exercise? And the water thing is killing me. Now I have to go pee 10 times a day, which is difficult when I am out and about. It is my policy not to use a clients bathroom. Plus I had to get up THREE times last night to is like when I was preggo (and no I am not....thanks for wondering).

Well, that is it for now....I must do work.


Brian said...

Totally agree with you on the michael jackson thing. I mean, cmon, get over it people. When was the last hit he had out?

I laughed when I read about not dipping into the wii fund. lol. your kids always crack me up!

And the exercising thing? We will all just have to do some more geocaching.

Dr Dani said...

So... you could always get JAKE the dog... and then your kids could use their Wii fund for a Wii... and your husband would stop begging for a dog... AND you could guarantee it wouldn't be a great dane!!
I miss you & your family!
...tartlet... great use of a word I didn't even know existed.. I knew there was a reason I admired you!
So, what's the deal with the garage sale? Is it still on? I haven't talked to you in forever!
And brian, what is geocaching?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jude's got a great idea! Made me remember the time we were up and walked to the playground with the kids. Jude took his "dog" - you know - the one with wheels that you pull with a string! I think the boy wants a dog.


Anonymous said...

My husband is super excited about O'Neal being on the Cavs this season.
I don't know if you or I will ever run into O'Neal when were out and about? But I can tell you where you can see one of our local weather forecasters prance around in the nude. It's in the locker room at my gym. Just yesterday I had a conversation with her while she stood there totally nude the whole time.

I'm in no way suggesting that your into naked women (neither am I) but it sure makes me the envy of all of the men that I've told about it. And in all fairness to her, she's hot.