Thursday, August 19, 2010

This One is Particularly Random....

I called a client.  She didn't answer her phone.  She used to have an annoying ring back tone.  I don't like those. I frequently complained about it to her.  This time she had a very nice voice mail that said "Hello this is xxxxx.  I can not get to the phone at this particular time so leave a message and I will call you back."  I laughed.  She told me she learned the word particular from me.  Only if you just how much progress that really is....

A couple of days ago Elise was playing and she said, "Mommy when we do that it is really random." five year old said random. 

I've been doing pilates for 11 days now.  I didn't want to do them today.  I was tired. Yes....I get tired.  Last night Elise and Avery were getting ready for bed.  They were in the bedroom on the floor.  I walked in and gave them a strange look because they were rolling on their backs.  Elise looked at me and said "we are doing our pilates".  Oh my.

Avery has this thing with boobs lately.  She wants 'em.  Dear God...Help.  She also wants to paint her nails everyday and get her ears pierced. 

Naked Barbies
Avery has 3 barbies she carries around with her.  They are naked.  Why?  Not sure why she won't leave them clothed.  She had them in the basket of her tricycle the other day.  It looked funny.

The Rooster & The Cat
A woman I work with lives on a farm.  She told me a story that she had this rooster that always hung out with a barn cat they have.  The rooster kept getting in the garden and pecking things and was getting annoying so.....her hubby took care of the rooster.  Now that the rooster is gone, the cat is lonely.  She has been coming around the house more.  I think there is a statement somewhere about how different people can be companions. 

The Crib
After writing my post about the crib I asked Jake if he read it.  He said yes, it was funny.  Funny!?  My eyes shoot lasers at him.  Okay...they didn't really but if I could have activated them well it wouldn't have been pretty.  Yesterday I mentioned the crib.  He told me to sell it.  I said what about saving it to pass it down.... He said, "what size bed is your mom bringing here"?  BTW...that is why I am cleaning the play room because it is going to be a "guest room".  As I told him I realized DUH....the crib turns into a full sized bed and that is what they are bringing.  So...I get to keep the crib for non baby purposes.  I like that. 


Anonymous said...

I wish you would blog more, I miss it.
Love u 5.

Aunt D.

Anonymous said...

ythe pussy misses the cock