Thursday, August 12, 2010

All is Quiet in the Miller Home....

Because it is 4:30 A.M. and I am wide awake.  I am pretty sure I will regret this later.

I love summer.  BUT I was thinking yesterday, I need the winter to give me time to rest.  During the summer, I don't stop - traveling, kid activities, the garden, the flowers.....  Do I rest in the winter?  I think so.  Just a thought.

Work has been a little slow lately.  That is good because I was off two weeks in July.  I think it is starting to pick up.  I prefer it to be busy.  I think I do a better job when I have more clients.  I don't know, maybe I just feel like I do a better job. 

The kids go back to school in a couple of weeks.  Elise will start kindergarden.  Avery is starting preschool.  Jude 2nd grade.  All my babies are going to be in school.  It is bittersweet. 

Yesterday, I told Jake that I think we should sell the crib.  He said OK.  Honestly I wanted to have a discussion about it but he was cleaning off the desk and filing stuff and doing Jake stuff.  I went back to getting ready for the day.  I started thinking about it and then I convinced myself we should keep the crib. I went back and told Jake that I think we should keep the crib.  He said OK.  Grrrr....  My original reason for thinking about the crib was because it is in the playroom in the basement.  My parents bought a "guest" bed for us and that is where I plan to put it.  I need to figure out where to put the crib.  When we took the crib down we didn't sell it because I planned to adopt.  Notice I said - I.  I think if I came home with another kid, Jake would be cool with that. (sounds crazy but you never know) But as far as planning and adopting - well it probably won't ever happen.  I am okay with that.  I've accepted it.  I have my hands full as it is.  Avery is becoming more independent and I am really enjoying that.  No more diapers, diaper bags (oh thank God), potty seats, high chairs....  So, as I am thinking about the crib and where to put it I thought my original plan of keeping it for the next baby isn't necessary. So we should sell it.  But it is a nice crib and we could keep it to pass on to one of our children.  Is that dumb?  So, if I keep it....where the heck am I going to put it?  LOL - the vicious circle.  Perhaps I should have just asked Jake for advice on where to store the crib until I make up my mind. 

It is 4:45 and my alarm just went off.  Time to do my pilates.....gotta go! 

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Heather Hurt said...

Don't sell it! Save it for your grandbabies. You'll have them a ton! I'm sure of it! Take it down and slip it in your attic or cover it with a few sheets and put it in your garage rafters. I sold my crib (for way less than I wanted to) and it not only held my babies, but my friends' babies.. I miss it like the dickens. I have the coolest wooden cradle in the attic and I will NEVER sell it. Sigh... We thought of adoption, too... esp when u go thru that point of child rearing where u feel ur doing everything really great! The 2-3 year ages... Plus, I wanted a baby without the pain, and stretch marks and belly jelly! Oh, well... I say keep it! Jake says OK! LOL!